Help find American Standard Sink: NJ/NY/DE/MD/VA

s8thrdJuly 22, 2013

A strange request: We think that the American Standard Retrospect sink (and washstand) will work best in our bathroom (we have specific space needs, as well as stylistic), but my wife won't buy it sight unseen. We are in north/central NJ, and, amazingly, have so far been unable to find it on display anywhere in the area. I inquired with AS and they were of no help.

We will shortly be traveling down to VA for a few days. So if anyone happens to know of a store that has this on display in NJ, NYC, DE, MD, or VA, please let me know! (We will be satisfied if we can just see the sink, not the washstand.)

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I'm not sure if you'll be able to find it in a store, but why not just buy it if you think there's a decent chance you will like it?

HD has it for $176 shipped, and if you end up not liking it you can return it to any HD near you no problem.

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We have this sink with the fireclay pedestal base and I LOVE it. The deck is large enough for me to have my hair brush, hair dryer, makeup case, etc. on it without them falling off. We really needed to maximize space and went with a pedestal over a vanity, and the design of this sink gives us almost as much space as we had on our old vanity top.

I don't know if you are near a Lowe's that carries it, but that's where we purchased ours and it was always on display. They do not carry the iron base, but do have the top (and the fireclay base). We actually purchased both pieces together for about $150! I hope you can find one to see in person - it's a great sink!

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Thanks for the responses!

We actually found it yesterday, almost an hour away, but I'm glad we made the trip, because we decided not to get it! We like its apperance and the overall size/shape (we also have a space problem). But my wife didn't like the small bowl (she sometimes rinses out things in the bathroom sink, and we're currently spoiled with a big one), and we didn't like the way it seems to create a crevice in the back between the edging-hump and the wall. We have kids and could just see water accumulating there and mold building up.

(We did check Lowes; they didn't have it. But thanks.)

We seem to have settled on an obscure brand pedestal through a local seller, although it crowds the space a bit more.

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