My arms are tired and my hands hurt...

barbcollinsJuly 14, 2012

May arms are tired and my hands hurt but the grouting is done!

For all of you who don't DIY, next time please tip your tile man generously. He really deserves it. They make it look a lot easier than it is.

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We want more pictures! And a close up of your crown molding too!

Very nice layout. Looking forward to seeing the fixtures in place and all finished up.

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Nice job!

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So I am hoping to get by BB&B today or tomorrow to get a shower curtain, bathmat etc.

Walls are painted with S/W Grassland which is a muted green.
Vanity & top will be white.

Would you look for something with green in it or stick to the tans/browns?

Or go with something that contrasts like navy blue?

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Nice work!! Wanna job? :-)

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Thanks Bill, but I doubt you would like my work ethic. Do you allow nap times :)

I swear I don't know how you do this all the time. It sure looks easier than it is. I spend hours on it and after having just gotten up a couple rows, I stand back and say "What in the heck took you so long!" And I am serious when I when I said my arms were sore. I kept thinking about Karate Kid... "Wax on, Wax off".

Thanks for not picking on my for the crooked tiles. Can you see them? The mosaics to the right of the soap dish had slid down to the right and I did not notice until the next day. Grout hides a lot of sins huh?

I asked my husband to get me a new blade for my tile saw the next time he was at Harbor Freight. He asked why. I said, this one is about done. No rush. I just will need one before the next project.


Yeah, like there's not going to be a "next project". He's dreaming!

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Your project came out looking sweet!

As you said in the OP, yep, we make it look "Easy" but after having done this for.....well, too many years than I want to admit to, all I can say is that you gotta love the work. Try grouting 600-700 sq ft of floor tile in a day.....alone!

At least I don't have to work out at a gym! Guess this is what gives me my "Girlish" figure!!!! LOL....

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