Bathroom with 2 entrances: what do you think?

kmcgJuly 9, 2012

We have one bathroom in our upstairs, along with 3 bedrooms and a small office. Just I and my husband living here full time. We're renovating the bath, and my contractor suggested adding a door between the bathroom and the master bedroom - creating a sort of psuedo en-suite. In your opinion, would an extra entry add value or function to the bathroom? Or is it just strange?

If I don't do the extra doorway, I can add some linen storage.

I posted a long, complex version of this question earlier, and I thank those of you who responded. But if anyone has a gut reaction either way, I'd love to hear it.

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My parents have a "master bathroom" that has a door from the master bedroom into the bathroom and also a door from the hall into the bathroom. For them, this is extremely functional. It allows them quick/easy access to the bathroom whether from their room at night or in the day when they're elsewhere in the house. They also use the bathroom for a sort of "air lock" system when pets need to be contained while certain guests are in the house. The only drawback is the wall space that a door takes up that could be used for something else.

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with 3 bedrooms, I might suggest not to do it.

For one thing, it might just end up transmitting sound into the master bedroom. No matter how good the door is and the installation. Then, it might end up looking like you never intended for the other bedrooms to be used as bedrooms. A door to your bedroom can intimidate shy bladders and other body parts, and some people might have a hard time using the bathroom toilet for the main purpose that it was designed for. They also might be shy about flushing it.

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I think if you don't need the storage it is a good idea to add the door. But I think the storage has more value in most situations besides those where there is plenty of storage already.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the added noise due to the doorway, but I'm a heavy sleeper and I assume that everyone who shares a bathroom is accustomed to hearing bathroom noises and being heard.

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Thanks - yes, the sound thing concerns me a bit, I have to admit. And storage is practically non-existent in our very vintage house. I really liked the 2-door idea initially, but now I'm leaning toward just a hallway door. I found an old thread on a similar question, and the crowd seemed pretty evenly split between liking the second door and not.

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