When do you turn your Outdoor Christmas lights on?

haley_cometNovember 16, 2010

So I spent the whole day outside with my daughter putting up garland and xmas lights...I am a little early this year as I wanted to get them up before it got too cold out.

But now I think it is too early to put my lights on so I wanted to know when you turn your outdoor lights on for the holiday season? Or maybe its not?


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I turn mine on on the first of December, if DH has them hung by then.

Totally Confused

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Without fail ,ours come on the day after Thanksgiving.
Even though I try to have the majority of interior decorating done ,sans the tree, I just don't feel right skipping right over T-day itself and lighting the whole place up.

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I'll be decorating the outside of my house this weekend. Will turn on outside lights on Thanksgiving night. I've got my living room tree decorated and the lights are turned on right now. All other interior decorations are in the process of going up. Very early for us this year as we usually decorate after Thanksgiving, but with our schedule it made more sense to get the decorating out of the way.

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Dec 1. Electric rates here are very high, so that is soon enough!

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We turn ours on Thanksgiving evening. We always use timers so all I have to do is go plug them in before the guests start leaving.

We have several inches of snow so I'm not sure how much more will get put up this year. We are all electric so don't notice the lights making our bill go up much.


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The day after Thanksgiving I try and get my front porch changed out and the lights up!! they get turned on tht night

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DH puts ours up right after Thanksgiving, while DD & I work on the inside decs. We turn them on then, which is the weekend after Tday.

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Big switch over is the Friday after Thanksgiving - outdoor fall decor gets taken down and garlands and wreaths start going up. The lights go up that weekend if weather permits - from then on we just keep adding and tweaking. Hubby has been working on his tomato cage trees this week so that they will be ready - this is a busy time of the year .....


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Want to know when mine get turned on? When I beg and plead and bribe and shame DH enough that he finally gives in and puts them up! LOL What works best is telling him we need them up for little GD's enjoyment. ;o)

We even installed these neat little clips that pop out to hold the cords so he can just string the lights along and they will hold them--and he only needs the step stool for the ones over the garage door--but still he procrastinates!

Maybe this year I'll bribe him with a homemade chocolate pie--that's his all time favorite dessert. ;o) Men!!!!!

(I would do them myself, but then I would be doing EVERYTHING myself from now on!)


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I'll turn them on as soon as I get them all installed. I do it in parts as it's too much to do all in one day. Hopefully they'll all be up by Thanksgiving weekend. I'm happy to see that all my neighbors with spirit have been working on there's all week.

luvstocraft, I think I may have the clips you are referring to. The ones I found this year have a nail and you nail them to wood and they can stay up all year as they are white and blend right into the woodwork.

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