Interior width of Toto Cast Iron Tubs?????

rantontooJuly 17, 2014

After searching for over an hour, I am hoping someone can help with this information.

What are the basin bottom widths for the Toto (60 inches long) 1515 and 1525? The 1715 is longer; can I assume the same basin bottom width as a 60 inch tub?

Seriously, the Toto website is worthless for finding dimension other than overall length and width for individual tub models! I could only find more measurements from online sellers, and no site had the width of basins at the bottom.

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National Builder Supply always has this info on the spec sheets for the different tubs, I have checked this myself many times, but tonight all I am getting is "bad gateway".

I know they will be happy to give you this info if you call them.

Here is a link that might be useful: NBS link

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Thank you for the link.

I am not sure if I read the spec sheet correctly since people rave about the width of their Toto cast iron tubs. The diagram shows 16.75 inches??? That does not seem "wide" considering Kohler lists basin base widths from 18-22.5 inches.

Big sigh,,,I want a less than 17 inch high (prefer 15-16 inches for in/out safety) flanged alcove cast iron tub with a wide basin at the base and good floor space that is a pleasure to soak AND shower in.

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We have two 1525's and we find them plenty comfortable for showering and for occasional soaks in the tub as well. Yes, it would be nice to have longer tubs, but our bathrooms aren't large enough, so the 1525's work well given our space.

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Thanks for the info on Toto you think the widest part of the basin base is really 16.75 inches?????

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Oh gosh, just saw your question.

Haven't measured it, I can tomorrow if I remember! I will say that the width seems decent. After showering in my parents' uber-narrow guest bathroom tub for the better part of a week a couple of weeks ago, our tubs seem downright spacious!!!!

The only thing I'd really prefer, is a longer tub, but couldn't have one in either bathroom.

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