Transoms-----Mulled or not

mommyto4boysJune 27, 2012

We finally broke ground this week!!! So exciting to see a big hole in the ground. So, we are now making some final decisions on what seems to be going on forever!

We are getting Andersen 400 series casement windows and some of them will have transoms. I'm still over budget with the windows and am looking at the mulled option. On our last build we had them mulled together at the factory. Now I'm wondering how it would look to not have them mulled. I remember a friend's home that did not have them mulled and they had a gorgeous window treatment that went between the window and transom. So, I was trying to picture some aesthetic pleasing options.

On the plus side for not mulling them...

-window treatment options


-have the windows appear to be "taller"

-could make for some nice trimwork b/w window and transom

On the negative side...

-Loose a nice all-in-one look

-Less window view at the higher part of the window


Please, give me your feedback and if you would be wonderul. Also, would it look ok to have some mulled and others not. For example I have an 8 foot wide window above a counter in my kitchen & I'm thinking it would be best to have this one mulled.

Thanks for your help!

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Correct me if I'm wrong..

[Mulled Transom on the left] [Not Mulled Transom on the right]

If I'm wrong, you can ignore the rest. :P

I MUCH prefer the look of a mulled transom. To me, unmulled transoms look like office conference room windows. And unmulled transoms make the windows look SHORTER because they add a big horizontal line across the window. Mulled windows make each opening vertical, which tricks the eye into perceiving more height.

My house will have an unmulled transom (windows were already ordered for our semi-custom build when we came onto the scene) and one of the first projects on my list is to replace it with a mulled window, leaded glass window, or stained glass window. Anything but leaving it the way it is.

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Mulling the transoms will not add a significant amount of money to the job and I believe they will look much better mulled than frames in a separate opening. The cost of the window treatments, window trim for interior and exterior will far out weigh the cost of the mulling in my opinion.

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Thanks for the quick feedback. I loved the look of the mulled windows we had in our previous home. I have realized that I would regret this decision. So a mulling it will be. Now I must sit down and finalize my windows...wish I could find a few grand there.

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our builder, whom I adore, tried to do custom mouldings for all of our windows and transoms. It would have created a (roughly) 5" separation between each window and window/transom. Yes, it is a much grander look, but I didn't like how spread out it was. And I wanted to see more of the outside, not more painted wood. We opted back into mulled units and I'm so happy we did. I pinned a bunch of images with wider framing, this one in particular is a decent example of a non-mulled transom.

Just in case Pinterest is up to its blue box shenanigans again, here's the direct link:

Here is a link that might be useful: My Pinterest Boards

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