Got my pickle ornament!

party_music50November 19, 2012

lol! I've wanted a pickle ornament ever since I first saw one a couple of years ago. I snapped one up when I saw it at the $ store the other day! now to just remember that I have it. :)

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Is there a particular dish that you use to serve with every Christmas? Stow your pickle ornament there and you are sure to find it. Of course, after this Christmas, you'll be able to store the ornament away with your other ornaments.

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Yay, party! Pickle ornament!
Good idea Fun2BHere ...TFSharing! Jeanne S.

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PM, how fun you found a pickle for your tree. If not a dish for now how about with your wrapping paper or bows? If your like me you'll be wrapping present up until Christmas Eve.

I store mine with my other ornaments. I had a couple of purple ones but DD and DGD has them now. I was trying to find enough to decorate a pickle tree for a few years.LOL


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LOL, fun you found the ornament you've wanted, and made me smile about worrying about "losing" it. Many of us here seem to manage to misplace decorations, every holiday! The adult version of Hide & Seek??? LOL.

hugs, Karen

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What's the story behind the pickle ornaments? Never heard that one growing up and I see them every year in stores.

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I've been told that the child who found the pickle on the tree
got an extra present.
When my family gets together on Christmas Eve, everyone brings something to put in a stocking.
Whoever finds the pickle gets the stocking.

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Nana, that's the way I've heard it too. A quick Google
search would bring up several articles on this I'm sure.
I like the idea of everyone bringing a gift for the stocking
and who ever finds the pickle is rewarded with the stocking.
We don't have a special gift for who ever finds
the pickle any more. It's just about hving fun
finding them in the tree.


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Thank you all for the 'good pickle' wishes. LOL! My excitement would probably make even more sense if you knew how much I LOVE pickles. :)

fun2bhere: that is a great idea! It makes perfect sense to store it w/ my relish dishes where I'll get see it frequently. :)

Jeanne, you didn't say whether you have any pickles! lol!

punk, I use a big old liquor box (with sections!) to store my ornaments, but that overflowed years ago. Then my next smaller box overflowed. My more recent ornament purchases have come self-boxed or tubed, so they take care of themselves. But that makes me think that I *could* put the pickle in my santa sleigh! I always put out the sleigh full of tiny wrapped 'gifts'... anyone who comments on it gets to choose a gift from the sleigh. It would be protected and never missed if I stored it there. :)

PM, you know that I don't decorate anything like the extent that you all do, and I've been suffering from that "forgot or lost the holiday decorations" syndrome for a couple of years already. :( It's only because I don't have the space, or haven't taken time to organize, so that everything is "together"!

rafor, I'm the same as you... never heard of the pickle until recent years...

nana, thank you for explaining! Your stocking idea is great! -- but I don't get the right size gathering for that to work. I think my sleigh will be full of gifts to be chosen by whoever comments on my pickle this year. LOL!

So, punk, do you really try to HIDE the gorgeous pickle by burying it deep in the tree branches at the back, or something?! that seems like such a shame.... Mine will probably be displayed prominently at the front of the tree.

Did I mention that I *LOVE* pickles?! :O)

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LOL, party! I don't have any pickles...well, I do have pickles but they're the fridge kind!! I've never heard of 'pickles' as ornaments that's new to me the last couple yrs when they've been shared around here on the forum.

Your sleigh idea sounds like fun! Enjoy the holidays, party! TFS! Jeanne S.

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