Tile floor or pan/receptor? What about the bench? Color?

beepsJuly 15, 2012

I need to figure this tile floor or receptor issue out today. Well, a month ago really! I'm not only thinking about the dirty grout issue, but also the color issue.

I have read the previous threads, and one person used a white shower pan with white tile and a beautiful accent around the upper part of the shower. That looked great - in part because the shower tile was white. Mine won't be that white.

The shower will be 42"x60", and the walls will be tiled in Fabrique Blanc Linen 12x24 running vertically, alternating with linear accent glass also running vertically. In the pic below it is the combo in the bottom right that will be going in this bathroom. The glass it shows as squares. I will be using the linear glass but from the same maker and in those colors - there just wasn't a sample like that available. Because it is hard to tell with the small squares - the accent has carrara marble, clear glass, and then a very reflective mirror like glass. The floor would be in the Fabrique 2x2 mosaic tile.

Pic including the flooring that will be used - which all the other samples are resting on.

Picture of the model bathroom (not great I know - best I have):

So, should I go with a shower pan or tile? The Fabrique Blanc Linen is slightly off white. Around the tub I think we are just going to run the accent tile vertically all the way around so the off white tile won't be right next to the white tub. (But we may need to rethink that because that will be a ton of glass tile cuts.)

I am also putting in a bench - built in with the tile if I go with a tile floor. If I go with a shower pan there are some with a built in bench, but I can't find one in the size I need. So then I guess I could go with a teak bench, but it doesn't really fit the bathroom.

After all this, I think what I want may be a very low profile shower pan - but then I have the bench issue. I think maybe what is bothering me with the model is how high the shower pan is. But then I won't be able to get a shower bench that looks right. Sigh. Oh, and where this house is being built it is very dry so I've been told showers dry in an hour so mold shouldn't be a big issue with re. to the grout, only dirt.

Help? Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

And I have a countertop question but will post that separately....

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I think that a tile shower floor is a more custom look. Your choices are beautiful and it will look great.

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Unless you can find a cast-iron shower receptor in the right size, I think a tiled floor might be best. The Kohler cast iron ones come in some beautiful colors (cashmere might work), but white or biscuit would be fine, depending on what your tub and sinks are.

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