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lori_inthenw_gwMay 13, 2013

I read on another thread that you had used galvalume for your siding. We are planning on a corrugated (7/8") siding for part of our house and cement board for part. I was wondering if you had any photos of yours to share. We have narrowed it down to a couple of vendors and the specs sound the same, but one seems to have a better price, though they are just ballpark estimates for now, based on square footage and a number thrown in for trim. How accurate were your estimates? I was excited to see your post, because I'm not sure I've ever seen any galvalume siding on here! Did you use the corrugated version (1/2")? or another pattern? How's it holding up? We are aiming for a low-maintenance retirement home, so metal and Hardi are part of the plan. Looking at aepspan and metalsales products.

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I use a concealed fastener panel from Fabral (Silhouette HCF). It's got a 7/8" corrugation, 4" pitch. The estimate was very close to the final price (with 5%).

Attached a two pictures that show some of the details.

I don't know how it's holding up because it's brand new (not 100% installed yet). There's a modern home community close by with several houses with galvalume siding that's holding up well but they are also only about 5 years old...

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Wow, I really like that. Contemporary houses are hard to come by on this site, so I'm thrilled to see it. I hope you'll post more images-- those are just teasers! I like that profile you used. We are using the more rounded one, but I really like this one as well. I am also glad to see the narrow trim you were able to get. A lot of the examples I see of metal siding are on commercial buildings and they use much wider trim pieces. This looks really elegant. Please keep updating!

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I'll post more images once the siding is completely installed. The narrow trim is actually not final. It's supposed to be covered by a 3" L trim piece (the narrow pieces are technically not trim, but J-channels as required by the system's instructions).

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Oh, thanks for the clarification. I thought it looked good, but that explains why I haven't seen it in real life examples! (Saved me from asking for something out of ignorance, too...)

I look forward to seeing your house progress. You see very few contemporary designs here, so it is refreshing for me, anyway. I am still considering a couple of different manufacturers and their web sites have pages with a zillion different connectors and trims and flashings, so I have not gotten into that part in any detail. I figure my contractor and architect will get it figured out between them.

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Sophie Wheeler

I'd like to see more of your build. It's interesting. We don't see enough builds on here with a non traditional bent. I like modern and industrial and it appears that you do too.

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jrldh - could you tell me the paint color and sheen you used for your black industrial ceilings. Ive seen many black ceilings, but there seems to be something different about yours! Thanks! I also love modern homes and look forward to your future posts!

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The paint color for the ceiling is just the basic flat black acrylic latex from Home Depot. I'm glad you like it!

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Any progress to show off? I am still running around with my 4 virtually-identical metal siding samples trying to finalize the color choices (we are using the rounded corrugated profile). It is interesting how much the perceived color changes based on light and shadow-- makes it tricky to tell how the final siding will "read," though, since the color samples are flat, not corrugated. I have a mental list of all the buildings in town that use this type of siding, though,which helps some.

Can't wait to see more images of your house! (Where were the ones of your black ceiling? I didn't see them!)

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