USB Ports - Only One Working

suziequeFebruary 4, 2014

This is probably a "stupid user" question.

I have a MacBook Pro. I need to use a mouse (yes, I still use an external mouse vs the touch pad) and also headphones (for work calls). Only one of the USB ports seems to work, so I can either have my headphones on and struggle with the touchpad, or use the mouse and have everyone complain about feedback.

It is a brand new machine. Any ideas how I can activate both?


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A brand new machine should be under warranty. Can't you return it?

Or call Apple support?

Or go to an Apple store and be helped by a Genius ?

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Of course I could. Before going that route I thought I'd start by asking the geniuses here.

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That happened to me on my PC desktop. I had a port which either didn't work at all or occasionally worked but would stop and start. I was still under warranty with Dell and they wound up sending someone out who said the port was no good. I remember he had to take the machine apart to put in a new usb.

This was a few years ago but I remember being surprised how much work he had to do to replace one usb port. I could be wrong, but I recall the motherboard being involved. The work was done at my house.

I would call Apple, it isn't an easy fix.


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Thank you, Jane!

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