When do you start Christmas decorating?

santacltr2November 13, 2010

I am a lurker here I love all your decorating ideas. Wish I was talented like all of you are.


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After Tksgvg for me, Nancy.
And I've been here for about 1 yr now ...& you just learn so much on this forum! Everyone's willing to share ideas! So you need to jump in, too! Welcome out of lurkdom! Jeanne S.

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big change over is the day after Thanksgiving - all the fall comes down and Christmas starts. However my master bedroom has no fall decorations and I am getting antsy - being on two decorating forums I get drawn in seeing what others are doing. Had a craft night at my house last night and now I am really in the mood .....


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It was a beautiful day here in MA. After walking 3 miles this morning in the sunshine with my friend, I came home and strung the outside Christmas lights. My hubby was touching up w/ some outside painting, then helped me hang the lighted garland over the front door. None of this will be turned on until December 1st, but we like to take advantage of our warm weather to get the decorations outside. The inside decorations will wait until early December.

We have a family tradition of going to a tree farm, cutting our tree and bringing it home to decorate it.

Welcome Nancy! We always like to have new people join us. This is a very friendly and always helpful group.

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Usually when I get tired of hearing myself whining--"Should I or shouldn't I?" this yr. ;-)


BTW - Welcome Nancy to the Holiday Forum.

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Welcome! This is a great place to be.

Well, today I put up my kitchen tree. lol. Only because my dh insisted. He's like a little kid, and I happily agreed.

The tree goes up after TG or the first of December. But now I've invested in a lot of decorations this year (we remodeled and added-on so now I have room) and I'm working on several items so they'll be ready to go in two weeks.

As far as talent? I have none. But it's still fun!

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Hi Nancy, and welcome. I'm so glad you came out of Lurkdom, its much more fun. Been there, done that. I was pretty clueless about all this stuff when I first joined here. I've learned sooo much (and am still clueless about a few things. LOL.)

Traditionally, I had always done my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving. But that was when I was able
to get it all done in about 4 days. Now it takes me two weeks, and seems to take forever at times. Since it became such a challenge, I started doing some things the week before Thanksgiving. My fall decor is only in family-room and kitchen area, entry way and front porch. So I can go ahead and start Cristmas in other places. Especially my living-room. I am thinking about emptying my huge china cabinet this week and going ahead and setting my village up in there in fact. (only place safe from my bratty cat). Then I'll move on to some garland.

Jim, I cracked up at what you said...
"Usually when I get tired of hearing myself whining--"Should I or shouldn't I?" this yr. ;-)"
That is great. But you definitely SHOULD! We're all anxiously awaiting your beautiful decorations. I'm sure you will get especially creative now that you have the four-legged Tiny Terrorists living with you. Christmas at your house is going to be fun (for some) and interesting for all. LOL

hugs, Karen

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Welcome Nancy, glad you have come to join us. I usually have all my decorations outside up by Thanksgiving. We set the timers to go on at dark so all the guests can see their way out and enjoy.

I started on some Christmas decorations today since we will be moving our office soon and I won't be able to do as much this year. I decorated the guest bath with a few decorations and put some out in our Master bed and bath.

I made some Christmas decorations today for the offices. A couple of wreaths, 2 tear drop swags and another swag. All decorated in pink except for 1 wreath.

I try to keep the dining area and kitchen in fall through Thanksgiving. Everyone knows that I do what I can when I have time and accepts it so I never worry about timing.LOL


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Thanks everyone for the welcome.
I haven't decorated the basement area in years but decided that I want to do it this year. I'm thinking of starting it next week. Noone but the grandkid go down there so I can set things up. I normally don't start until the saturday after Thanksgiving. I do setup the outside things on nice days so I'm not freezing to death doing it but they don't go on until after Thanksgiving.
I'll try and post some pictures of my decorations from last year. I made a lifesize santa one year and will post that for sure. Christmas is the time I really go all out to decorate.


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Welcome santacltr2,
Quit lurking & join in, stop in at the Kitchen table also, we are a great bunch there.

I start decorating right after Thanksgiving.

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Well the past few days the weather here in southern NH has been gorgeous. Couldn't pass up that opportunity to get some decorations up outside. Hung large colorful ornaments from the lowest branches on a huge pine tree in our back yard. We are on 5 acres, and no one else can see it but us, so who cares if it's too early!!!! Put some silk poinsettas in the window boxes on the garage windows which are also in back of the house. We can see them when we pull into the garage. Hung some smaller ornaments on the leafless weeping cherry outside the kitchen window. Will post pics later. I love decorating for Christmas. Can you tell????

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Okay ran out and took some pics. Loved the way they all looked earlier in the day with more sun!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Early Christmas!

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rafor ... very pretty...I really like the ornies hanging in the lower branches of that beautiful tree! I think you should take your cutters & snip a few & add them to the window boxes with your pretty silk Poinsetta's ... that greenery would be free! TFS! Lovely views out your windows!

purplemoon...I'm with you...used to take 4 days to do Christmas decor ...now a week or two...ugh...but love the results. I took got a chuckle out of Chijim's --"Should I or shouldn't I?"
Jeanne S.

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My problem is while I start earlier and earlier every year in hopes of being able to sit back and relax I still end up tweaking right up to Christmas day. It has gotten worse being on this forum because I will see a vignette or way to embelish a wreath or garland and away I go - for me it is a never ending process but I love it. I totally blame this forum for my tree count going up - lol. While I love looking at and admiring all the tablesettings, I can resist them for the most part during the year but I can't resist Christmas decorations .....


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rafor, very pretty I'm with Jeanne the pine branches would look great with your Poinsetta's. I also like the votive holders under the window bet they are pretty.


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rafor - love the outdoor stuff you have done so far - I started doing large ornaments last year on our dogwood trees - love the look. I like your window boxes also - I have some of those type of window boxes - uuuummmmmm - got me thinking now TFS .....


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Welcome Santacltr!! This group will tell you anything...beware :^) :^) I'm glad you have decided to join us, and hope you enjoy our craziness!
We have a ginormous gathering on T-giving day, so I don't start Christmas until the first of December. It DOES take me longer and longer each year...I don't know whether to blame old age and laziness or these enablers around the table!!
I DO however haul out the Christmas CD's on Thanksgiving evening, and load the player....
The Christmas dishes and the manger scene go up first thing on Saturday, and the rest just sort of follows along! I'm hoping for nice weather so I can get the outside stuff done on December 4th.

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Welcome, Nancy! I'm glad to hear that we've lured another one out of Lurkdom.
At the moment, I'm feeling woefully behind (once again!) with my holiday decorating. I'm just now putting up my Autumn & Thanksgiving decs. I'll take them down the day after Thanksgiving, which is when I decorate big time for Christmas. It takes many days to get it all up, as I put of 5 trees of various sizes and decorate every room but our master bedroom & bath (our dobie gets into them there, so I've stopped). And, like Lynnencfan, I tweak them continually after that ;^D
I leave mine up until the day after Twelfth Night, January 6th. For us, that's the last day of Christmas.

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Welcome Nancy. :)
I always start the first week of Nov with the outside decor while it's still warm but it doesn't get lit up until the day after Thanksgiving.
I change my color scheme every year so the work begins early Nov and starts appearing the week of Tgiving as well. This year I've gotton a bit more productive early as the computer had to go to the shop so that spelled motivation ..LOL
My tree goes up without fail the day after. I'm always home alone that day as Hubby returns to work so I crank up my favorite CD and spend the whole day projecting.

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Rafor, I enjoyed seeing your outside decorations and I wanted to tell you that Dollar Tree had some nice looking big ornaments when I was in our's the other day. Do you have Dollar Tree where you live? Luvs

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luvs: I haven't yet located the dollar stores around here yet (we moved here last spring). I've been meaning to find them after several people here have mentioned what inexpensive decorations they have. I bought those large ornaments about 10 years ago when they first appeared and I have always liked them. So I think today will be the day to explore and find those stores!!!

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