My Christmas Tree/Mantle

bleighNovember 22, 2010

So, I've finally settled that my tree, mantle and wreath are finished. There's no going back. Kept the mantle really simple this year, but still have to hang the stockings. The entertainment cabinet is not finished yet, but just going to add some poinsettias and a couple of red birds up there and then it'll be done. Still have to finish everything else, but the main stuff is behind me...thank goodness for that. Anyway, thought I'd post a couple of photos especially since I've got my new camera (several years on my wish list) and have been playing around with it. Will post the tree in my girls room when I'm finished with it later today.

Still can't quite figure out how to post photos directly on here...

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas

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very very pretty - such an elegant look - I love it .....


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I agree, it's very elegant and so Christmasy!

We must have been separated at birth since we both worked on our mantels! Boy, I agree about doing the main things first. It's very time consuming, isn't it?

Since I live in the country it's nice knowing no one will just "pop in" and think I'm a crazy woman for decorating early! lol

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I love it! It is really pretty - great job :)

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I always highlight the html code under the picture and copy to the body of the message....picture will show up in the area where you can proof the message....then you know it worked and can post the message

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It's beautiful. Your home is beautiful! Stockings and poinsettias will definitely add to your look -- and then you'll be ready for a party! ;^)

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THANKS, twomonths!!

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Simply stunning, I love red themed trees. Your room is quite beautiful and inviting, I could definately see myself in your room sipping on some hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music, great job!

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Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. it's the exact way I want my tree to look but I can never achieve. Every year I dread to put up the tree since I have all these visions of what I want my tree to look like but I just don't have the skills to do it.

if it's not too much to ask, would you please share how you decorated yours.


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Beautiful room! The mantle is so lovely ...& ties so nicely with your gorgeous drapes. Love the treee! I am are way ahead of the game! Congrats on the new camera, the pics & now getting them into the body of your message! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Stunning! I have ribbon envy.

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Thank you all for the comments!!

Judith, that is exactly what we do almost daily during Christmas. The four of us hang out in the LR with our music on and our hot chocolate. And if it's not 95 degrees in GA we might turn on the fireplace. So relaxing and simple...I hope we get the same enjoyment in our next house.
Oh, I love lots of red too, but this red theme is nothing like last years. I cringe at the photos of that one. My poor DH requested that I tone it down this year and I ended up with this. Much, much better.

Linda, I'll be happy to share how I did my tree : ) . I start with a 7 ft. slim. Fluff it as full as each branch can stand. Add about 500-600 lights. This year I used two frosted garlands that I bought on deep clearance last year, cut them up and stuffed them all over the tree - this made a huge difference in filling it out and giving it a more natural texture. At this point I put on my topper which is two separate bows wired very closely together to the top and then I draped the green ribbon vertically around the tree (just tuck it in and wrap a stem around the ribbon to hold it where you want). I set my large pinecones in the tree, but if you use these you can hang like an ornament. Then I added the green poinsettias and the ornaments followed. I ended up using lots of balls which over half got added after I thought I was finished (made all the difference). I found some great sticks at Hobby Lobby that look frosted and tucked them in (used 5 of these). Then I tucked in my fake feathers around the topper and body of the tree that I found at a floral shop, but HL and Michael's has them too. Berries were added last to fill in the empty spots. I think that's it.

I would say that if you do nothing else and are on a budget, add lots of balls. Use the some big ones and regular sized ones. Tuck some of them in to catch the light and then hang the rest as usual. Look for great discounts mid-December for next years tree especially on the garlands (those things are darn expensive even half off).

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Everything looks very stunning.
I like the choice of greens you chose for your mantel with the touches of red. I favor a traditional look and usually do the same with my mantel, which is white, but I love yours in the's very dramatic.

I have only one tiny suggestion... I would try to tuck your lighting wire (on the left) close to the side of the mantel to hide it..other than that Everything looks perfect.


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Jane, appreciate that eye for detail!! It had been bugging me and I finally fixed it about 2 hours ago. Hate those visible cords too.

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It all looks lovely! But please tell me those pics are from last year!

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kathleen, are you saying I should be cringing at my decorating I've shared b/c I din't post any pics from last year? If you have a constructive criticism please feel free to share :)

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Everything is so beautiful. I mean EVERY thing! I love your home, the elegance of your mantel and tree. I'm with Linda, I picture how I want something to look in my mind but it sure never comes out that way. Your decorating is
what I'd love to be able to do. I love the addition of the pheasant feathers....but my cats would love them more.
I think you shocked Kathleen that you've got so much done already! As for last year, I seriously doubt you'd have anything to cringe about. I bet it was fantastic! I'm going to add your mantel photo to our inspiration album..
its just too pretty not to be in there.

I'm loving all your dark wood, your drapes, and all the rest. I could sit in that room with tea and a good book and be a very happy person!

hugs, Karen

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I hope Kathleen doesn't think I'm offended if she indeed din't like something. AND, I totally may have missed the boat on what she was saying too. Honestly, though, I welcome anything anyone can suggest to improve. I'd love to be able to seriously do this one day and constructive criticism is always helpful. Oh, yes, last year's tree was funky. I didn't think it was at the time, but looking back I wonder what in the world was I thinking. Just chalking it up to live and learn : ) .

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As I mentioned, everything you've done looks just perfect
Glad I didn't 'overstep' with my comment.
I'm just a 'stickler' for detail
Sometimes I spend too much time taking in all the details when I do things, I overwhelm myself! lol
DH being an Art Director taught me too well.


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Found the photos from last year. The tree lost it's shape and there was no green to be seen...just lots and lots of insane red mesh and weird curlies. I shouldn't even be sharing this. The mantle was good and I like that wreath better than the one I have now. Think that one will make to the front door this year.

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Last year's wreath is lovely, and will be wonderfully welcoming on the front door.
You know, its funny because normally I'm a "more is better" person...but seeing your toned down version for this year really, really appealed to me. With the change in drapes, and more green showing, it seems so elegant.
Something I'll never achieve, LOL.
I am guessing you make those great Christmas bows yourself!
Another thing I'd like to learn to do. Seems I have two left hands and neither one works when a ribbon is in them.
I've tried and tried, and get so frustrated. I've watched videos, looked at how-to pictures, bought a dang 'bow maker'...and I'm still totally inept. Those big bows just add so much to holiday decor and I love them! I gave up and bought a couple last year, LOL.

I'm so glad you are sharing your decor with us. I'm sure enjoying seeing it.
hugs, Karen

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bleigh - I don't think I welcomed you here.
I'm happy you found us and that you're posting such beautiful pictures to share.
I agree, last years wreath is lovely, and I'm glad Karen has included your decorations in our Inspiration Album

Karen said exactly what I felt with Kathleen's comment..
I know I mentioned to Punk last week, - that I was having 'Anxiety Attacks'...seeing her decorations already...but that's Punk..she's our 'Energizer Bunny'. lol

So, knowing Kathleen, who's not critical at all...I think she felt the same seeing how much you've done already...and by referring to 'last year'...was thinking that's what you were showing.
Again, I'm so glad you found us...we're a very friendly bunch who love pictures of any 'goodies' you'd like to share with us.


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Thanks so much for the instructions. it helped me quite a bit especially the garlands. Can you rememeber the length of each garland? I saw some at Michael's but I can never get the draping part to look nice. never thought about cutting it up. May I ask how long each piece is? I bought some of that wire mesh netting, birds, poinsetta flowers and individual sprays. I think that I may need some larger balls and maybe some smaller ones. I have strung some smaller ones together to make a cluster. I am going to study your tree some more.

Thanks for sharing it. I think that it is a magnificent tree and very skillfully decorated.


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LOL, Jane! I was just thinking "Energizer Bunny", too! I think we have a number of them here now . . . including Oakley, Punk, Luvs, Karen and now you, Bleigh ;^D
Me, on the other hand, just finished putting up my Autumn/Thanksgiving decs earlier this week!
Love your Christmas decs, Bleigh. Your new drapes are gorgeous and work wonderfully with all your beautiful holiday decs. I agree, it's the perfect room for sitting, sipping cocoa while listening to Christmas carols.
OK, with all your enviable energy, why don't you head over here on Friday and help me put up mine next, will you???

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I think the garlands were maybe 6 ft long. I was in Michael's the other day the one's they had were the same size. Maybe buy three of the ones you like the best and if two are enough, take the other one back. Sure hope you post a pic of your tree when it's all done!!

Thank you, Jane!! I'm at peek anxiety myself the last couple of days. Things with my house seem to be picking up at the worst time and I can barely process how I'm going pull off Thanksgiving dinner. Things are floating over my head...missing the meaning on a few things here and there
:) .

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Well, your home is just gorgeous & I have to admit the changing of the drapes this year with the design of your Christmas decor is perfect & looks like magazine cover material, as far as I'm concerned. I'm doing good to get my house straightened up, let alone looking well put together like this! I can't even seem to find everything to coordinate in the same store either. If I do, then there's not enough of it for what I might need.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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Bleigh, welcome to the Holiday forum. Wow! Your room looks fantastic. You were really able to tie the wreath, mantle, and tree all in together--I think you have the "magic touch". Last year's tree was really pretty too, love how you use the ribbons. The addition of the new drapes this year really ties it all together.

As the others have said, Kathleen was not being unkind, I think she was in shock, as am I, that you could have this much Christmas decorating done already! LOL

I noticed a pretty basket of florals on your table, did you create that as well? I'll bet you did--you really have a creative talent for florals. ;0)


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Soooo elegant.
Your mantle turned out lovely and the tree is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!.

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Welcome, Wow, you've come along way in a year. Beautiful display for Christmas. So lush and full. Last years was pretty but this years is stunning.


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