Wolf or Viking?? Vent or no vent?

enright5June 4, 2012

I would love some feedback on my range choices. I've narrowed it down to either a 30" Wolf 4 burner gas range or a 30" Viking 4 burner gas range .

Unfortunately the wall where will be putting the range ( this is a remodel and the only option) is an inside wall so venting outside is either impossible or will be very difficult therefore very expensive. My contractor and another friend said I dont necessarily have to vent outside I can just get a hood with a fan . Any opinions/ feedback??

Thank you!

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I personally prefer Wolf over Viking. I can't afford either at this time, but my parents have had both and I found that the Wolf was more precise. Although, you need to really compare the actual models you are considering- are you comparing apples to apples? Also, if you have to vent on an interior wall, can you go through the roof? If not, be sure to consider the vent VERY carefully b/c they vary extensively. Some are much quieter than others and if you are auditory, this will matter! Some also tend to be much easier to clean than others. Good luck and hope this helps!

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You really want to get a hood that vents to the outside. Recirculating hoods are barely better than nothing.

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These days many locales are requiring venting (and possibly make-up air) with pro-style ranges. Check your local code before proceeding.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you can afford the range, then you can afford to vent it as it requires. They two go hand in hand and are not separate. The range is only one part of the package as a whole. The whole package is range, vent, makeup air, and possibly an ERV.

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Thanks for the feedback- I will be meeting with my contractor/ electrician and plumber this Friday. Hopefully I'll have more info then. The wall is an interior wall and the floor above is our second story finished. They can probably go thru the basement but due to the layout our contractor wasn't sure.

I do know in our city/ state it isn't requited code to vent i already checked on that.

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