Shower Slope Question

kendog2July 3, 2012

We are preparing to put Kerdi on our shower floor. I flooded the floor with water. Most of the water drains correctly but I noticed a few low spots where water is pooling slightly near the drain and next to the curb. I believe that the floor was sloped correctly at 1/4" per foot. I'm wondering what should be done to correct this. Should we add thinset to the low spots and let them cure before doing the Kerdi or just fill in with thinset during the process of imbedding the Kerdi? Definitely don't want to have problems with the floor not draining after the tile is installed.

Also, the floor can only be accessed from one side. Is it all right to put the thinset on the back half of the floor first, imbed the Kerdi, then do the other half of the floor? One piece of Kerdi will cover the whole floor. Thanks for any advice.

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A lot of times slope issues and minor divots can be corrected when installing the Kerdi. But since this is DIY, it might just be easier for you to correct slope and divot issues now with feathered thinset. Let the repairs cure overnight, then you'll have a nice even mud foundation to Kerdi over.

As to doing the floor one half at a time, yes, you can do that.

Cut your Kerdi to fit the floor and dry fit it in place:

Roll it up from the back wall towards the front:

Thinset the back half of the floor:

Roll the Kerdi back out and embed the back half of the sheet. Then roll the unthinsetted front half to the back wall, spread your thinset, comb it out, then embed the front half. Common sense will prevail when you make the transition.

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Scissors??? :-)

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I first tried a rock. Then paper. Neither of those worked well.

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Just mix up some thinset a bit "looser" than normal and use the flat edge of a trowel to "feather" out the low spots...

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Thank you so much, Mongo for the advice and photos. A happy 4th to you and Bill.

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