All the Leaves Are Brown

maximavswifeNovember 2, 2011

And the skies are gray....

This what we woke up to this morning

And the view from my office window.

I totally missed Fall!! I decided to remedy that post haste!

The entryway

And the table

And the Buffet


Here is a link that might be useful: And the Rest of the Story Here

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Kath, I love the four seasons but sure not ready for snow yet. We're lucky and only had a little sleet so far.

You did a great job decorating the desk. Just lovely and so many different colored pumpkins. Where on earth did you come up with a blue one? I love it. That harvest plate is so pretty and has all the pumpkins colors in it.

Such a pretty table! The table cloth & cp is wonderful. Candles & candle holders are pretty. Your flatware is very elegant looking. Perfect match with the candle holders.

Buffet is decorated beautifully. I like the variety and colors on it. That gr mercury candle holder is the bomb. Great job on all your decorating and thanks for sharing. I'll be back later and check out the blog. Thanks for the link.


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I love the tablecloth and the layering of the plates is perfect. I went to Ikea one time and never found any good deals like your "as is" plates!
I'm a lot bummed about our fall too!! In the last 2 weeks, we have summer one day, fall the next day, and winter the next day, then back to fall, and back to winter. Thank goodness, it was nice Monday for the TOTr's.
Anyway, your fall decor is fab!
I like what you did with the stairs and the buffet. I guess I'd better go check out BCF!! LOL Those green hurricanes are gorgeous. I think we have the same pheasant, only mine is on my mantel and we also have the same flatware or really similar anyway. Great minds....
The stacked plate display and the pumpkins on the candlesticks are super.

I'm really impressed that you switched from Halloween to fall so quickly.
I just spent the whole day putting away Halloween! Of course, if I didn't do so much decorating, it wouldn't take so long to put it away!! LOL


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Ugly 4 letter word...SNOW! Good riddance!

But inside your home, well, that's a diff story! That cute table desk sure looks good w/your collection of colored pumpkins! & your new Happy Harvest plate fits so perfectly! Love it!

The paisley t'cloth is so very pretty & I love those candles you took from elsewhere & 'berried' for your t'scape. Plate colors you used sure work well! Buffet looks wonderful, the tiered centerpc & your 'grouse.'

Everything looks grand ... when you said, "With only 22 days until Thanksgiving and 53 days until Christmas I am happy..." I caught my breath! LOL! TFS, maxi! Jeanne S.

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LOL, Kath, I just posted the link to your blog for the gang here to see. I loved your decorations! Guess I wasn't stopping to think the blogger was YOU. LOL. Sometimes I wonder if I think at all these days.

Anyway, obviously you know I love what you did.
hugs, Karen

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Well, sounds like the Momma's and the Poppa's song invaded your town way too early!!!

Love your entryway desk, it is so warm & inviting & your table & buffet are not showing a hint of winter at all, very pretty fall decor on both!!

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We have been so blessed with such a beautiful Fall this year (we live in SE Wisconsin). Truly an Indian Summer with warm temps and gorgeous colors. But as the saying goes, "Don't blink or you will miss a change in the weather." It could be 60 degrees today, but snow tomorrow!

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slinkey your Fall decor.
I'm so glad you did it - snow and all!
Your entry desk table looks so festive. Love your table setting with that beautiful tablecloth and candle holders. I like how you used the berries to decorate them.
I agree that BCF has wonderful home decor
Your buffet looks great with the runner and those pretty green mercury candleholders. I love their color and what a great buy.. The gourds, amber plate and even 'Mr Grouse'..all create such a lovely Fall vignette.

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