InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP - which air switch?

dkotovJune 21, 2013

I am not sure which is the best air switch for that disposal and I would also need a stainless color not chrome?

Please share your tips! Thank you!

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You might try, putting in your Insinkerator model.

I just bought my Evolution Pro Insinkerator off Amazon. There are basically two air switches-both insinkerators: a single outlet and a duo outlets for instant hot water faucets. The single outlet ensemble IS came with 3 color buttons: white, chrome and I think satin I think. But IS makes a stainless. Scroll to the bottom of the page and "other items people have bought for this". Don't forget your DW Insinkerator connection. It's all packaged together. Btw, I called Insinkerator about the sink flange, and the CS rep said they are standard sizes which fit all sinks (but none of them are not with the Insinkerator label, yuk). GL.

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Thank you Sparklingwater! I was checking Amazon but I guess I didn't see the stainless one. Good tip!

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How the Pro is different than the other compact one? Thank you!

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I think you can see the satin version on my prep sink. Its plastic with a metal plate stamped over it, not solid. An airswitch can be used to control anything. It just plugs into your outlet, then you plug whatever into it. The plastic tube going to the button serves to transmit air pressure to the outlet which either lets electricity through or not. Really simple, and reliable. I wouldn't stress about the brand, just get one that looks right and fits. Almost all will fit through a standard faucet hole.

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Another (more expensive) option is the LED switch system from InSinkErator's competitor Waste King that I use with my InSinkErator Evolution disposers. Pushing the control (which is sealed) changes the reflectivity at the end of an optical fiber which in turn energizes or shuts off the power to the garbage disposal. There is a 20 second timer included so the shut-off press can be skipped.

Available from various on-line sources, there are a multitude of color combinations available for the control itself. Prices vary from source to source.


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Insinkerator as I recall from CS discussion, don't link the Evolution Pro on their website. She said you must get the information from a plumbing show room or such.

As I was buying on Amazon (rep at Fergusons where I bought my sink and faucet never asked about all this other stuff), I saw the Insinkerator Evolution Essential Pro 3/4 HP GD:

-Multigrind (capable of pototo skins for example)
-Sound Seal 40% more quiet
-Quiet Collar Sink Baffle: noise reducer
-We come to you 6 year warranty (but I think it's now 8 yr)
*Does not include power cord so you must order it

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I have the Evolution 3/4 HP Pro Compact, with the same Waste King fiber optic switch as kaseki. I love that switch. It's meant to be in a narrow hole, so if you have thick stone counters, you may need to have a 3/4" hole drilled, then secure the top of the switch with a little silicone. Do not, however, buy the adaptor that they sell to be used in larger holes. It doesn't work in thick stone. Don't let that scare you off, though. The closed gasket of the fiber optic switch is great.

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Ginny - I know that we've talked about the fiber optic switch before....but when your switch was installed, they did the 3/4" hole and how much of a silicone bead shows between the counter and the switch? I'm still not certain which way we want to go and the idea of having a decent glob of silicone showing around the switch may sway DH toward just an air switch.

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Sorry to take so long to answer, Andrea. We were in a "camp" (cottage) in the Adirondacks for a week. (Where, BTW, I cooked on an older Tappan gas range that made me appreciate my induction cooktop more than ever, and where there was no disposal or dishwasher at all. And the faucet's side spray was missing. That's as rustic as I get.)

In any case, there is no silicone showing around my switch. I had a 1" hole drilled (to accommodate that adaptor that didn't work in granite), but the switch is a little bigger than 1", so my GC managed to glue it on. 3/4" hole would be easier, I think.

I wonder if Waste King has figured out how to put these in granite yet. I think the actual instructions were for a small hole - maybe it was 3/8 or 5/8". The way the instructions read in 2011, it seemed that they were assuming a solid surface counter where you could get a small hole, and if you had an existing 1" hole in that solid surface, then they had the adaptor. But they didn't seem to think about how to put them in 3 cm granite, where it's difficult to drill a small hole. Even 3/4" may be tough. Ask your fabricator how small a hole he can drill.

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"Ask your fabricator how small a hole he can drill." This is a valid question, not because there are no small diamond hole saws, but because some fabricators will not have one small enough because there was no need. This can be especially true of soapstone fabricators who tend to do such work on location, and smaller granite shops that still use cutting tools. Granite fabricators that use CNC water jet cutting can manage small holes in granite without having to use hole saws.


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The fiber optic switch seems quite nice. Question: can it be installed in a tip out false drawer front or does it have to be out on the surface?


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It can surely be installed there. The concern I would have is whether a sufficiently slack fiber configuration could be accomplished to accommodate movement, and whether such a configuration would be sufficient to allow the fiber to tolerate intermittent motion over the long time span one would want the fiber to last. I believe it is a plastic optical fiber, so it will be pretty tolerant of motion, but I doubt that the designers thought about lifetime limits on being moved about multiple times a day instead of just during occasional forays under the sink for faucet or disposal repair.

Certainly the fiber is easy to change at the button end. I don't know whether it is just as easy to change at the controller end. If so, it can be replaced if it is subject to fatigue failure.


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