Babs711 and Graceshan

motherof3sonsJune 14, 2012

Beautiful homes! I am delighted when you post pictures of your progress (kidlets included!). I noticed both of you have marble or a marble like flooring in the bathroom. Did you struggle trying to find a countertop material?

We selected a porcelain marble like floor that I must admit was not my first choice. I felt as though I settled because of budget - until today. It is gorgeous! However, I am now concerned about the marble for the tub deck and counters. The plan is to visit the stone yard with the tile.

Any advice you can share is greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Thank you so much!

I wanted a counter with a white background and without a lot of speckles or movement. I know in my case I ended up with marble on the counter after swearing I'd never do it. The price was great and it was beautiful. I sealed it well. It will etch I'm sure. But I talked to enough people with it that were fine with it, that I was OK. Really, the only other option for me was quartz and it was way too pricey after what I'd spend on our island stone. Carrara isn't as pricey as people think it is.

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Motherof3sons-- I am working on bathroom plans, and didn't think I'd do tile. Now an option for tile has come up, and I would like to look at marble-look porcelain/ceramic. Will you share your choice?

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Thanks Babs711! Our stone supplier indicated that granite was the most expensive followed by marble then soapstone. The cost is more the fabrication than raw material.

Kirkhall - I will take a pic and upload it with brand info later this evening.

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Kirkhall - The tile is American Olean Catarina Coliseum White (18x18). The tile is white with shades of gray (photo has a pink cast on my monitor). This morning the tilesetter and I will decide on the pattern. I am leaning toward placing the tile on the diagonal in a brick pattern.

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I bought the same Coliseum White 18x18 for the bathrooms on the 2nd floor. Well, 18x18 for the floor then used the 10x13 in the tub/shower. I love this tile. At $2.38/sf, it's definitely a great deal.

I was originally considering marble for the vanity countertops. But it was too match-matchy for me. I like Cambria, but didn't really want to spend that much since these are not the main bathrooms (kiss's bathrooms).

I agree with babs711. Marble is one of the cheapest out of the countertops we looked at. The carrara was cheaper than quartz and granite. After seeing the carrara, I didn't love it. I like the statuary marble better.

Since we didn't really want it to be match-matchy, we chose granite. I can't remember the granites we chose. I believe it's delicatus white and alaskan white. We both love them. It was an easy decision as we walked through the available granites. :)

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tncraft, I didn't like many of the Carrara slabs I saw. The backgrounds were too gray. They found a slab that was very very white for us since they knew that's the look I was going for even if I had to go to another stone yard to get it. :)

That's the same tile we used in our daughter's bath (honed). It's really nice. Ours were larger, rectangular, and polished and have less of a gray background. I never found out the brand.

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Also, thanks for posting!

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