Snow Puff and Snow Flakes...Need ideas

OakleyNovember 12, 2010

I looked at the inspiration album and it gave me a few good ideas, but do any of you have some old pictures of how you used the "Snow Puff" and the fake "snow flakes?"

I'll be using the flakes in jars where it will be contained.

I have an idea where to use the snow puff (like a big cotton ball you pull apart) but I don't know exactly how to use it to make it look like snow instead of cotton balls. lol

Any ideas or PICTURES would be great!

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After the way my spider webs turned out in my Halloween decorating I think I better let others help you out here.LOL Do you plan on using the "Snow Puff" with a village or just with decorations?

I haven't taken as many pictures as I should but hope to do better this year. Hope others will help you out on this issue.


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Gosh Oak, the only ideas I find are the ones in our inspiration albums usually. I'm not very creative, just a good "copier". There wasn't anything in the Misc Christmas album? I've only used the snow stuff with my village and in china cabinet under figurines. I do plan to use the flakes in a cloche this year.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I looked at the Christmas and Cloche albums last night and didn't see anything. I'll check again to see if I can find another album. Thanks!

Phonegirl, I wish I had a village. I have a set of 8 beautiful ceramic Santas that Dillards sold about 20 years ago, one from different countries & how those countries "see" Santa. I want to set those on "snow" along with other decor.

I just don't know how to make it look like snow.

Oh, did I tell you all I have two left hands and no imagination? :)

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Not sure what look you are looking for but I use the 'buffalo snow' for my villages - my base is always styrofaom blocks and a white sheet covering everything - then I add the houses, lights and trees, ect and then fill in around with the snow - I just pull it apart, tuck it in and around everything an then fluff it to look as natual as possible - drifts and piles. I will use white headed straight pins to keep it in place if need be. This is a close up of a couple scenes of my houses as an example .....


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Oak, I skimmed thru the Xmas Misc album and the Centerpiece one too. Here's a few ideas using the snowflakes.

hugs, Karen

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Your santas sound so neat and will be looking forward to seeing your collection. I love shopping at Dillards but everything is so expensive unless you can but it on sale.

Lynne, your pictures look great. I am going to set up DGD's village some day but I'm sure it won't be this year. I bought her a pink church last year and was thinking about asking to borrow it for the office this year.

Karen, I really like the scene in the pan and the last picture is really neat. You may have me trying something new this year. These posts really have a way of inspiring!!! Now I need to find the talent.


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I don't know anything about what you are asking :^) (does that ever seem to matter to me???? I just rattle on)
but I use angel hair (the new kind that isn't itchy) for snow in all of my scenes. It works wonderfully well and is not expensive. I purchased my stash at Joann Fabs after Christmas one year. You can str...e...t...c..h.. it out and make it thinner and webby-er, or you can pouf it up for hills.

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I'm not sure what you're looking for either, Oakley . . . but as soon as someone can show me, I'll start searching for pics for you.
Lynne: beautiful Christmas village!

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Like this

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Purple, you say you skimmed thru the Christmas Album and the centerpiece( I take it you are referring to another album) HOW do you do that. Comments have been posted before about looking in albums....don't know where or how to do that....PLEASE HELP ME ....I wanna look tooo!

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Oldcrafty, here's the link to the 'front page' of our Inspiration albums on Photobucket. To the side you will a list of topics (the different holidays and such), you click on one of those. If you click on Christmas, the main album comes up which is all trees. But there are sub albums listed for things like mantels, villages, etc and you can click on any of those to browse them.

Let me know if you need more info or help.
hugs, Karen

PS...hey guys, looks like Photobucket changed their format a bit and now the links on the right instead of the left.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration albums

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Timely topic as I just bot 2 packages of Buffalo Snow and wasn't sure what to do with it! Thanks, lynnencfan, for your instructions, I'll just pull, tuck, and fluff and hope it works as well for me - love your display.

Jaybird, thanks for the tip about the new non-itchy angel hair. I'll look for that as I love how it looks, especially in your display with the lights under.

I did some crafts a few years ago using Diamond vase filler, and some faux snow from Michaels and WM and vowed 'never again'. I may use what I have left in an apothecary tho to keep it contained as it is very pretty (as in Karen's last pic), just not when it's all over every surface and the floors!

Thanks Everyone for the pretty pics!

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Thanks purplemoon...............I'm drooling looking at all the talent displayed!!!

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