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debo_2006February 4, 2013

I use Chrome as my preferred browser and have the free AdBlock installed. Lately, and especially today, I have a huge Honda ad on the left side that takes up a good portion of screen real estate. Yes, my pop-up blocker is enabled. If I check IE, I see the same Honda non-intrusive ad in its correct place, but I don't care to use IE.

How do I get rid of these ads in Chrome? Anyone else having this issue in Chrome? Thanks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

IF your adblock is anything like ad block plus on firefox if you run your cursor around the edge of the ad a tiny tab will pop up that says block you click that and choose to add it to your blocked items.
I do not use chrome on my pc so I can't tell you anything else to try.

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It doesn't appear to work like FF. I tried left clicking on the ad - nothing. I tried clicking on AdBlock, but it doesn't tell me anything other than to "click anywhere on the page to create a filter, which does nothing. Thanks Raven.

Anyone else?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I'm not really familiar with "Chrome" and even less so with AdBlock but I just tried it in a different Chromium browser and it appears to work fine.

If you can't get AdBlock working maybe give Adblock Plus a try?

AdBlock should work for you though. I'd probably look in the AdBlock options. Look for exceptions, custom filters, something like that.

Sorry, other than that, I don't know.

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Thanks Chugger. I already have AB Plus. I had checked all the available options and still nothing gets rid of it. It's quite annoying I must say, mainly because it is SOOOO large.

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Just what I needed! I've been trying Chrome and really like it but the ads always chased me back to FF. Now I can really check it out. Thanks Chuggerguy.


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Richard (chuggerguy)

I don't know then. I cobbled this together to test whether an adblocker is enabled or not. Tester It wouldn't tell you if you've accidentally whitelisted gardenweb but it should tell you if it's completely disabled.

Have you checked you subscriptions to make sure you're subscribed to either EasyList or FanBoy? And the list is not disabled(un-checked)?

I've unchecked "Allow some non-intrusive advertising". Maybe your very intrusive one is slipping through pretending to be "non-intrusive"? :)

If you're desperate to get rid of the ad until you figure out the Adblock Plus problem, you might try Disconnect I don't know much about it except it's supposed to thwart a few sites tracking efforts. As a side effect, it seems to block a lot of ads... at least Google ads.

Edit: You're welcome Sandy.

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Have you tried going to a different page and then clearing history?

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I'm using Chrome v. 24.0.1312.57m (the latest version) with AdBlock (have AdBlockPlus disabled), and I am not seeing any ads at all. Seems as if something in your settings has changed to allow this to happen.

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I reinstalled Adblock Plus to Chrome and the same thing is happening. The only way to get the ad to be unintrusive, but still there, is to disable "Fanboy's Adblock List" in the options....whatever Fanboy's is.

The ad is still there but it has it's "own" real estate on the right side and is not intruding over top of my default page where I couldn't read the news and whatever was under the ad.

I'm not sure if disabling Fanboy's is not good. I do not see anything that reads "Easylist" as shown in the pic above.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Fanboys and Easylist are both good general subscriptions. Nowadays when Adblock Plus installs, it automatically subscribes you to one or the other at random.

Yeah, if you don't have Easylist in there, and you disable Fanboy, you won't be subscribed to any list and Adblock Plus won't do you a bit of good.

So you'll want to re-enable it.

Optionally, if you want to try Easylist, it's here: or if you'd rather: Add EasyList to Adblock Plus

I wouldn't subscribe to both at the same time though, it might slow your browser down too much checking through two huge lists. :)

Edit: It's okay to have both Easylist and Fanboy listed in you subscriptions... just don't have both enabled(checked) at the same time.

Edit2: I just tried Fanboy on one of my other computers just in case there was a problem with one of his filters. It "seems" to work fine.

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Chugger, I appreciate your response. I added Easylist (enabled) with Fanboy (disabled) and the ad comes back to the intrusive place on the screen. I deleted Fanboy permanently, and left Easylist enabled, and still the ad stays.

It seems the only way to get rid of this HUGE Ram Truck ad is to disable Easylist and Fanboy (though Fanboy is gone now).

I'm feeling forced to use another browser, but, I'm not thrilled with IE or FF. Sucks!!

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I wish I could help. Maybe someone else will see what I'm failing to see. I can't even duplicate it.

It's strange that you get the same ad with or without Adblock Plus with the only difference being the size/location(?) of the ad.

Could it be coming from another add-on(extension)? If you have any that is.

I know zilch about malware but I suspect if it were that, it would manifest itself in your other browsers too. I'm guessing though, sorry.

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TulsaRose, Tulsa OK

Using Chrome with AdBlock enabled, all you have to do is Right Click on the ad in question then select AdBlock \ Block this Ad.

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Tulsa, I had the ad blocked but it kept appearing anyway. But, ironically, today the ad is gone. Hope it stays that way.

Thanks all.

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