Interior Door Floor Clearance

pinkladybug4uMay 19, 2012

How much room should be allowed for return air flow? The gap looks huge so I took a tape to it and the gap is 1 1/2 inches from the unfinished floor.

Our wood floors are only 1/2. When I questioned the GC he said that it's standard for air return. Looks bad already..what do we do ?

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1" seems quite excessive to me as well

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I think you would have to check with your local codes regarding air return. I think some locations require 7/8-1''. Will you have any area rugs or runners that will be at the doorway or in the doorswing?

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We talked to the carpenters today about the door heights. 1/2" is the average for everything. Our lower level doors will be set 1/2" off the concrete because we will eventually put a vinyl click floor down.

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