Share pics of your favorite past Christmas decor ideas?

igloochicNovember 5, 2010

When I mentioned in another forum that I had four trees up already someone told me I belong here lol. I just put up the fifth and hope to get number six by the end of the day. I'm doing this all early because we are opening the house up for a victorian home tour dec 4th.

But so far they are just bare trees and I need to think of some creative ideas for a few of them.

In my sons room we have a thin tree which will have old bubble lights and probably Thomas wooden trains on as well as candy canes. Stuff he won't break. In our bedroom I am using vintage and antique glass ornaments but haven't developed the idea beyond that. In the servants old quarters I'm doing a home spun tree and featuring a bunch of tiny antique bottles that are being dug out of our cistern now. The big parlor woill be a radio tree and the dining room tree is still up for grabs.

I need to do all kinds of other areas....four elaborate mantels, lots of windows etc so I'd love to start an inspiration thread if any of you will share wonderful ideas?

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Really looking forward to pics of your wonderful home all decorated for Christmas!

One of my fav trees seen on the net is Cindy's at My Romantic Home blog. She used blue and white dishes and silver and it's just darling IMO. I tried to do something similar 2 years ago but my tree branches didn't hold them. Her tree must be a lot stiffer than mine. If you have a lot of china teacups/saucers you could use them and they wouldn't have to be any one particular color. Good for a dining room.

Have you ever done a candy tree? Just google for lots of images. Many people do them for their kitchens or breakfast rooms.

Another idea might be a tree decorated with shell ornaments and perhaps nautical things. Since you live near the ocean it might be appropriate. One year I made a bunch of shell ornaments which were very easy. I found many ideas on the net. The ones I hung with iridescent ribbon were the prettiest as it echoed the iridescence of the shells.

I don't have a lot of Christmas pics on this computer but will look thru my memory stick.

Here is a link that might be useful: dishes on Christmas tree

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OK, can't decide which pics of the 500+ you might be interested in! If I knew what styles you like I might be able to sort out a few and post. However I'll post the link to a site where I stored some other inspirational pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas decor album

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Lol I like everything, but given it's a Victorian homes tour I will stick to being somewhat traditional, lots of sparkle and glass.

I love that blog. I have quite a bit of silver including some huge trays so I a, going to pull those out and copy her a little :).

I love the plates, but they appear to be resting on the branches which tells me that she does not have a five year old red headed devil running around her trees :).

I do have 40 plus china tea cups though.....that would be a fun theme on the dining room tree. With lots of white lights and silver...crystals....ok now you have me thinking lol


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Don't forget stockings on the mantel. You can buy some inexpensive "Victorian" style stockings in the stores which are really nice. I bought some from Walmart the other day, of all places. I couldn't believe how pretty they are!

This year I'm doing all silver stockings with a white garland for the mantel.

Would someone tell me where I can get the "snow" in the Romantic Home blog, where there are silver balls in the apothecary jar, close to the top of the page? I want to do that for my kitchen this year.

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I can't wait to see pictures of your home when you are finished. It will be gorgeous. Is this the first year or doing a tour? What alot of work. Good you are doing it now.

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Don't forget Karen's albums....
They always have wonderful ideas.
She is wonderful about doing the work to set these all up for us!!

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Picking up luckygal's nautical idea, I saw a Ralph Lauren (I think) tree in a book that was nothing but scallop shell lights, no other decorations. It was absolutely gorgeous. The Christmas Tree Shops, if you have those in your area, sell the lights pretty cheaply.

If you want crystals, haunt yard sales and thrift shops for old crystal chandeliers. You can take them apart to use for ornaments.

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Oakleyok - that snow might be Epsom salts. I've used that trick before in large glass jars and it looks wonderful. Also looks good in a large bowl holding fat white candles.


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Well, this looks kind of tacky compared to the beautiful albums shown here, but here's my idea I shared last Christmas.
You could use any kind of stick-on bows..makes an easy peasy wreath. Please excuse camera flash..

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Wendy, I remember your wreath. Thought that was a very pretty and creative idea! I recently saw some really pretty bows at DT that might work for one and the cost would only be $10 to $12 depending on how big you wanted the wreath to be.

Igloochick, I'm glad you came over here, I can't wait to see pics of your home all decorated for the home tour! Hope you find just the perfect ideas for decorating all of them.


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Four trees up and ready to decorate. Sounds like you have fun times ahead. I hope you will come back and share pictures with us. I would love to see your dining room tree decorated with Gingers or something kitchen related.


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