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snoozingpugJune 13, 2010

Has anyone had the pleasure of installing and using the new AGA Pro+ 36'' range?

If so - thoughts, opinions, reviews are all very welcome!

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Bump! Anyone actually cooked on the new Aga Pro+ range? Would love feedback...

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Alright - so no feedback here or pretty much anywhere else but I'm willing to be the guinea pig. We ordered the Aga Pro+ today, in ivory, with the matching ivory chimney range hood. Reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly excited as this seems to fit the bill for what we wanted in our renovated kitchen.

Am especially glad to have the middle oven divider so I can just quickly roast some veggies on one side and warm our plates for dinner on the other. With the exception of holidays, we don't use the oven much for entrees, but this will be perfect for side dishes or a quick warm up of bread - and we won't be wasting time/energy preheating a huge oven.

Delivery is set for 8/15 and I will hopefully be cooking on it in September! Will be sure to post a review after it's installed as well as after we put it through the wringer at Thanksgiving.

- Jen

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Great Snoozingpug! This is wonderful news. Please be sure when you post your review you do so in two places: (1) an independent thread and (2) a post to the "What is an Aga?" thread. (See link below). This way, your fresh review about a new Aga product won't get "lost" in the omni-Aga thread. OTOH, by posting a duplicate review of the Aga Pro in that thread, it will get included in what I hope is a developing body of knowledge about the Aga family of products in general.

Happy install!

Here is a link that might be useful: What is an Aga Thread

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Hi snoozingpug. I too have been searching on the internet for reviews on anyone who has used or owned the 36" AGA Pro. I have not had much luck. I am very interested in getting this and would love to hear what you think. Would you come back and comment on your new AGA once you have it installed? I will not need to purchase mine until probably Dec. after our addition is completed. I was going for the Bertazzoni but have heard that it feels hot to the touch and releases a lot of heat when being used. I just can't find enough reviews on the AGA. I will be looking for your follow up!

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Hi. I love the looks of this stove - great alternative to stainless. Any news from users?

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bump anyone?

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HELLO....anyone out there who owns an AGA Pro+ duel fuel range? Would like to know their experiences and reliability of product! Also looking at the Bluestar ranges too! Thanks!

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I have the new AGA PRO dual fuel, it is being installed now. My electrician and gas men could not believe how well made they are.
They are quite heavy. I did buy the cranberry color and I love the look.

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Could you give some quickie feedback -- I am thinking of purchasing in next couple of weeks.....the appliance salesman was trying to convince me bertrazzoni better quality?

I'd especially like some feedback on the oven Energy Saving panel. Does it seem easy to use?

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I also looked at the Bertrazzoni, the Rep for both AGA and Bertrazzoni was at my appliance store the day I was looking and he thought the AGA was a better pick.
We hope to get our CO in the next couple weeks so I could give you more feed back then.

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I finally got the chance to check out the Aga Pro at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show this past weekend. That is one great looking range! Sorry, I can't tell you how it performs. However, as an Aga owner (Aga 6-4), I would think this is a very good product which reflects Aga's attempts to win over a larger segment of the contemporary, North American appliance market. One thing to keep in mind as to salesman opinions -- typically, in terms of what they vouch for, they tend to push what they sell. Or, if you are comparing products and they sell both, they tend to push the product of the manufacturer that is offering the best sales incentives of the month. :-)

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Don't know where you are located, but if you happen to be anywhere near San Francisco there is a working Pro+ at the Miele showroom (Sierra Select) in SOMA. You could go get a hands on experience...

Of course, you probably aren't anywhere near it so it doesn't help.

It seems very well made, for what it is worth, and the panel thing is very cool. FYI the same range appears to be sold as the Rangemaster Professional+ FXP in the UK (the Professional+ FX is the same but without self cleaning). Though I haven't found any, there may be reviews out there of the Rangemaster model.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Rangemaster Version....

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I bit the bullet and bought the AGA Pro and have been using for about 2 months -- its fabulous! Wonderful simmer feature. Haven't tried the Energy Saving Panel to divide the oven yet.

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Hi Rose, I have been using my AGA Pro for about a month, I love it, I am in heaven. I have been using the Energy saving panel and it is great. It was easy to install. I love to bake and its perfect for that, I also like the center burner for large pots.
The only thing that bugs me is the clock, I can`t figure out how to change it to a 12hr clock.

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Just wondering if you ever got your ivory aga pro + installed. I am considering this in ivory because I want a better range. If so can you tell me how you like it & if you could post pictures of your ivory beauty.

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Has anyone done any wok cooking with the AGA Pro? If so, how did it work out? Is a wok ring available, or is one even needed?

I want a 36" range top for more real estate, but didn't like the idea of the 36" wide oven for smaller meals, so had been considering Verona with the split oven.

But the AGA seems to give the best of both worlds, with the ability to reduce the oven size easily.

Thanks in advance!

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Bumping this up... I am in the market for a duel fuel range and could not help but notice the large price savings on Aga vs Viking or Thermador. Any updates from anyone who has the Aga? While I am interested in buying, it is not for me -- it is for a spec house. Do you think high-end buyers will view the Aga as favorably as a Viking? Any other brands that I should consider?

For cost reasons, I am also considering a 36" Thermador gas cooktop with a 36-in. Thermador electric oven under it, or possibly even a 30-in. electric oven under it. In either case, it seems I would need cabinetry 39-in. wide. Has anyone done this, and if so, was it difficult to install both pieces in the same cabinet?


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Just wanted to follow up with any AGA Pro+ users to see how they are liking their range - still haven't seen a ton of reviews out there for the 36" range but we're seriously considering it for our new kitchen - can anyone provide some feedback of their experiences? Also, does anyone have the SS? None of the color versions will really go with our kitchen (except maybe the white, but I'm a little hesitant to go there), but the concern I have with the SS is that the cooktop surface is also SS, which I've heard is really difficult to clean (on other brands, again, I haven't heard much about this AGA mode).


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We installed an AGA Pro+ in our recent kitchen renovation and love it so far (although it's only been about 5 months).

We don't make much use of the oven divider. We tried it a couple of times and it's interesting, but we've ended up just leaving it out and using the full-width oven most of the time. Plus reading reviews of people who say they cracked the door glass made me a bit scared to be taking it out and putting it in too often.

There is some sort of safety device on the burners, to where you have to hold them on a little bit (couple seconds longer than you might initially think) before letting the sparker go, otherwise they turn off. This took a little getting used to, and at first we felt like idiots who could never get a burner lit, but now it's second nature.

Our only real complaint with the oven is that while it's very generously wide, it's not very deep. A few our or large cookie sheets no longer fit in it. Not a big deal, but definitely an issue we ran into. Anything deeper than about 13" is a tough fit.

Overall, great range. Love the dual fuel. Love the look of it. Would definitely buy again.

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Oh, and we got the stainless steel model, with the stainless steel top. Haven't had any issues cleaning it. We've had pasta boil over, all sorts of stuff get baked on, and it always comes off without much effort. Hasn't been an issue at all.

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