I've lost a picture

casiFebruary 21, 2012

I had sent a picture to the recycle bin and then decided that I still wanted it. I went into the recycle bin and "restored" it. But I don't know where it went??? I went thru all my pictures and I can't find it anywhere. Unfortunately it was not named....I had downloaded it from e-mail and it was just numbered. Any ideas where it might have gone?

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If you saved it from an email then assuming you never deleted the email you can save it again. If you deleted the email look in the deleted folder perhaps.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Have you rebooted since restoring it? If not, you might try that.

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Presuming it is a jpg file:
Go to Start > Search > type in *.jpg and it should cough up all your pics as thumbnails. Then it's a simple matter of scrolling thru a million thumbnails. :-)

Or whatever file extension you believe it to be

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I just did that for drill. If you do that better limit your search to files modified within the last week or month or how ever long it's been. That'll cut the result down to reasonable size.

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Thanks everyone. I found it. I did re-boot but I don't think that was what did it. I just happened to look in downloads and there it was. I guess that is where I deleted it from, as I had downloaded it from a Yahoo e-mail.

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