tub with low side???

beth1954July 11, 2010

My mother is determined to get a certain kind of tub that I'm not sure even exists. She wants a standard sized tub that has the side cut very low so that she can step in it easier. She thinks they make them that way. I can't find any on the internet. We can't afford the nice "walk-in" tubs, so that's not an option. She believes that even though the side is cut down low, that in a shower, it will not go over that side and make the floor wet.

Any ideas? Money is definately an issue as well.

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You will have a tough time finding this low side wall tub with out paying top dollar. Your Mom is used to all the old tubs of the early 50's and 60's.

They where about 30" wide and had low sides because most homes had small 40 gallon max hot water tanks. These tubs are easier for elderly people to step in and out of and easier still for Dad and Mom to bathe the little ones after supper.

I would suggest you look at your salvage yards for this "Old School" look. My town is full of them and most times they sadly make there way to the dump.

My Nana's is Green....

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Oceania Baths make a couple of easy step over tubs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oceania Baths - Estime Collection

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The corrolary to a low tub is that the water level is very shallow and poor for actual bathing. Yes, it's OK for showering, but you're not really gaining any utility for bathing with such a tub. Why not just replace the tub with a shower? If you're at the project level of replacing a bath tub, you'll also have to replace the walls/waterproofing as well, so you're already not doing a small project. If she'd actually prefer a shower only setup, this is the time to do it.

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Would it be an option to build a step with a handrail for her in front of the tub?

I agree that a shower with a bench and handrails might be a good option at this time.

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Thanks for all your ideas! Much appreciated. I also think it would be a good time to just remove the tub and put in a stand up shower. Nothing fance, but just a shower. She will not be using it as a tub because she doesn't have the strength to get up and down. The tub she has is a "garden tub" in a mobile home. If you are familiar with them, they are a big pain. There is one step to go up, and then you have to step pretty far down. She has been stepping over the step to get in. She did not like the shower bench and it didn't fit well because of the sides of the tub. The tub is rectangle shape, but inside the tub it's oval. I will look into the Oceania tubs. THANKS AGAIN!!

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The Kohler Villager is a cast iron tub with only a 14 inch deep basin. It might be worthwhile taking a look at it.

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We're also considering a renovation of an upstairs bathroom. And I'm also looking for a low step over height tub. We never use a tub. Always shower. But the reason I want a tub and not just change over the tub to a shower is that many real estate folks recc. having at least one tub in a house. If we sell our home in the future, it could be to a family with babies or very young children. They would want a bath to bathe their kids. But they would not need a deep tub for that. Just a guess, but a 10-12" tall bathtub would probably work fine for them.

With more and more people going to showers over bathtubs, you would think the mfgs. would be offering a very low height bathtub for situations just like this. But that doesn't seem to be the case. I called Kohler/Sterling and American Standard. They do not offer anything less than a 14" height bathtub.

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