Looking for Christmas greenery

OakleyNovember 8, 2013

Other than Save-on-Crafts which doesn't have much irt Christmas greenery, do you all know of an online store that sells it at LOW prices?

I want to use smallish strips of greenery to make a ring around something, or to stick it here or there. How's that for a good description?

Maybe an inexpensive garland from Walmart that I could cut into different lengths?

Any good online stores to buy little things to decorate for Christmas, both indoors and out?

We have a new sofa, chairs, tables on the front porch and I'd like to put something pretty there. No clue. :)

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not online, but if you have a MIchael's or A.C.Moore store nearby, they each have lots of Christmas greenery and "picks" that can be tucked into plain garland.

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Hey Oak, I know you need to do most of your shopping online. Have you already checked Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot's online stores? There are usually coupons that can be used on some of the sites.
Or if you want real greenery, some nurseries will ship.

My choice for stuff has always been Michaels, but luckily there is a store near me. However I have browsed their website occasionally.

hugs, Karen

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Hi, Karen! BTW, I lost my English Pointer in May. Remembher the beautiful Pointer figurine you sent me? Life isn't the same without my buddy. :(

I checked Hobby Lobby but they didn't have what I was looking for.

I didn't know Michaels has an online store so I'll check them out also.

Basically what I need is an inexpensive garland I can cut into strips, and I betcha our Walmart will carry it.

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I got the bug and went to Walmart yesterday, they have all their decorations out. And they had exactly what I wanted...and more. You should see the stuff on my dining room table! lol. I was actually surprised at all the nice and different decor they had at low prices. Who knew WM was getting hip? :)

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Oak, I too was surprised at all the nice things Walmart has this year! I got some beautiful "sweets" ornaments to add to my candy/dessert tree in the kitchen. They are so inexpensive that I didn't feel bad not waiting until clearance. They also had some battery operated gift boxes that light up. They were a bit pricey, though, so I'm hoping they will have some left for clearance.

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Oak, I am so very sorry to hear you lost your beautiful Pointer. Its so hard, and they leave such holes in our hearts and lives.

Its wonderful Walmart had what you wanted. Yay! Years ago they had great Xmas stuff, cheap, but the last two or three years they'd really cut back a lot. At least here in Phx, and it was disappointing. I may give them a look this year just to see if they've improved, tho Heaven knows I don't need to buy a darn thing!! I just use to love looking at their Xmas stuff tho, whether I bought or not. :o)

Pdg, thats neat you found some ornaments for your kitchen tree. :o)

I don't know about most of you, but the after-Christmas sales have nearly disappeared here in Phx due to so many stores having them beforehand. Its like they suddenly rush to get rid of their holiday stuff before Christmas even arrives. Hate that. Tho I do still find some great buys at Michaels afterwards sometimes.

hugs, Karen

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