Is this floor model defect OK

LoPayJune 30, 2013

I got a great deal on a double wall oven because it was a floor model. When I bought it, it was installed in a display so I could only see the front and insides.

When it was delivered, I noticed that the outer frame on one back corner was dented. I called the store right away to report the damage, and will email them with pics tomorrow. Is this type of thing just cosmetic? The other corner is not buckled like the pic.

The store policy is 30 day return. Is it fair for me to ask for a return accommodation beyond that just to make sure everything is OK? Since it is a 220 volt, it isn't like I can plug it in and test it.

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I think it is fair to ask for anything you feel you need, as there is always the chance that they will be accomodating. It they do agree to a longer return period, ask them to send you an email to verify.

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It looks trivial to me from here.

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I agree, trivial, assuming that there's nothing important near the dent (electronics or whatever) that got damaged by the same impact that caused the dent. We just got an 18" Bosch dishwasher for $300 off due to a side dent like that--totally trivial; it's invisible once installed and I'd gladly save $300 for an invisible defect like that (or like yours), any day!

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I agree that it's likely cosmetic. I purchased a Bosch Axxxis washer that was cosmetically damaged for about 50% off. You can always try to negotiate a credit or extended warranty in exchange for the dent. I received both, since the cosmetic damage was on the front of the machine (there was a scratch on the front plastic).

Good luck!

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