Mantel advice needed

OakleyNovember 22, 2010

I know, it's WAY to early to decorate but I had to get this mantel done so I can clear out the back of my room for decorating after Thanksgiving. It took me several hours to do this.

1. Everything white you see, including the angel, lights up with white lights. I haven't plugged anything in yet.

2. I don't have anything else tall enough to set on the left side of the wreath. I have two silver large pinecones there now. Should I set books under them and then leave it be? Or do I need more decor?

Wait! I do have two of those cone shaped Cranberry Trees about a foot tall. Should I put one on each side of the wreath or would that be too crowded?

3. In the middle of the wreath I stuck 3 poinsettia flowers in it. Should I add more or remove the flowers altogether? I'm torn on this one.

4. Should I leave the Cardinal on the wreath? It's kind of puny.

I have four stockings I'll be hanging, all the same pattern but two different colors. Two are red, two are silver.

I want a winter theme, so should I add a touch of red since I'll have those two red stockings and possibly the Cardnial?

I need all the advice I can get!

I have to tell this story though, this explains what a novice I am at decorating for Christmas.

Our house was pretty small until we built-on and did other remodeling, so I never could really decorate for Christmas the way I wanted to.

See the white wreath? I bought it last year and hung it just like it is now. But I noticed it was just piddly looking last Christmas and just left it alone.

Today I find out I was supposed to open and bushy up the wreath like you do with an artificial tree! LOL!!! I'm such a goober. :)

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You just reminded me of my dear friend with the huge Christmas trees. She didn't know you were supposed to fluff the trees. Said she kept wondering why there was so much space in the branches and got her DH to wrap them together with extra lights. Poor thing about fell over the first time I did one of her trees. Saw me fluffing the branches and the light went on. Too funny. Yep, you got to fluff all the artificial stuff every year, even the garland.

Anyway, I would like to see what the cranberry trees add to the mantle. Some extra red would be pretty. Also, is there any way you can tuck the pinecones more into the garland so they are easier seen?

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I think I will put up the red cranberry trees, I'll set them on books to give them height.

The pine cones are very big and heavy which is hard to see from the picture.

I may remove them and place them somewhere else.

I do think a bit more red would be better.

Oh, what do you think about the poinsettia flowers in the center of the wreath? I'm leaning towards not liking them.

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Can you post a close up of the wreath?

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Below is a new picture. I decided to keep the flowers because the wreath stand will show.

Also, I have a great camera but objects always appear smaller in my pictures and I can't figure out why! lol

I raised the angel but it's not in the picture.

I also added the cranberry trees, but one's crooked and I need to set them up higher, so that will be tweaked.

Still a lot of tweaking to do but so far I'm happy with my progress!

Thanks for helping me out!

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Love the white garland and wreath. I think red and white with the silver as an accent will be really pretty.

I think I recognize some of the items on your garland, the flowers and the glitter ornis. ArenâÂÂt they from Walmart, it is hard to tell by the small photo? If so, what I would do if you still wanted red in the design, I would go back to Walmart and buy those same flowers in the red to go in the wreath AND in the garland (adding in some of the same elements from the garland to the wreath will tie it all in). You could even get a few sprigs of the beaded âÂÂsprayâ just like you have now in silver, but buy in the red beaded spray.

A money saving thing I do; is when I buy those beaded sprays, I take apart the florist tape they use to bind them together and make the one big spray into 3-4 smaller sprays, that way you get more to go around at a cheaper price. (you would have to buy the florist tape at Walmart in their silk flower section to keep the smaller sections together, just like the original large spray.

You could even tuck in a few red sprigs of ribbon in the garland and wreath too.

I have a wreath stand too, I donâÂÂt mind that it showsâ¦they are usually pretty, I donâÂÂt think it would detract, that way you can put the flowers, sprays, and any red ball ornies you use on the perimeter of the wreath, and still be able to see the roundness of the wreath. By removing the flowers from the inside you will still allow some of the pretty stone of your fireplace to show thru.

The red berry cones you have will add in some nice height and more red color to your mantel design.

Hope this makes sense. :)

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Bingo! I have a ton of red sprays, even red Baby's Breath. And it's very easy to make into tiny sprays which is what I do for the Christmas tree, which is white and will have lots of red sprays on it.

That's what it needs. Thanks! I guess glitter will be covering me until 2011. lol

BTW, yes, those silver ornies are from WM. I have to say, I'm very impressed with WM's decorations this year. Lots of colors to choose from.

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I think (at least in my area) Walmart has the MOST choices in Christmas decor, Target really cut back, even the Marshalls and TJ Max stores had very little in them, so thank goodnes for Walmart this year. :) I bought a load of christmas deco from them for my DD this year, can't beat the prices.

I am glad you have other red goodies, that will save you some money. I think your red, white, and silver will turn out quite nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished look.

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I agree about Walmart having some great stuff this year. The colors are really nice too. Was so surprised when I first saw the selection. Was very excited to be able to use some of WM's goodies in the house I decorated a few weeks ago.

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Judithva, that's funny because just this morning before I went to WM, my DIL called and asked if I'd pick her up some red Poinsettia sprays. Not only did I get some of those, I bought her a lot of other red sprays as well!

I really learned to appreciate WM's decorations a few weeks ago. It's just my DH and myself now, and our stockings are kind of old and I wanted something new on the mantel.

I searched and searched online for some solid silver and red stockings and the prices were just too high! I spent HOURS looking for them.

I didn't order any, but the next day I went to WM and I'll be darned, they had exactly what I was looking for.

Next time you're in there, look at the solid silver "glittery" satin stockings, along with the red one's.

Beautiful! I know some people look down on WM, but I'm not ashamed to admit I shop there for decorations. Even if they are made in China. LOL.

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I love the bright whites with your beautiful rock surround.
I do think the tiny touches of red here and there is going to give you so much more "pop".
Job well done!!

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Love your rock fireplace and your decorations are looking good. I can hardly wait to see a few more red ornies, sprays etc. added. Your stockings will add alot of color also.

We all love cardinals so I'd leave that on there. I have some of the red berry cones like yours and love them on your mantel. Be sure and post more pictures when your finished.


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Here's the finished product. From looking at the picture I need to tweak the left side of the garland where it hangs down.

I wanted to put more red in it, but my dh said he liked it this way. It's more noticeable in person.

Oh, I have nothing to put on the left side of the mantel..that's where the plug-in is anyway, so does it look okay?

Below the mantel picture is my simple buffet decor in the sitting room.

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It looks beautiful all lit up, but I'd add something with some height on the left (lit or not lit). But never mind me, I have OCD about certain things. Your sitting room buffet is lovely, I love the mecury glass piece and the ornie tree.

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very pretty - the stockings really added a punch to the mantel .....


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Frou, I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what I can put up there but I'm coming up with nothing. Whatever it is, it has to be something that's easy to move since it will be near the outlet.

Also, if I do put something up there, should it be silver or white to match the angel?

I have some cutesy and also wooden Christmas trees, but I don't think they'd go well with the theme on the mantel.

I might find something at Wally World. :)

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Oh, I am liking your finished results! The R&W is so pretty & silvers! Love the stockings you added! Some ideas for the left side might be a silver candlestick with a short chunky candle... a white or silver vase...or maybe even a silver bell, a star or sleigh? Just a few ideas since you were pondering above.

Your buffet decor is very that ornie tree & the mercury glass covered piece...beautiful! But what I love alot in both these rooms, are your photos! Family art...the BEST! TFS! Jeanne S.

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It's looking really nice and really shows up against your rock firplace. Your buffet is just right, you don't need allot there as those wonderful pictures really take center stage IMHO. ;o) Luvs

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I think its lovely, Oak. And agree with what the others posted, so please 'ditto' me on their words.

Your home is very pretty, I always enjoy seeing pictures of your rooms (wall colors especially). And that stone fireplace is fantastic!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone but late last night while sitting on the sofa I noticed something funny and wrong about the mantel.

The two silver stockings are supposed to be on the inside from the red one's, but I put up red, silver, red, silver by mistake! lol

And I kind of like it! Did you all notice it?

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I'm so impressed by the end results of your mantel.
I think the touches of red and the stockings are just the right amount of color w/o taking away from the beauty of the overall look....
I went back to see what you meant on how you staggered the stockings...I think they look nice that way.
As far as adding something on the left, If you really feel it's necessary... I don't think you'd want to being in anything that would compete with your angel...
But if it's something for height perpose.. do you have a tall - white or silver candle holder or perhaps a Glass Hurricane?

Your buffet is just beautiful. I love how it's surrounded by those beautiful photos.


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Jane, after more thought, I think I'll leave the area alone and let the Angel take center stage. She is so pretty!

This morning I woke up and every muscle and bone in my body was killing me from decorating all week. lol

Tomorrow we do the tree and I need to put a garland up on a ledge in the back of the room.

Then I think I'll call it a day and crash for a week or two. :)

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Oak, You did a really nice job with your mantel. I love the way you hung the stockings. I thought you planned it that way.
I love the buffet the tree is so pretty and is so nice surrounded by all the family photos.


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Oak...I think you made the right decision with the left side, and as far as taking a break after your tree is certainly deserve it.
I can just imagine how much pain you're feeling from all that work....but just think, while we're all scrambling to get to the point you're at'll be kicking back and enjoying yourself!...
Wanna come over an help??? lol


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Here's the final touch. Ignore the coffee pot to the right of the skates, it will be moved. :)

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Oakley your fluffed mantel looks great! I love the touches the cranberry colors adds.

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