7500 to 3500 sq ft, UPDATED plan

Jack KennedyMay 17, 2012

Hi everyone. I've taken your feedback into consideration and have re-evaluated our programming needs and created a plan that is based solely on what we need. Exterior is still French Norman. Ive also included a site plan for where the house will be located. It's in the side of a mountain, almost at the top ( don't want to put it on the top) views are south and mainly west and some east. I know I'm forgetting something too.......


Thanks in advance for checking this over.

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Two quick comments.

1) A washroom opening directly into the entry foyer is, um, unusual.

2) A basic layout rule for at least the last century is that you shouldn't have to walk through one room to reach another. Here, to get to the kitchen, you have to walk through the living or dining rooms. Ditto the master bedroom accessed only through the kitchen.

But if it suits you, go right ahead.

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Not an expert, but I think it looks good. Only thing is the laundry mudroom that is the only access to between the dining room and kitchen. Those are usually cluttered areas even for neat people. And could be awkward if you are having a dinner party for people to go through it.

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