Linen closet in a bathroom?

kmcgJuly 23, 2012

I have no linen closet right now, and no way to add one in the hallway, which is where I've always had them in other houses. I want to add a small closet when I remodel the bathroom. We're moving a wall over about 24" to accomodate a vanity. I have space to put a linen closet next to the vanity, but I don't know about storing sheets and pillows as well as towels in the bathroom. (There will be ample storage in the vanity and medicine cabinets to handle all the non-linen stuff.)

I have an alternative: I could also use the same space for a closet that we access from the adjacent room. Construction of the closet in the adjacent room would be a little trickier, but not a major challenge. This room will be a combo office/sewing room/dressing room/closet for all my clothes and projects, so it wouldn't be awkward to have designated linen storage in there (i.e. not invading the privacy of a bedroom).

What would you do? Simple and inside the bathroom, or more fiddly but outside the bathroom?

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If it's not a problem to store towels, I don't see how it would be a problem to store sheets.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I was concerned about having a linen closet in the bathroom, but the door shuts tight enough that it doesn't get moist in there from showers and such, so you're probably ok.

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Many homes have linen storage in the bathroom. I've had several master and other bathrooms with this arrangement. No problems whatsoever. It's very convenient to have towels and sheets right at hand. As long as you have adequate ventilation in your bathroom, you should have no problems. I certainly wouldn't want linen storage in another room, maybe a cabinet in a hallway would be OK. It sounds like building linen storage in the other room would cost more, too.

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Thanks, everyone! I'm reassured. It's just kind of odd that my previous houses have all had hallway linen closets. My current house is nearly closet-free, unfortunately, so I need to get re-oriented!

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Fori is not pleased

I'd put it in the other room.

I'm sure it's fine, what with modern ventilation, tight-closing doors, and whatnot, but bathrooms do often have smells. Nice smells, usually, but bathroomy. Soapy.

Or I'd use it for towels only and get a small armoire to hold linens in the spare room. It just ain't right to keep those things in the bathroom!

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The real issue is how often you use the linen.

I've had a linen closet in the bathroom for 19 years and it has never been a problem. However, all the stuff in the bathroom closet is used pretty regularly ... nothing sits in there for months without being used.

On the other hand, the linen in my hall closet which gets little use is a problem. I always have to wash the linen again before guests come.

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i think linen closets are placed in the hallway so that all the bedrooms/bathrooms have access to it, not because storage in the bathroom causes mildew or whatever...

when we remodeled our master bath i put in a cabinet linen storage unit for our master bedroom sheets and towels, etc---i love it!! it's much more convenient then having them in our hallway closet. and, there's no problem with them getting damp or musty whatsoever!

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There's probably some risk that an in-bathroom linen closet will gradually have to share space with toiletries, hair dryers and such. Maybe that's why it's not the obvious place for one?

Anyhow, it sounds like it would be fine for things in use constantly, but maybe not the best for down comforters and pillows and other things only pulled out on occasion.

And busybee, I agree that it's great to have the bedding for each room as close to that room as possible. No mixing of the sheets!

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"There's probably some risk that an in-bathroom linen closet will gradually have to share space with toiletries, hair dryers and such."

kmcg, you've got that part right. I should have mentioned that my bathroom linen closet not only has the linen for the master bed and bath, but also extra toilet paper, soap, all sorts of extra toiletries, etc. And I keep my laundry basket ont the floor of the linen closet. The closet shelves are so much more accessible than storing stuff under my small vanity. So I like having a linen closet in the bathroom.

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I agree with the last poster. We have a linen closet in the 1st floor bath and until this thread I never thought of it as a linen closet. I thought of it as, "alternate vanity storage since we only have a small wall mounted sink in there and dammit the stuff has to go somewhere!"


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