Decorating Flower Boxes for Christmas

rose_is_a_roseNovember 5, 2006

Hi everyone... I have a flower box that runs along the front on my house for 16 feet. For xmas last year we bought some garland with lights on it and it looks very nice but I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for things I can put in it just to add to the display a bit??


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A pretty window box decoration is: Place evergreen boughs/branches that have been sprayed with dessicant attractively around the box, fill in with pine cones, red berries, mosses and/or lichens. Your lights would probably be very pretty around the outside of the box.

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I was wondering how large your space is in width. I would start with a lighted pine garland (the one with branches)and drape that around the outside of the box. I would then put a 3 36" lighted wreaths in the box. I would decorate the wreaths with a large bow, pine cones, and berries (makes it look better during the daytime). Between the wreaths I would place lighted grapevine balls. If your space is large enough you could use lighted topiaries or animal shapes. I would select them in either green or grapevine, not the metal ones.

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Both ideas sound great. I would also go with the greenery, either real or faux and then red and white berries to brighten it. They have those larger Xmas balls out these days also, they are either plastic or glass. I think those would look great in there also. Check Walmart or wherever.


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Here is a pic of my kitchen shutter shelf decorated for Christmas. That is three different types of real greenery I got off trees in the woods, real red berries (look like pip berries) and bright white statice. Check out those larger paper mache' reindeer, you could paint them and then seal them real good for outdoors. Or maybe greenery and the larger Christmas ball ornaments they have out now. They are either plastic or glass. Try some two foot faux Christmas trees also and your lights. I think that would look real pretty all lit up.


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