stucco technique for facade

daisy71June 6, 2012


I am looking for the name and/or description of the stucco technique used for the below facades.

Is this stucco more expensive than regular stucco in general? And if yes, what kind of a additional budget should I count?

Thanks a lot!!

Mediterranean Exterior design by San Francisco Photographer mark pinkerton - vi360 photography

Mediterranean Exterior design by Austin Architect Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Eclectic Exterior design by Denver Interior Designer Katy Allen, Nella Designs

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I believe what you are referring to is dryvit. It is a little expensive, but if you were already planning on brick or stone then the difference shouldn't be much. It is more expensive than say siding.
It is also labor intensive. I do not recommend dryvit and a do-it-yourself project.
One other thing to consider is that if it isn't done properly it can cause major problems. There are strict rules on how and where you can have/use dryvit in certain areas.

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I could be entirely off base, but I think there is a more affordable solution for this that is more of a different way (and possibly material) used during the final portion of the stucco process which leads to this looks. There some new homes in my area built by large tract builders that have this finish, so that leads me to guess there is a reasonable cost involved.

All three of your photos are ones in my own inspiration book (or I should say, folder on houzz) and I was hoping for the same type of finish. I am meeting with our designer next Thursday so I'll ask him for some more information about it post here then.

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