Thanksgiving 2010: the day the oven died

bonnieann925November 26, 2010

Yup, right in the middle of cooking an 18 lb. turkey and an 8 lb. breast the oven stopped working. I opened it to baste the bird and noticed it was barely warm. DH came to the rescue and drove both birds up to DD's house to finish cooking them (only about 15 minutes away, thankfully!)

So.......instead of eating around 2, it was more like 5. It all ended well and now I'm in the market for a new range. We had our kitchen floors ripped out last week and wood installed. We think the pulling out/putting back the range caused it to malfunction. DH is hoping it can be repaired, and hehe, I'm hoping it can't!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I have not left the house today and it's been wonderful!

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Oh gosh, Bonnieann. Thank goodness your daughter lives close by and you could use her oven. Why do things like that always happen at the worst time? Glad you had a nice dinner in spite of the oven malfunction. Good luck on the NEW stove. ;o)


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Like Luvs said.. good thing your DD was close by to save the day with her oven, and that all turned out well.
I'm sure this will go down in 'Thanksgiving History' for you and your family - to laugh about in the future.

Here's to a 'new oven' !!


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Bonnie, what a sad thing to happen but you are lucky you have DD close. Also pretty nice of DH to come to the rescue. Let us know if you fix your stove or get a new At our house we don't call a repair man, just go get a new appliance and give the old one away.

So glad all ended well for you and yours.


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Glad things worked out...I had the same thing happen about a month ago. I do custom cakes and was in the middle of baking one for a customer. It had about 10 minutes left to bake and when I walked back into the kitchen I smelled it. Opened the oven, cakes are black on the bottom. I turned off the oven & I'm standing there wondering how I burnt them & checking to see if I have everything to do a new batch, when I realize it's not off. I put the thermometer in & it pegged out over 600, I had to run and shut the breaker off. I was lucky I didn't leave the house right after I turned it off, since the switch didn't shut it off. Had it repaired, but the now the temp is still 25-50 degrees off.

So, I'm going to offer my advice and say go ahead & get the new one. Don't waste your time or the money, it may not be right afterwards.

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What's the deal appliances dying on Thanksgiving? One year, we did the turkey in the Crockpot, and that was the moment the Crockpot chose to die. At my in-laws, the following appliances have died on Thanksgiving: the water heater, the freezer, and the dishwasher. This year at their house, the power went out in the middle of turkey cooking, and we had to run out and get enough propane to finish the bird on the grill! (Luckily, the power did come on, though, so no need for all that propane).

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OMG, Bonnie, what a nightmare that must have been! I'm really glad that your dinner turned out ok in the end, though. You'll laugh about it . . . someday ;^D

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