yachter123November 26, 2011

Just a note to tell you all that I am laid up with a herniated disc in my lower back & cannot start to decorate for xmas.

I am so bummed, got some new (gifts) AnnaLee this year & was so anxious, so now it's delayed, see Dr.on Monday. GRRRRR

I wanted to tell you that I am coming here alot to see all your decor, it's helping me cope with the pain & the boredom of laying in bed, so keep the pictures coming.

A friend of mine sent me some pics of her decor & wanted me to post them, but it's a slide show & I can't save them in a file to put in photobucket, I'll see if my son can help me when he gets home,then I'll try to post them for her.

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Oh yachter, that is bad news...I hope you can get the pain under control & that PT or something can help you. Take good care of yourself ...Holiday decor will wait...& am happy to hear you can be on the computer some with the Holiday-ers here. Hugs to you, Jeanne S.

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Yachter, sad, that's not good! Sorry to hear you have new gifts you are not able to play with at this time too. Let us know what you find out Mon. from the doctor. This is a Bummer!

I started to put up some Christmas decorations today after takeing my fall to the shed. I was hoping to decorate outside but it was COLD.

My feet are killing me after all the shopping. We went out Thurs. night and didn't get home till 3am Fri morning. Back up at 8:30 and didn't get home till 5:30pm. We all found a few good buys and got most of our Christmas shopping done. I've never seen such long lines to check out in my life. Saving money doesn't mean enough for me to wait in line for 2 hours. That's also why I'm here sitting at the computer!LOL

Hope to see all your friends decorations when you have time. I'll try to get my battery charged so I can share some here.

Take it easy and take care of yourself.


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Yacht, what an awful thing to happen...especially with the holidays. Back pain is the pits, and seems to take so darn
long recuperate from. I hope no surgery is needed.

Its good you can get on computer and try to relieve some of the boredom and distract yourself from pain. Seeing neat pictures always helps me, LOL. Which is why I constantly browse our Inspiration albums, and sites such as Flickr, plus I google decor stuff where I click on 'images' and that pulls up nothing but pix of things I want to see. Last night I looked at Christmas mantels.

Will be thinking of you Monday and anxious to hear what the doc says. Meanwhile, don't do anything you shouldn't.
(hard I know).

hugs, Karen

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Yatch, So sorry to hear you are having back problems!
It is hard to be in pain and laid up any time, but with Christmas coming it must be doubly frustrating!
I hope the DR. can do something to give you some relief quickly!!
Thinking of you

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yatcher - so very sorry to hear about your back but do take it easy and don't stress about the decorating - sometimes in life less is better anyway - a small tree and pretty smelling candles. Like PM said being able to use the computer and browse the internet for all the beautiful inspiration pictures could set you up for some beautiful decorating next year. You can always fall into the amazing world of Pinterest and never come back up for air - lol Take care and saying a small prayer for you that the injury is temporary .....


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dr said he didn't want mri, believes it s my hip, started pt on
thurs, excuse my typing, laying on my side with laptop on bed.

on pain meds which aren't doing enough, but trying not to get too frustrated

don;t know if i will get any decor out this year, will try to enjoy all of yours.

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Yachter, so sorry your in so much pain still. Sure hope the PT starts helping you feel better soon. Keep in touch when your up to it and we'll keep praying for you.


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Marlene Kindred

OUCH! Hope you feel better very soon Yachter....disc problems are really awful. We're thinking about you!

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Yacht, wish there was better LESS pain for you. I'm surprised your doctor didn't want the MRI to be sure its not your back, but hopefully if its your hip that will be easier to recover from. I swear back problems never seem to go away once they start! And I know you've already gone thru so much.

Hugs and good thoughts coming your way,

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yachter...I commented the other day (upon seeing your update) but I don't see it my post here ...I said I was happy that you had started 'PT'...sometimes that can be the best solution but it takes 'time' which doesn't help w/pain situation. Good T & P's continuing your way, yachter...please take good care & rest as much as you can stand it. Jeanne S.

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Yachter, I am so sorry to hear you are in pain. Maybe the kids can hang a few wreaths etc inside just so you feel a little happier looking at them.
Get well soon!

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