Bosch vs Kenmore Elite dishwasher

CWirickJune 27, 2012

Had a Bosch in my last place, loved it. It didn't dry particularly well, but it was very quiet and completely reliable.

We're building a new house now and I was certain I'd be going the Bosch route again. But Sears had a couple of compelling Kenmore Elite models in the same $800-900 price range as the Bosch I'd get - models 1396 and 1393. The Kenmore noise rating is as low as the Bosch. The compelling point for the Kenmores is the tub capacity looks much larger than in the Bosch. Any experience out there in comparing these two brands? Any experience with Kenmore Elite models? I assume these two are built by Whirlpool.

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We have had a Kenmore Elite DW for about 8 years now with no problems, stainless interior, very quiet.

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I haven't looked, but don't assume Whirlpool. Some of the higher end Kenmore are Bosch models.

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kenmore elite i think is bosch for dishwasher.

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Ours IS a Whirlpool, but it is around 8+ years old.
Maker I am sure changes from year to year and model to model.

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