Dark or light color vanity?

ikea_gwJuly 14, 2013

Originally we were getting the Fresca vanity in gray oak (http://www.frescabath.com/product_p/fvn8140go.htm). But after the tiles are in I am having second thoughts because of all the muted coolish tone of the room. Now I am thinking I should go for the darker brown color with the same vanity (http://www.frescabath.com/product_p/fvn8140wg.htm). My thought is the brown color will bring some warmth to the room.

What do you guys think?? We haven't picked a wall color yet so any suggestion on that will also be nice.

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Personally I prefer the lighter one. You have a fairly dark floor and I think that the contrast of the lighter vanity on it would look the best. I took the opposite approach with a light floor and a darker vanity. You don't want to all blend together.

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That was my thought initally too that I want to have something dark to contrast the floor. But the gray oak color seems too cold for the overall tone of the room. I hate making all these hard decisions.

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Maybe a pale wood like birch would work. Warm it up just enough. This not quite pale enough but is close. Found this on the Bertch website. They have a ton of options.

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I recommend the gray oak - think it will be beautiful. Dark oak - won't provide the 'spa' experience' IMO.

Maybe I am biased because I think it is quite a bit like my vanity which is 'white stained' oak from Ikea and a taupe floor. We LOVE it. I did get a stilestone countertop called 'limestone' that had a touch of beige but would have still loved it if it were white or gray.

We did change the LED can light bulbs to 'warm color' and that made quite a difference in warmth but we were almost as happy with the LED cool lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: more complete view of our hall bath remodel

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I like the idea of the cool tones - I would not fight it.

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I like the dark one you originally picked. Love it. Where are you purchasing? I may buy it too! Thank you.

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lajoanna, vanity is made by fresca (allier model) and I am getting it through faucetdirect.com. Make sure you call them before you order though as the online stock information is not always accurate. Lots of other places including home depot also carry this model.

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Definitely the first one, if it's between those two.

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