What type of tradesperson could make Ipe shower flooring?

sochiJuly 8, 2012

I can't seem to easily find anyone in my city who can make me an in-shower Ipe shower mat, like Cloudbase's (see link below and scroll down to later pics).

I can get my hands on teak mats, but I've been convinced by Cloudbase and by some research I've done that Ipe is a better choice.

I know where I can find Ipe in all kinds of sizes for exterior decking here in town. But I need someone to customize the size, screw it all together, put on the rubber feet/lifts, and probably more.

Would an experienced decking company be able to do something like this pretty easily (even if they've never actually done it)?

Thanks. My bathroom is virtually complete, but it needs the wooden slat floors in the shower to finish the look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cloudbase's awesome shower

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You'd think any carpenter could put that together since the wood is available to you. It can't be that difficult. Cloudbase's mat is very nice. I am looking forward to seeing your bathroom.

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I should qualify my remark by stating any "finish carpenter" could do that, as I think the mat is like a piece of furniture.

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Pretty much anyone with a saw, drill, square, and a tape measure could make something like that. It's not at all difficult. Even a pretty novice DIYer could create it if you have half a mind to tackle it yourself.

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Thanks enduring and GreenDesigns, that is what I suspected. DH and I are certainly novice DIYers, but we are trying to improve our skills, so perhaps we will try. My brother-in-law is a cabinet maker, he could probably help talk us through it. I'm sure he can do it too, but we're already asking him to do cabs and closet doors for our bedroom, so I don't want to push it.

Can't wait to finish this part, loving the bathroom so far. Thanks again.

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instead of paying someone other than your brother in law, I encourage you to pay your brother in law to make a beautiful piece of Ipe art for your shower floor.

The tools described by Greendesigns have to be expensive versions of these tools. I mean "saw" and "drill".

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Thanks Davidro. I think we will DIY the job, we just bought new blades today for the saw. We bought our Ipe yesterday -I still can't believe how dense and heavy it is! Our Ipe is thicker than I wanted, 5.5" deck planks with radius edges, but I think it will still work with our bathroom, it will seem a little more rustic than thinner planks or the typical teak mats you see in Houzz photos. But I think a little rustic will be okay.

I'd love to ask BIL to do something fabulous, but I'm finalizing designs for
several closets and for a modern tansu for our bedroom, and I'm hoping he will agree to make them for me. He is having a baby in August, I don't want to overwhelm him with requests! If we really blow the DIY job we may turn to him and ask for art.

Cloud base is kindly walking me through the DIY job. Hopefully our tools are up for the task, we want to get it done Friday.

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