Kenmore Elite vs Bosch Dishwashers

nerdyshopperJune 29, 2014

I have read that the Sears Kenmore Elite is made by Bosch. The cost of them is close to the new 800 plus Bosch line too. What is different is that they lack a third shelf and they have a weird sprayarm/jet combination that looks nothing like the Bosches that I have seen. Anyone know how they compare in performance?

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"Kenmore by Bosch" dishwashers were sold years ago. Whirlpool makes the Kenmore dishwashers now.


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Hi Alex, Actually Bosch is making some of the high end Kenmore Elites again. All the internal systems are the same as the Bosch but Sears does have a different spray arm and options.

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Bosch is also making an integrated model for Jenn-Air. A picture of this model can be viewed at Whirlpool Digital Library.

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I saw a complaint that Whirlpool had modified the Kitchenaid dishwashers that they now make to have rotating arms just like Whirlpool washers. Those appear to be the same arms as Sears shows for the Kenmore Elite machine I found there for $1300 dollars. So I think that model was a Whirlpool design. It also had a row of spray heads on the back wall that they gave some fancy name to. Those too may have come from Whirlpool's standard design, but I am not sure.

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The models that start with 022 are Whrilpool built and the models that start with 630 are Bosch built.

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And where would I find such a 630 model? I have looked on and and found nothing - just Whirlpool units.

... few seconds later...

Okay, I went to and there are 630 models. Tons of them, actually! They do look like Bosch models, though - baskets, spray arms and such. Just the control panel is different.

Here is a link that might be useful: User manual

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When looking at the dishwashers on the sales floor you can easily identify the Bosch made and the Whirlpool made by the placement of the detergent dispenser. The current Bosch built have the dispenser near the top center of the door and the Whirlpool has the dispenser to the left side mid door.

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Just redid our kitchen and got the Kenmore Elite 12833 DW. We love it. It is amazingly quiet. Dishes are perfectly clean. We didn't want the 3rd rack for utensils (seemed like a pain in the ass to load), so the Kenmore fit the bill.

We've only had the dishwasher for about a month, so we can't comment on long term reliability. We bought a 5 yr extended service warranty because it was a fairly expensive DW.

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