Where to put the next accent strip?

barbcollinsJuly 1, 2012

Been a busy weekend. Started tiling the tub surround.

Hope to finish up next weekend. The seat doesn't slope as much as it looks in the picture, and it's not set yet. I just set it there to see how it would look. It looks steeper because it is resting on the spacers under the wall tile.

There will be room over 2 more of the big tiles, and another strip of the mosaics. It will be all mosaics behind the seat. I think I want to do one of these:

1.Put another row of the big tiles, then the strip, then continue the big tiles to the top.

2.Continue the large tiles and put the strip across the top. I am leaning towards this one because I think it will make the ones behind the seat look complete.

What would you do?

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I would put one more large tile then another strip - should be at about eye level. I don't like the idea of the strip across the very top, might look funny and not as impactful.

just a question about your bench - what's it made of? wood or concrete?

Looks great!

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I agree, not at the top. I would suggest in line with the top of the doors if they do not go to the ceiling. Probably close to 1 more large tile though hard to tell.

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Yep. One more row of field tile and then the accent....

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Thanks, I usually like them at eye level but in a previous thread I was advised I should do something different from the other bathroom in the house.

Eye level would be next. And I think it might look funny if it was 1 tile, then 2, then 2.

There won't be a door, there will be a curtain.

Mine is wood which has been covered with Densguard and Redgard. The top of the seat will be a solid piece of Corian.

To all you guys who do this for a living, I give you A LOT of credit. Though this isn't my first tile job, but it always takes a lot more time and patience then I expect. Of course you may find your bookkeeping time to be the same :)

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I also agree with one more tile and then the strip, bit for another reason. It'll be symetrical. On the bottom, you have one row, and then the strip. Doing it this way, you'll have the top strip, and then one last row of tile.

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Thanks everybody, you were all right.

I put up the next row of the mosaic behind the seat, and I realized there would have been a problem since the spaces on the mosaic mats were thinner then the grout lines on the large tiles. If I waited until the top, they probably would not line up.

I put up the next row of the large tiles then set the accent strip tighter, so I can probably fudge the mosaics a little so the will line up. Hope to have it all set this weekend.

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I used to do tiling on the floors my dad's old house. Now that I'm disabled you can't use my arms and of the parts due to nerve damage ( I talk using voice dictation ) but I think about this tiling jobs and I just am filed with that urge to tile. I really enjoyed it and I found it very easy minus the sweat and labor but that's not the hard part.

The hard part was always the patterns eg like above... . Of course I actually didn't find it hard, I just out different patterns in it I liked. So do what you like and don't worry about it. Make it fun and do while you can, because one day you will won't be able to, whether due to time, money, old age, lack of opportunity etc. ENJOY! I wish I could.


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Heartspeace, what a great name. Glad you shared your love for tiling! Barbcollins has done a nice job hasn't she.

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Heartpeace, sorry you can't do this anymore. I find it fun too, but it is definitely not as easy as it looks.

enduring - Thanks for the compliment. I finished up yesterday, and can't wait to grout next weekend.

DH - Commented on the drive home "I guess we should get the toilet next weekend". Funny how the thought of installing a toilet can make me so excited, but that will mean the bathroom is almost finished!!!

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