48" wolf range/oven. With grill

va123June 30, 2013

I recently redid my kitchen and installed the 48" wolf range with a grill.... I now realize that I am missing the griddle and am determined to change my stove...does anyone know how I can go about selling mine? Iris only a fee months old

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Couldn't you use an overlay griddle? Many actually prefer it. You would retain the flexibility of having the burners when you need them and the overlays are a little bigger. Many here like the Chef King steel griddle(seasons easily, very heavy, slower to heat but holds a lot of heat) and I just bought the Royal uncoated aluminum griddle(lighter weight, same thickness, great heat transfer so very even and turns up and down easily) but haven't been home enough to test it.

It would be tough to sell your range and get what you want for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chef King

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You can try to sell on Craigslist, Ebay would be hard unless you lined up a shipping company in advance, most buyers don't want to go to the trouble, and even then, shipping would be pretty expensive. On Craigslist - it might take some time and you may only get 75% or so of your cost. I would at least try a griddle and see what you think - I picked up the Chef's Design and like it a lot

Here is a link that might be useful: chef's design

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I have a Lodge cast iron griddle and really like it.

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A $50 cast iron griddle is a heck of a lot cheaper solution than a 4K-6K hit on Craigslist when you go to sell a used appliance. You typically get maybe 1/3 -2/5 of the price of the original as a selling price, and that's if it's close to being unused looking. The price keeps going down the older and more used it gets.

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Agree with all of the posters above the selling the range just to get a griddle is basically throwing a lot of money down the toilet when there is a perfectly good alternative with a good griddle that lays over the grill. However, if you are hell bent on having the built-in griddle, is it possible that Wolf could swap it out for you? If so, I imagine that you could save a boatload of money.

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I don't know what the difference is in parts or whether it will fit in the same space, but another option is to check with a dealer to see if they can buy all the parts for the griddle and install it where the grill is. If not , I would check to see if you can have burners installed in place of the grill - it might not be prohibitive when compared to selling this range and buying another one.

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Yeah, I would think you could change out the grill for a griddle on the current model.
I have 4 different range top griddles so knew I would use a built in a lot. I've got the Lodge, Chef King and 2 aluminum ones that I've used for years. The lodge and Chef King are just too heavy for my DW to use and unwieldy to clean. Transferring a stove top griddle w/lots 'o' bacon grease anywhere isn't fun and we've had more than one grease spill to clean up. I used to just leave my stove top griddle on the range whenever possible but on my old range it only left 2 burners open.
I'm not really sure why 'most' people on here are adverse to built in griddles but when I have a house full of guests I relish cooking breakfast on the 'big' griddle and still have 4 burners open for omelets, oatmeal and sausage gravy.
Sandwich melts, bangers, hash browns, veggies, ham steaks, burgers etc.. all go on the griddle. I even have rings to make eggs fit the english muffins and can do a dozen at a time. Clean up is a no brainer too, I would never go back to a stove top griddle regardless of the 'metallurgy'. It all comes down to how you cook, seems we're all a bit different, heck I use a cleaver to chop veggies (just 'cause I can) :)

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