Are You Happy w/ Your Travertine Shower?

monicakm_gwJuly 22, 2014

So if you've had your travertine shower a few years and use it daily, are you still happy with the decision to use real stone vs a porcelain tile? My sister in law is about to start a shower remodel and is considering travertine. I LOVE travertine and have it in my entry and on the backsplash in the kitchen. Travertine showers are gorgeous but how are they holding up after a few years and how high maintenance are they? Even sealed, I would be concerned about the pits and fissures and mold.

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I wouldn't recommend travertine for a shower, especially when there are so many beautiful grout, mildew, and maintenance free solid surfaces available.

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Thanks Trebruchet. I feel the same way but my oh my they're pretty :) I wanted travertine on my bathroom floor (24" tiles) but knew in my heart a porcelain look-a-like was a better option for me. I'm glad chose the porcelain!

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Fori is not pleased

I had it on my kids' bathroom floor, counter, and tub surround for a few years. (PO had installed it). It had few showers and no heavy bathroom chemicals (hairspray etc.) but the floor was used a lot and got pretty wet. Kids were potty trained on it, old cat got sick on it, and it got some stern cleaning chemicals on it. I don't know how the surround and counters would hold up to typical bathroom use but the honed floor held up great.

A shower might be pushing it...

And honed travertine feels like silky butter underfoot. Sooooo nice.

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Fori, I have it on my entry floor and LOVE the silky buttery feel. There's nothing like it! Thanks for your input on the shower question.

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We had tumbled travertine in our shower (walls and floor) in our last house, and I would not do it again. All those little nooks & crannies are a mildew breeding ground, and very difficult to clean. Looked beautiful, though, I will say that.

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We have travertine in our shower and on the bathroom floor - I would say the honed is probably OK for a shower as long as you use a good sealer (ie silicone enhancer) and use the right chemicals to clean it.

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I've had a honed travertine shower for nearly 10 years with no problems. All the holes are filled, so no issues there. It is beautiful. The only problem is in a couple of places the grout has become discolored and I can't get it back to the original. But that is grout and not tile.

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unfortunately, we just tore out a whole travertine bathroom of a house we are moving into... it was only ~ 4yrs old, but the tile had some significant cracks on both the bathroom floors and shower walls and the shower grout wasn't in good shape... i think the issue was probably more of an issue with installation(even tho it was 'professionally' laid) than the product, but that is my only experience with travertine in a bathroom and i don't know if i would ever choose to use it because of this experience...

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Its like the black car in the showroom. Start driving it and the maintenance starts! I would definitely recommend something more maintenance free as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy maintenance showers you can install yourself!

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Have had a tumbled travertine shower and floors for 5 years now and no problems. In fact, I love them. I've found this material actually less of a hassle to maintain than the porcelain that was replaced and far more pleasing aesthetically. Good installation and sealer are no doubt important.

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