Fall decor - finally (picture heavy)

lynnencfanNovember 25, 2011

GGRRRRR - can't believe I lost the entire first post - will try yet again. Anyway before I take everything down and start Christmas I took a few pictures this morning. I will give you a link at the end to see them all but here are a few - not the greatest because I took them in a hurry .....


The new cabinet my hubby built me earlier this fall

vignette with the flower pot I showed a couple months ago from our family craft night

grapevine wreath that gets changed out for each season

front of the house with the mandevilla that refuses to stop blooming - it will get cut back tomorrow and put into the crawl space for next summer

Here is a link that might be useful: more fall decor

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lynne...oh that new cabinet is just BEAUTiful...love seeing it filled w/your pretty Fall decor! That Mandevilla vine looks great! Your Boston Ferns & everything ...mine have frosted & now dried up!

I looked at your album & love seeing that corner cabinet, too...the brown turkey plates call to me ...lots of lovelies! And your wreath looks good! Nice idea to change it out...helps w/storage, too! TFS before you hit the Christmas decor...

quiet evening here after 2 days of family celebrating! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Lovely decorations! Your hutch looks great. Your mandevilla is still so pretty...they are tough little guys!

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Your hutch is so pretty decorated for Fall, and I know it will be fun for you to now do it in Christmas. Your DH did such a great job on it!

I'm so glad you got pictures of your decor for us to see before you took it down! Lots of pretties and I enjoyed
looking at all of them.

I can't believe the mandevilla...WOW. I've never seen any before!

hugs, Karen

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Thank you everyone - that was kinda thrown together in a hurry and I never was totally satisfied with it but I do have plans for it for Christmas and will get started today and take my time. I want to showcase my Pflatzgraph(sp) Christmas dishes.

Jeanne - the 'turkey' plates are Johnson Brothers - I only have two plates and two bowls of that pattern. The picture certainly didn't do them justice at all

PM - that mandevilla is 5 years old now - for us here in NC it doesn't really kick into bloom till September. It might bloom earlier if we planted it right into the ground but we keep it in containers - we may try something different next year .....


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Lynne, thanks for sharing your lovely fall decor with us.
The cabinet your DH built for you is wonderful.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for Christmas.

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So glad you shared some pictures before you took it down Lynne. I am so jealous of you gals who have DH's who build things for you! You are so lucky! Your vine and the ferns looks so healthy, don't you hate to cut it? Luvs

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Luvs - we really do and next year we are going to rethink where we are going to put them. This is the 3rd year on the front porch and we go through this every year. Next year they are going to go somewhere we can enjoy them but they won't interfere with our fall/winter decorating .....


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Lynne, wonderful fall decor. You have so many pretty dishes displayed. All the fall with scarecrows, pumpkin, gourds, etc. just topped it off.

Gorgeous porch decor. You really know how to make things look great inside and out. Love your mandevilla and ferns. What a nice show.


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