Kerdi with wedi... Bill V?

gbsim1July 14, 2012

Anyone with wedi board and drain knowledge?

The tile contractor for the new build is suggesting wedi board under the Kerdi and wants to use a Wedi drain. Not a curbless shower but I think he wants to do a very shallow step up.

So can you combine Kerdi with Wedi drains?

And is the cost of wedi board instead of Durock substantial enough that I should tell him not to use the Wedi board?


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Covering Wedi board ($$$$$) with Kerdi($$$) isn't what I would consider to be the best use of construction funds.

Alright, I'll's a huge waste of money. Huge.

If this is not a steam shower, then use Wedi alone, or use Kerdi over cement board.

If this is a steam shower, then use Kerdi over cement board. Wedi isn't appropriate in a steam shower.

If your guy likes the lightweight membrane covered "boards" and you need a vapor barrier, then there is always Kerdi Board, that is appropriate in a steam shower. But that is pricey too.

Then simplify the drains. Wedi drain for Wedi system, Kerdi drain for the Kerdi tray. (Or Kerdi drain set into a sloped mud pan.) I don't know of any compatibility studies regarding Wedi Drain with Kerdi membrane. That doesn't mean it won't work. That doesn't mean it's doomed to fail. But it is a combination that wouldn't be covered by anyone's warranty.

Substantial? I do think 1/2" cement board is more substantial or stiffer on the walls than the 1/2" membrane-covered foam boards, unless you get into the thicker boards. But then your cost increases and your shower shrinks in size.

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gbsim is this suggestion of Wedi topped with Kerdi to be for the walls? Or floor?

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The Wedi was for the walls as far as I understood it. The suggestion of the Wedi actually came from the tile supplier who is furnishing materials for the installer.

I've been working with the supplier for my tile and I made such a big deal about wanting a well done waterproofed shower that I think they tried to go overboard.

I've written an email and saying I want to stick with Durock and Kerdi and the Kerdi drain.

Thanks for your advice mongo. I had a feeling that the warranty would be an issue. And we don't have an unlimited budget.

I first found gardenweb about 4 years ago shortly before a "trained" kerdi installer tiled half my shower using mastic to adhere tile to kerdi. Thamks to confirnation on GW that this was wrong, I was able to get it stopped before grouting and hired someone who knew what they were doing, tore it all out and gave me a quality job.
Unfortunately I'm now 1000 miles away from this great tiler and am hoping I can find someone who puts in kerdi like its supposed to be installed.

It's a real crap shoot.... People say they are trained but apparently sleep during class. :(

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