Does vanities next to corner tub get damaged from tub water?

stpindellJuly 5, 2013


DH and I are purchasing a home that has a MB that will need renovation. There is an existing corner tub and vanities to the right and left of the tub.

We are planning on putting new wood vanities in. Can the vanities get damaged by the water from corner tub? Anyone have one that can share their experience?

We were considering building a small divider wall between each vanity and the corner tub and tiling the wall. Is that a waste?

Thanks for the input!

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Yes, sometimes it can become damaged. It depends on the inhabitant's personal habits. I was in an upscale rental that had such a setup and the vanities showed swelling typical of delamination of the plywood. Of course, it was a rental, but if your kids like to re-enact the parting of the Red Sea in your tub, then you can probably expect similar damage (or worse) to the vanities. If used by adults in an non water polo manner, it's probably fine for many years.

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Our designer suggested wrapping around the tub backsplash onto the vanity to keep it from getting wet. I didn't think we needed to do it but after reading this I plan on it.

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Mine is water damaged, and needs replacing. The problem I have is the tub spout is not long enough so water splashes around the edge of the tub, and makes its way onto the floor,

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Thanks for the comments and inpu.

Meek95: so your designer is suggesting that actually put tile right on the vanities?? Do u have one on both sides of the tub? Do u have to have a pic or drawing of what this may look like? Wondering if the mortar for the tile would damage the wood vanity or would they put some type of barrier in between?

What are your thoughts about building a half wall between each vanity and tub? Kinda like one u typically see between a shower and a vanity? Has anyone done this in their home that they can share a picture of?

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Unless you are extra vigilant and wipe way all the water immediately, then the wood will become damaged in several years.

This will be expensive, but instead of a wall, what if you wrap the vanity inside the countertop like this

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Thanks lilymila.

Interesting idea. Not sure if this can be done with granite. Will have to find out if this is possible. Also will be looking into half wall idea and price out cost.

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I'll have to double check with the designer and tile setter on putting the tile directly onto the vanity but that's my understanding. I have no room for a pony wall between the two, I am squeezing the tub in the corner as it is. I saw a photo on houzz that had tile on the entire side of the vanity, I'll post it if I can find it again. I didn't really like the look but if it saves the wood it is worth it.

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I just talked to a friend that said she has damage to the vanities and she tries to be really careful. I guess the original design was meant for formica vanities that hold up to water.

I'm interested to hear what your designer says. Do you have a GC for your remodel or are you just using a company that specializes in bathroom remodels?

I'm trying to stay away from hiring a GC if I can. I found a great tile company that does tiling for floors and bathrooms but now I'm trying to figure out who would demo the rest? Vanity, mirror, tub, etc. And then who would install the new ones. So much to plan, slightly overwhelmed.

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I think tile companies will demo the tiles in your bathroom for an extra fee. Are you going to have a tiled shower? Its important that they do that part right, otherwise, you will have a leaky shower. You need a plumber for toilet, sink, and tub installation. You will need to coordinate the tiler and the plumber. I wonder if the tile store has a list of plumbers that they work with. I am guessing a handy man or carpenter could install the cabinets and mirror.

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We hired a GC to remodel our kitchen, powder, laundry and two baths. His workers do the plumbing, electrical, drywall and tile work, he doesn't sub it out, so that is a cost savings. We talked about the vanity this morning and he said the tile on the side would go on thinset, not the full-on thick mortar like the floor or the wall (it doesn't have to "float"). My problem is we were originally going to put the 4" backsplash where the vanity and tub meet but now might have to do a full tile piece due to the overall tile design. The granite countertop has been cut already, not installed though, and I'm not convinced the tile could fit in the lip between the granite and side of the vanity. Plus, different stone tile sizes have different thicknesses, I will have to make sure it fits underneath. You're right, there are a lot of little things to think of.

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I found the houzz photo which has tile on the adjacent vanity here:

I just measured my vanity and countertop, there will be no room underneath to place a full tile. Looks like it is backsplash or nothing.

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Thanks for the input, will be calling the tile company to see what they might be able to do for an extra fee.

Thanks for the picture. That definitely helped me get a better idea of what it may look like. Sorry that you can't put tile in your area. Can't wait to see the finish bathroom!! Thanks for all your help.

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Have you thought about using vanities that have feet, rather than having them sit on the floor? Then water that hits the vanity can run down to the floor. It's hard to figure out without seeing a layout but I thought this might be a solution.

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Well, I guess I was wrong, I can put tile on the vanity side since there is a granite overhang of about 1-1/2". It should be done in a week or two and I can post a pic then.

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