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rferrucciJuly 26, 2014


We are building an addition in which a master bath will be added. We have worked with a number of different configurations and this is the one we are leaning toward.. but we could really use some help with additional ideas, flaws etc.

If you have any suggestions to improve this plan, please feel free. The cabinet between the toilet and shower would be a linen area. The other option is for that to be a makeup vanity area instead.

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Linen needs to go somewhere. What kind of linen? If it is just towels they could go in the vanity drawers. But I'd take a linen closet over a makeup vanity any day :) You can have a top drawer for your makeup at the sink. But then I never spend more then a few minutes on makeup. I prefer to stand. I have never had the setup to sit down, who knows maybe I'd like it.

Put all drawers in your sink vanity, or if there is a door at the sink, be sure to add pullouts some how. This way it will keep you organized and prevent you from having to crawl on the floor to get those lost things in the back of the vanity cupboard.

Pocket door at the toilet area to recess into the wall on the left tub side. This will open up the toilet and allow access with if someone falls in the toilet room. The way you have it the door would not open. If you want to know how I know this let me know. Can be a frightful situation. Sometimes people go to the toilet when they aren't feeling well and passing out with the door closed could be disastrous. Anyway pocket door on that small room would be perfect.

Looks like you have a window next to the toilet. I know several people who love their windows next to the toilet. Gives them something to look at. My carpenter built his home with his toilet across from a window for this the view.

When I planned my shower I made sure there was access to the rough-ins from the back side of the shower. Can you do that? Dry wall would be an easy fix compared to ripping out tile and fixing.

I don't know much about exhaust fans, but I put 2 in my remodel that joined in the attic to exit the roof as one. My bathroom is 8.5'x 10'. I love the 2 exhaust vents, one at the shower and the other by the toilet. There are lights within each vent as well.

Electric, where will your switches go? You have room near the vanity. What switches will you need? I have a heating light in the ceiling and floor heating. Both of these switches are at one side of my room along with a ceiling light. The other side of the room as another switch to the same ceiling light, a switch for my LED toe kick light, and last, the switch to the exhaust fan. My vanity light is at my vanity along with some outlets. I also put outlets in my vanity to hold my hair dryer. You could put an outlet in your linen closet too if needed. Put an outlet by the toilet in case you get one of those advanced toilet seats (which I love Btw). I have more electrical work in my bathroom for my stacked washer/dryer and ironing station. Just look at your layout carefully for switches and locations for outlets.

The entry door to the bathroom takes up a lot of room too. the area at the latching side looks almost too small to accommodate switches and casework. If you put another pocket door to recess into the vanity wall, you could utilize that larger wall for switches.

The tub may be cramping the vanity, but I am not to sure about tubs. It looks pretty wide at 4 feet. Is it really that wide? and do you need it that wide?

Where will your Heating/AC enter the room? I put a toe kick heating vent in my vanity and am very happy with it. I added a bit of insulation on top of the kit to keep the vanity from getting hot (if I remember correctly, so many details. It could be that I didn't because it wouldn't fit the space).

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Thank you very much for the input! Lots of excellent food for thought- for one, I think we'll definitely change the toilet room and entry doors into pocket walls for the reasons mentioned.

The tub will be a tile surround, so while the tub itself will be about 60" x 42" it would need some extra room for the tile/landing.

Excellent info regarding the electric as well- we definitely want multiple switch locations and the pocket door will help add the needed room for switches right by the entry.

You mentioned a washer/dryer in your bathroom.. how it that working for you? Currently our laundry is in the basement and it is quite a pain - with often forgotten loads. I was kicking around the idea of putting a W/D in the master bath or if it worked, the WIC off the MB. (There will be 2 WIC's in this addition, one off the bedroom the other off the bathroom as shown in the plan).

Thanks again!

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I have a small W/D stacked set, Miele brand. It will work in a 24" deep counter. You can stack or go side by side. They are smaller than most W/D sets. The installation states to situate them at a load bearing wall, if on a wood joist system, so the joist don't bounce. I have had no problem with mine where I located them, next to a load bearing wall. I will include my floor plan and a picture of my laundry area. I love it. It does small loads, but I like to sort and fine tune my laundry so it works for my. I HATE reaching into a large capacity washer and endlessly pull out laundry, lol. It causes me anxiety and hopelessness.
Floor plan about 8.5'x9.5':

Laundry and shower side:

Vanity and toilet side:

Laundry view in real life:

I can break down the lower shelf area to access the dryer vent. There is a false wall at the iron area to get to the water shutoff. Easy to do. I have electrical in that cabinet for my iron and my LED light with infrared auto shutoff when the door is closed :)

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