It's May 2014, how is your build - Part II?

aries61May 10, 2014

Had to start part II

Here is a link that might be useful: It's May 2014, how is your build - Part I?

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aries...I never received a detailed order down to the written spec. I signed off on the cabinets but it wasn't broken down like that. I signed off on the design and then the written part was doorstyle, color and full overlay nothing about butt or stile and not individual cabinets. We never ever once talked about center stiles (or mixing for that matter) except that when I ordered built ins for the fireplace it was said that if I go larger than 36" I'd have to have one and he knew I didn't want one so we stuck with 36".

To me, it doesn't make sense that in the kitchen 4 would be butt and 1 would be stile. I really think it was either a mistake in his entering the order or a mistake at the factory. I never asked for a stile. We shall see how it shakes out but it may be a moot point by now anyhow.

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Hi All,
I have been lurking on this site for over a year and have greatly enjoyed watching all of your building progress...both the good and not so good! I have learned so much from just reading. After almost two years of planning we are finally ready to get started on our forever home a week from Monday! I am so excited to join your ranks.

We are building in Central PA, in what us locals refer to as Happy Valley. Our home will be 3500sq ft above ground with a full walk out basement that will have an additional 1000sq ft finished. I will try to post our plans but need to figure out how to do that first!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Valley, I like that!

Autumn, my cabinet process was similar to yours right down to selecting shorter built ins to avoid the stile. I did opt to save a little in the laundry room with stiles but that was it. It was made very clear to me what my choices where and I also did not receive a cabinet by cabinet list but a drawing rather. I wonder if yours is a mistake?

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Here is my attempt to post our plans and an image of our inspiration home to give you a feel of what we are planning to build (hopefully it will work as I am not tech savvy!). The majority of the siding will be dark gray cedar shakes, lots of white trim including paneling around front window bumpout, and stone under the porch and around the home at the water table level. The stone will be a mix of Pennsylvania ledge stone and fieldstone which combines light grays, dark grays and dark brown.

Inspiration Home
From Home Building Photos From Home Building Photos

From Home Building Photos

From Home Building Photos

From Home Building Photos

From Home Building Photos

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I am not big fan of stiles especially in the kitchen. We had these in the apartment we were renting during he build process and having used them recently I am in the camp of trying to see if they can change it. To me it looks like KD mistake or the company mistake. The doors having a slight gap and the the others not having any also makes me think a mistake.

Either way see what the KD says before you decide to keep it. I do understand wanting to be done part.
The Kitchen looks great otherwise.

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Counting the days. Hardwood floors received their final finishing on Saturday. Cleaning occurs on Monday. We do our walk-through and punch list on Tuesday evening. Movers are moving our furniture on Wednesday morning. Closing on our current home is Thursday at noon, followed by closing on new home.

We have spent the past two days packing and moving boxes into the garage and basement of the new home. And we're still not done! Thank goodness it's only 7 minutes away! Made a trip to Goodwill today. I can't believe I was holding onto jumpers I wore in my job at our local middle school in the 90's.

I've realized that there is no way everything will get done unless I take Tuesday off from work. DHs organizational skills went down the drain after he had a stroke in 2009. Why did I wait so long to begin packing?

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welcome happyvalley! I like your inspiration pic and colors.

mfatt-Because it's 1 of the 5 I feel like it has to be a mistake. It makes no sense to me. We looked at them when we received them but more for size and door style - I didn't unwrap them all to keep them protected and honestly that would have been the last issue I'd have looked for since stile wasn't even something I had been pondering. It was no stile from the beginning because I didn't want to fight with that chunk of wood in the way and continue to bang dishes into it, etc.. :( I sent off an email just now, we'll see what the KD says. I honestly would really be okay with them cutting it if they could do it cleanly. DH is having a conniption at just the thought of that. Great. I think I'd never give it another thought and no one would see it anyhow. Thanks for chiming in that your experience and sign off was similar. Maybe I should have asked to see the order but I trusted it was good. No one is perfect, we'll see what he says before I get all feisty, lol!

akshars-yeah, have really wonky uppers in our rental too. They are single cabs (so no double with doors opening toward each other) but with really big doors that are awkward and will hit you in the head of you don't watch it as they protrude way too far. I hope they can easily remedy it. If not I keep telling myself I do have a lot of drawers and I *could* put my casserole dishes in there too, right underneath that upper. Yes it's totally a different look so I think so too. I don't mind the look but I hate the stile so therefore - butt doors. Dh says get doors that butt up to make them match and keep the stile. UGH. If we have to take the crown down I'm going to want new if it gets damage in removal. Don' Are you settled? Kiddos too? I think adjusting to full time will be easier once we have moved and baseball has wrapped up. Crossing fingers anyhow.

nhbaskets-wow. Another one on the brink of completion! Yay! DH keeps telling me to pack but I don't feel like it nor have I had time. I bet I'll be saying the very same thing you are to myself in a couple weeks. We are close too - 4 miles so I keep thinking even if it's pack it up and move it over to the room it belongs in it won't be so bad right? We have a storage unit with most of our stuff in it anyhow. What we have here in the rental is what we are actually using so not so bad.

Hope everyone had a great day. The weather here was unbelievably awesome. :)

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Oh I forgot, so mixing pulls - anyone?

I had an idea to incorporate a cup pull (just one, lol!) to make dh happy and because I *think* it will look set apart from the other uppers. Anyhow - on the cabinet down to the counter I could use a cup pull on that one drawer and then maybe knobs on the doors there and then the regular pulls everywhere else, what do you think?

Here is that wall but remember the island will be there so you won't see any of those lower cabs unless you are on the other side of the island. KD's drawing:

We are also planning on 1 larger pull for the larger drawers and the 3" for the doors.

Here are 2 I am considering:
Amerock Revitalize

Hickory Greenwich

I should say I think dh probably won't like that idea (mixing) but I kind of do. I think it could set it apart as more of a hutch furniture-ish piece. Thoughts? What are you all doing?

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I read about the hickory hill pulls just a few days ago...isn't that a strange coincidence?

EDIT: Yes, I realize this does not help you or answer your question in any way. Sorry about that. On the cabinet pulls, tell DH that if he will allow the stile to be removed and just get new doors, you will use cup pulls. It'd be easier to get used to cup pulls than the stile being in the way. Ha.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hickory Hill Greenwich

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They should be able to cut that stile out without any problems. A little sanding and touch up paint.

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Happyvalleyhome, I love your inspiration home and plans. Looks like we're looking to build very similar homes.

As for us, we received our architects revised plans and have decided to go back to the drawing board. The home is too large, too complicated, and not what we are looking for. We're going to scrap all the shed dormers (wah) and return to more of a traditional two story plan. Designing a home is frustrating.

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jdez - I will check out that thread - thanks. Ugh on the all cup pulls, I really do think they would drive me MORE nuts. Eek. edit:Just read it and I had found that one just last week also. :) I actually bought a couple to sample and they do feel good in the hand. DH is okay with them but I wanted to check that other one in person also. The Greenwich are transitional I think but could lean modern and we aren't going for modern so I just want to be sure!

robyn-thanks! I hope so and I hope THEY will do it. Then both DH and I are removed from more DIY and the possibility of wrecking it. ;)

michelle-oh no. That is so very frustrating but I think you are so wise to stop and start over instead of just forging ahead to just get started already. There are a couple of things that I wish we had pondered more but rush rush rush. :/

Excavator is supposed to come today to add more dirt where we need it but the forecast is T-storms. Hmmm.

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Autumn...I like the amererock pull better as it looks a little more natural with your transitional space. The hickory pull looks very modern IMHO. I think you can definately mix my current kitchen we have orb knobs on all cabinets except the island which has glass knobs. Everyone (ie my mom thought I was crazy to do this) but when they saw it done thought it looked really great and set that island apart as a furniture piece.

Michelle...I feel for you:-( It took us 4 plans and 3 builders (one tried to jack the price of the land he owned at the last minute, one wasted 9 mths of our time with two plans 100's of thousand $$ over our budget even after we sat down and scraped our first plan and asked for him to help us find somthing that would be within our budget!) to get it right...I finally found a builder that 1. Listened to me when I told him that we had a budget. 2. Let me design the plan myself as I was tired of wasting time on totally redesigning others plans. Good luck...I have learned that building a home is all about a lot of patience (and wine) and we haven't even gotten to the build part!

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Good Morning!

Another week starting with more things to remedy. Every time I think we are moving along at a nice pace, something happens to set us back. Sometimes I feel like we'll never move in. :-)

Our latest problem is the carpenters ran out of beam material Saturday. And, I mean, we are really short on how much is needed to finish the family room ceiling. It wouldn't be so bad if we could just go buy it and they could install it. But, it means after we buy it, it has to be stained and poly applied and sanded and more poly applied. Ugghhh. And, that's if we can get the painter out here to finish it quickly. DH is already staining 12 sheets of plywood for the closet systems. That's a big job. If we can get the beam material and painter out here, I'd like them to take over the closet material, too. But, convincing DH of that might be impossible as he thinks he can get it done quicker. I would much rather he spend his time installing cabinet doors, slides, and drawer fronts.

Here are a couple update pictures.

First coat of paint (and a few places two coats) on siding. Can't wait to see how the bronze trim color will look around the windows and doors.

The kitchen cabinets and island got installed. Whew! Just in time for the granite guy coming this morning to template. I'm really happy with how our kitchen is turning out. I'm so proud of DH making all of this!

The carpenters put the crown around the cabinets on Saturday. The mahogany crown was a Craig's List find last year. DH put some of the doors up yesterday to see if they were going to fit. He was so anxious about them fitting after all the twisting and turning they did to install the cabinets. But, they turned out really nice! He'll make some final adjustments after all are installed. Those small upper cabinets will have glass in the doors.

Carpenters installed our porch ceiling.

And, they worked on the beams until they ran out of material.

This was the only beam they could make coming down on the slant. We made some adjustments to what we originally thought we'd do. We were going to have something like a coffered vaulted ceiling. But, decided not to do beams connecting the bottoms of the slanted beams. It was just getting to be too heavy and dark to add any more and we like how it should turn out.

Here was our inspiration photo:

Traditional Living Room by Buffalo Architects & Designers Murphy & Co. Design

We also re-inventoried and checked all our lighting fixtures to make sure they survived all their moves in the past year. And, I made a list of bulbs to buy. We bought some bulbs yesterday, but want to shop around for the best price on the LED bulbs we need. I'm not sure if I've shared our lighting fixtures before. I'm so matchy matchy plus I wanted a more classic craftsman feel in the home. All of our lights are from the Feiss American Foursquare Collection. Here is our chandelier in the dining area.

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Hoosierbred, That's so impressive! Great looking cabinets.
Autumn, I feel for you on the balancing act between working and being there for kids events. I swear my whole life until graduation was spent precariously on that balance beam.
Put in the one cup pull for your dh, make him happy. Really, my dh comes up with crazy preferences in areas that are not related to anything he does too. What gives? Like he had a lot to say about my studio flooring, I'm getting wood look vinyl plank flooring because it more closely fit what he envisioned. He will Never, i mean Never be in my studio. sigh.
FWIW, I like the Amerock one better too.

Our painters are out there now taping, caulking, filling, covering our floors. Doing a bit of a happy dance. I want to see paint on the walls. I want to move in....

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hoosier- fabulous cabs!

marji- when is your move in date?- I feel like we are on a similar timeline but not sure. My painters are in the house now too, priming started late last week. Our date as of right now is July 18.

autumn- I was thinking about the cup pull. Ultimately I decided my opinion is if it makes him happy let him have it....who is going to judge your random cup pull????? Sometimes we have to give in a little. ;) Your post about pulls made me realize I haven't given barely any thought to the pulls. And I guess I need pulls in not just the kitchen, lol. There's bathrooms too! And the bar! oh my.

as an off topic house sale update: We got on the MLS 2 weeks ago Friday. And in that time have had right around 14 showings. Two seemed very interested but no offers. so we reduced our price over the weekend. I have one showing scheduled today. I hope the price reduction helps the high number of showings continue.....hopefully with an offer to follow. I'm definitely getting worn out by all the showings and I want to sell pretty quickly at this point.

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I like the Amerock one one also and the other one is a little more modern. I think it is okay to add the cup pull on the hutch. We have Polished nickel know on all uppers and for the hutch we went with crystal/glass knobs on the hutch style cabinet. We have settled in mostly but the master closet is still a mess. We are doing the closet system as diy and it is taking for ever for DH to get around it. Landscaping has started today. We still waiting on painter to come back for touch ups but loosing hope at this point. My Son is settled in the house though he still says he loves the house we sold better.

Hoosier, Your cabs are looking great. Love the beams. Hope you can get painters/stain guys to come back to stain the beams.
Mlweaving, Did the countertop go in the kitchen? I could have missed the post.

To the new comers welcome and enjoy the process.

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Update: so KD ordered correctly (no stile) but missed the error on the acknowledgement. Bummer! Mfg will replace the cabinet but pay no labor. I am worried about the crown. Checking on if they will throw that in or what the cost would be if we needed it.

Re: the lone cup pull...I actually don't mind it above the counter. I think functionally it would be more than fine. We will see what he says about that.

Thanks for the votes in the pulls. My only reservation is the revitalize pull in a larger size is so expensive. As in out of reach. Need to research.

Happy valley-glad you used mixed and it worked out! Good to know.

Hoosiers-kitchen and ceilings look awesome.

Illini-wishes or a fast sale.

Marjorie-love my quietude paint and think I you when I am admiring it. I am loathing the balancing. :(

Just a quick lunch break on my iPhone. I'll be back later.

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Welcome to the newbies! Hope this post isn't discouraging, but I am exhausted beyond belief. So much packing to do and so many little things to get done between now and Friday when we start moving in (plus work, kid sports and school projects, of course!). Our builder has done a great job overall, but they have not been good with the detailed stuff and it seems everyday I come home to something that has to be redone. Some things we give in on and others we just can't. Our hardwoods got the final buffing/clear coat on Friday and, on close inspection, there are areas with lots of little bumps and other areas with visible drips of the poly. I am at the point where I would just leave it, but DH wants it redone. Problem is it takes 2 days between redoing the floors and letting it dry and we just don't have that time! Ugh....

Plus, I noticed orange-rust colored spots on areas of my Carrara marble that I am not happy about. I posted in Kitchens to see if it is normal and it sounds like I need to do some more research to decide what, if anything, to do about it.

All in all, we are happy with how things have turned out, though. Here are a couple of the latest pics.

Kitchen with cabinet doors and hardware on!

Great room with finished floors:

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Mommytoty, I understand. Your house looks wonderful in your pics, but it must be very draining to find all the little things that aren't right. And maybe some of those are big things? Ugh.
I've been so apprehensive about our granite install after reading so very many horror stories here. So today dh goes to the driving range to hot some golf balls then goes out to house to see if driveway guys are there yet- we're going on 8 days of "they'll be there tomorrow", well he called me to say granite truck was there, and he asked me what size opening we need for range. The opening was 3/4" too small, but they cut it onsite-Perfectly!
I ran out there, and I have to say they did a fabulous job.
What's there is perfect, although I had a stomachache just watching them horse some of those slabs on our cabinets.
My apprehension -the white christallo for our island was not in the truck. The installers-there were 6 of them today, Said they didn't bring it because they didn't have enough men on site to lift it. Then they told us it might be 2 weeks until they come back. I'm trying not to have panicky feelings that they broke it. It was one of only two slabs that were blue toned.
Boy will I be glad when this is finished.
Pic is bad iPhone pic of the stone we chose for master bath after they didn't ship our slab of sea pearl to the fabrication center. It really is a pretty stone but colors aren't showing here.

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Mommytoty, your kitchen is beautiful! Since seeing your kitchen, I may be changing my mind about the color of the cabinets in our plans... DH already is rolling his eyes! And we don't even have plans drawn yet! Are your cabinets bright white?

Hoosier - I love the beams in your family room! Beautiful color.

We met with a sales rep from Superior Walls today. My DH is very interested in this type of crawl space/foundation for our build. It is an interesting concept. We went to a build site to see exactly how they look on a current project. It was a 1.5 mil home, so much larger than our build, and very interesting to see. We learned a lot about the process and engineering.

We are still in the process of finding a builder. We would like to build as "green" as our budget allows. We will be meeting with a well-known local "green" builder later this week or next.

We are also looking for an architect and/or draftsman to draw our plans. I am learning from my research that it is much better to take our time now (in the planning stage) to conduct instead of learning along the way. I am reluctant to spend the $$ for an architect, but we do want a well designed home that will be functional as well as beautiful.

I enjoy reading all of the posts in this forum, and enjoy seeing the lovely homes all of you are building.

Thanks to all - have a great evening!

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Hello. I've been painting for days. It is taking soooo long. We really need to just buy a sprayer and be done with it. All of the trim on our house is in BM's Chantilly Lace color matched in a solid stain. Three coats on fascia, soffits and all trim. I'm tired of scrubbing white stain off of me. I'm ready for a different color. (Stomping feet, throwing a fit)....hehehe. On the siding, we are using a solid stain from Behr called Thunderstorm Gray. It is supposed to match Tamko shingles, which we don't have, but anyways, I'm ready to see it. Everybody's homes are looking awesome. I'll try to catch up on GW later. Have a good week everyone!

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Hoosierbred I love the color of the stain you are using for your doors and trim. Can you tell me what brand/color it is? We are also considering a beamed ceiling in our great room, but not sure yet if it's going to be way over our budget. If you don't mind, can you give me an idea of how much the beams are for your build? They're beautiful! We had planned on a totally different plan for several years and have come to realize it is much too large and overpriced at this point in our lives so are looking at a smaller home plan...this also involves a totally different vision for what we want to end up with. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Jdez- this is probably the world's dumbest question but I have to ask. What is the reason for having paint color matched to a stain? Why not use the paint? I've never heard of that before. BTW we are working on our plans right now and I used yours as my inspiration:)

Mommytotty- love your kitchen! Where did you find those pendants on the island? There amazing! ! And what color is the island painted? I'm in kitchen love♡♡

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Still waiting on the architect's drawings. Surprise, surprise.

In my quote gathering process, I am trying to find the product we'll use for our soffits. We want "cedar" soffits, and the ceiling of the porch. But I don't want to be re-staining it every summer. I found Certainteed makes a fibre cement siding with cedar "stain". They also offer a soffit product in the same material and colour. Last fall, when I was trying to decide on colours for our first round of permits, I saw a sample of this stuff at a local building center. I looked them up and found their local distributor. I went in to visit them, and being a wholesaler, they wouldn't give me pricing, but they gave me a colour sample deck. They also tried to deter me from getting Certainteed, claiming that Hardie was a better seller. Hardie doesn't come in a faux wood look. Whatever.

Now that I'm trying to get quotes from siding companies, nobody can find this Certainteed stuff. They are suggesting a metal product which is about 4-6 times the price. I tried calling the building center to get a quote. They didn't call me back. I was in the building center today, and had the contractor desk call the distributor. I had this conversation through the building center contractor desk manager.

Distributor: It's a special order.
Me: That's okay, I don't need it immediately.
Distributor: We won't bring in single boards, full boxes only.
Me: I'm building a house, I'm sure I'll need at least a few boxes.
Distributor: Actually, we won't sell it by the box, we can only bring in a forklift pallet load.
Me: How much is that?
Distributor: More than you need.
Me: Let me be the judge of that, how much is in a pallet?
Distributor: Too much. You should consider Hardie board.

ARGH!!! The distributor is basically REFUSING to sell me this product in favour of an inferior competitor's product.

So I went back to the Certainteed website with the intention of calling them and letting them know their distributor was actively preventing people from acquiring their product. The distributor that was listed last fall is no longer listed as a distributor, there's now a new local distributor. Gee, I wonder why? I called the new distributor, and they were SOOO helpful. Yes, they can get it in. The smallest bundle I can get is a box of 16 boards. It also comes in pallets of 188 boards. Yeah, okay, that's too much. So now I need to go back to the building center and tell them about the new distributor and get a price.

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Autumn, I forgot to mention, I LOVE my cup pulls. I was a little hesitant at first. I thought I would hate having to pull from the bottom, especially on the lower drawers. But I bit the bullet and got them because I liked the look, and I've never felt the lower drawers to be awkward.

The only spot where it's awkward is on a door. All my lower cabinets, save one, are pull-outs. There's one on the end of the island that's only 12" deep to make for more room for stools. But it's next to 2 other cabinets with pull outs. So to make it look right, they all have pulls on them in the center. It's kind of weird to open that one door from a pull in the center. It's also weird, though, because the KD insisted it should be a door that opens on the right, so you can access it when someone is pulling open one of the cabinets to the left. But in reality, that never happens. It just feels awkward to have to move to the right of the island to access that cabinet. :( Meh, one of 2 "mistakes" I made in this kitchen, both done at the insistence of the KD. (The other one was the idea of 2 KDs.)

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We just got our cypress soffits installed. We found a prefinished product (synergy wood) that has a really bulletproof polyurethane coating on it. The only maintenance might be touching up the poly every 10years. I plan to just put another coat of poly if needed after 7-10yrs when the stucco gets repainted.

If you like the wood look in the soffits, this might be a good option to consider. I was concerned about maintenance in the beginning as well but after speaking with some people in the area, the maintenance is really a non issue, and this is in hot and humid Florida!

We are using this cypress in all the soffits and on around 1,000sq ft of porch/balcony ceilings.Here are some pics of the product installed in the soffit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Synergy wood

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A class action lawsuit was recently settled against Certainteed for their fiber cement siding. It's on my 10 yr old house. Perhaps that is why you are being steered a different direction.

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mrsfireman - Besides the brick that will be on the house, all of our siding and trim is cypress wood except for plywood soffits. We were told that we should use stain instead of paint by my FIL who used to be a painter. I don't know why, I didn't ask, but it costs the same and looks the same so we went with it. So cool that you are using our house for inspiration. We took some of the back porch and added a laundry room but other than that, not too many changes to the original plan. The back porch is still very spacious. We love the layout of the house. If you stay pretty close to the plan and want some numbers for budgeting, I will be glad to share but of course it will reflect pricing in our area of Louisiana.

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Okay, this may be creepy, but, does anyone else see the "face" on the surface of mlweaving_Marji's master bath granite? About 1 foot to the right of the sink, I see the curve of the right side of a face, a couple big dark circles where eyes are, and another dark spot of a mouth.

Maybe I've been looking at slabs too long. ;)

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khinmn92, the stain we used was Zar wood stain. It was a 50-50 mix of the colors Rosewood and Dark Mahogany. Our painter suggested this stain. We purchased it at our Benjamin Moore paint store.

Regarding the cost, that's going to be hard to figure because of all the factors involved. The stain-grade poplar for the ceiling and another very long beam between the family room and kitchen/dining which has not been built yet cost $1050+tax. And, we haven't gotten the price for what we ordered yesterday to complete the ceiling beams. But, we guess it's going to be another $400+tax. Add to that the cost of stain and painter's labor and carpenter's cost to install.

mommytoty, I feel your pain for the finishing delays. I'm so sorry. I hope you come up with remedies that work for you. But, I have to say, I love how your house looks!!!

illinigirl, that's a LOT of showings! I hope you get offers!!! So stressful. I'm glad that part was over for us a year ago.

mlweaving_Marji, seeing paint on the walls . . . light at the end of the tunnel. And, that granite for your master bath is very pretty. That would have gone well in our bathroom! I want to move in, too!

JDez, I bet you are tired of painting. Hang in there!

amberm145, We had to change our exterior material selections three times before we settled on our choices. Either local distributors couldn't get the product or no-one installed products in our area. I hope you find a product that works for you.

Autumn, I'm sorry about that kitchen cabinet. So did you decide to replace it or live with it?

I know what you mean about something being damaged when making the change and if it is worth it. When the granite guy came yesterday and was doing the laser measurement, he discovered that one of the base cabinets was out an inch further on one side. This is one of the cabinets on each side of my cooktop cabinet. The cooktop cabinet juts out 3 inches from the rest of the cabinets. However, the cabinet in question only gave me 2 inches on that side. So, we are going to have the carpenter move it back but now DH says the screw holes might show and we'd have to putty them and doctor up that area. Geeesh!!! Always something!

We had lots of activity down at the house yesterday. Both painters showed up and DH did ask them to stain and poly the closet system plywood. Thank goodness. They finished staining it within a couple of hours. I knew they could do it faster! They might spray the poly today.

DH ordered remaining beam material yesterday and there is a chance it might be ready for pick-up today! Painters said they would gladly stain and poly when it arrives. One painter is here today so far, so that would be good.

They started digging our geothermal yesterday. And, we had the garage door rep come out and he said we do have a factory-finish default. So, looks like the garage doors will be replaced.

ETA: And, I ordered $$$ worth of LED light bulbs on this morning. They had the cheapest price for what we needed.

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oicu812, do you mean this face of a girl with long hair looking to the right?

I see faces in my daughter's ceramic tile in the bathroom all the time. :-)

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Don't worry about the faces in the granite. It's the voices you hear that nobody else does that cause the problems.....

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ok everyone...ENOUGH with the faces in the granite. If they're there I don't want to know about it nor see them. Got it? Good

Now I'm afraid to go out to the house and look at the bath counter, afraid I'll see the face, although I didn't even look for it in the picture here. Not.Going.There

Did drive by the house today, no driveway crew or cement trucks yet. 4 vehicles for painting crew. We didn't even go in, don't want to be in their way.

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Autumn--On mixing hardware, I don't have a pic, but in the master bath, I had bought all cup pulls for the drawers until the cabinets were installed and I realized the top drawer was too narrow for a cup pull given the 3" stiles, so I tried to look for different hardware to replace the cups. Just couldn't find anything I liked better, so I ended up doing a knob on that top drawer (same knob I used for the doors on that vanity) and used the cup pulls for the two drawers below it. I actually think it looks really good :)

AnitaLadyRose--Thanks for the compliments! The cabinets are Sherwin Williams Pure White.

mrsfireman--Thank you!! The pendants are the Corso pendant from Crate & Barrel. The island is painted Benjamin Moore Beach Glass.

Carpet went in yesterday (finishing it up today) and it feels so good to be able to walk around my house barefoot! :)

Closets go in today, tile grouting is being finished up, and cleaning continues, along with lots of punch list items.

Three day countdown!!!!!!

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Marjorie-if it's any consolation I see nothing and I even squinted and everything. I just see a bunch of pretty swirls and colors. :D It is very pretty and wow that cabinet finish - awesome!

mommy-can I get a pic of that with the knob on top? I'd love to see all the different combinations. We have always had only pulls but I am thinking if I do cup pull on that one cabinet I'd probably use knobs above and not pulls. 3 days! Wowee, that is going to fly by!

So why is the 8" pull for the revitalize obnoxiously priced? Ugh. I don't get it. Still searching because if it's truly like $18 a pull that is way out of range as I think I need 17 of them? Not gonna happen!

jdez-I think that stain you are talking about is going to look great. A color but lets the grain through yes?

So...........KD said they are sending a new cabinet and 5' of crown which alleviates any stress of damaging the crown on removal but dh does NOT want to remove the cabinet for fear of damage. The solution - BIL will do it when he comes to help set the remaining cabinet and crown. He helped dh install them in the first place and I am sure has had to deal with much worse. I am chanting 'it's all going to be okay, it's all going to be okay" but inwardly I am nervous that it could end up wrecking something else like the counter that will be installed by then. I really *think* it will be simple? The cabinet is on the end so it should be okay right?

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Jdez- I would really appreciate that, thank you!!! I checked my profile and it says I'm able to receive emails through here so let me know if you have problems sending. I'm in central California so it will be more but my husband is doing most of the work so it will at least giving me a starting point!

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mommytoty, You Kitchen looks amazing. Love the islan color you used. Sorry about the issues with the finish work on some things. We have moved in but still dealing with some issues so I understand your frustration. Hope they can fix to your satisfaction.

mlweaving, Your counter looks great don't stress about it. Hope the island comes faster than you expect and has no issues.

illinigirl, Hope you have quick sale. It is always had to have a house on market if you are living in it.

Hoosierbred, Glad the painters showed up as expected. In regards to the issue with the cabinet being off we had something similar happen and they were able to move with out any issue.

Autumn, Are you doing the 8" inch pull on the cabinet door also? Just curious. I think removing a cabinet and installing should be fine for some one who has done this many times like your brother inlaw. I understand you being nervous though.

jDez, Hope the painting finishes soon.

They are installing the security system and irrigation for landscaping is going in today. Hope to have some grass soon .We still have a couple of inspection issues they need to pass before we are officially done and hope it happens by end of the week.

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thanks for the well wishes everyone- we got an offer last night! I think everyone got what they wanted. Now on to packing, and stressing about getting out of our current house on time, lol. Always something to worry about.

Autumn- crossing fingers for an easy/smooth cabinet replacement. Being on the end sure makes sense for high chance of success. :)

mommytoty- wow, only 3 days. awesome. crazy (crazy good) time. Hope your move goes well!

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Tonight is our last night in our current house. Packing continues and the movers are due in the morning to move furniture into our new home. We will be closing on our current home on Thursday, but the closing on our new home is delayed. We decided to use DH VA benefits to finance our new home. The Development had not been approved by the VA so our lender had to obtain that. We found out yesterday that the file has been sitting at the VA in Ohio unprocessed as they claim they did not have any contact info. I ended up calling our US Senator's office and getting them involved. Thank goodness I did because the VA had not been responding to our lenders repeated calls and emails asking if anything was needed. Still don't know when we will close but we have permission from the builder to move in on Thursday, so we'll only spend one night in a hotel.

Will be so glad to wake up in our new house on Friday morning, even though we'll be squatters for the time being.

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Hoosierbred- love the stain on the cabs and the upper glass cabs.

Exciting times for those of you who are moving in soon. I need this month to be over soon... can't sleep. Mind keeps racing at night thinking about what I did not get done during the day. Got 3 hours of sleep last night and babysat my GD today. Got a really good bid on White Macaubus and honed Virginia Mist for the kitchen... and decided to give my high bidder another chance to bid down because I like her so much.

We were advised to buy the lighting fixtures for the great room at the same time the painters had their scaffolding up, since that is rented by th GC. So, this is coming from Amazon in a couple of days.

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And this... for the window area where a piano will nest.

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Nhbaskets - Congrats on the upcoming move. Regardless of who actually owns the house, I'm sure it will be a slice of heaven to be living in it. We bought our first house with a VA loan. Besides the mile of red tape, we couldn't have bought it otherwise so I'm glad we had it.

Illini - Congrats on selling. That's one less thing to worry about even if it does kick you into hurry up mode.

Akshars - I know what you mean about wanting grass in the yard. Sick of mud at the new house.

Mrsfireman - I will email you in a few minutes. I have to go grab all of my accounting crud to give you any useful info because my brain doesn't retain much of it.

Autumn.4 - DH said yes, the stain allows you to see the wood grain and he said it soaks into the wood instead of sitting on top and it will just fade and shouldn't peel like paint does. Sounds like good news on the cabinet. Don't worry about the process. It shouldn't keep you from moving in and a house isn't a home until it gets it's first scar...just kidding, it will be fine as long as the paint is mixed right. But don't

Mommytoty - 3 days!!! I don't know how you can get any sleep. I'd be bouncing off the walls. ;)

Mlweaving - I never could see the face. I thought I saw a bird but then I couldn't find it again. No worries....

Oicu812 - did you ever figure out a new plan for the bathroom? I hope you've found something that makes you just as happy.

Mushcreek - you made me laugh and my family turned around and stared at me like "Uh oh, she's really lost her mind now"

Hoosier - Everything at your house looks so pretty with all of the stained wood. Y'all have really done a good job.

Vatofl - that wood looks awesome, nice touch.

Amberm - I hate getting quotes. When you finally get in touch with the right person, though, it is always a huge relief. Don't quit until you find out everything you need to know.

AnitaLadyRose - We went with a stock plan and just drew the changes onto our plan ourselves. It worked out perfect with our builder but I wouldn't advise doing this. We just had a lot of trust in our builder and it could have easily been screwed up. So very smart of you to make sure you get everything right before you even start.

Happyvalley - welcome and yes, you need lots of patience and even more

Michelle - Sorry the plan didn't work out but for you to realize and admit that it wasn't for you was the smart thing. Take your time and get what you want.

MFatt - I hope everything is going good for you.

Schicksal - What is up with your luck? I hope you're not a big gambler. I could envision many long nights for you at a Craps It will all work out, though.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. We are still painting. It was DH's turn today; however, because he was off and I had to work. Of course, I painted for 12 hours on Monday and he was more like a real sub and called it quits at 1:30. That figures..... Lol.

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I have been lurking but nothing to post lately. I believe insulation is beginning next.

So excited the Kd is fixing the cabinet! All is right in the world, thatafe Jo sense.

I love that Hasting a foyer light! Fab price too, I goggled first and most sites had it higher.

Faces in the granite, I don't see them either ;)

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illini!!! Yay!!! Yes, on to packing it is. What a thrill!

mommy-okay now I just realized that I asked you for a picture when you said you didn't have one AND you are moving in 3 DAYS! Forgive me, that was a little unreasonable, lol!

akshars-For my 33 and 36" drawer stacks I was thinking 8". For my 18" and 21" - 6" and for the doors I thought I could either go the 3" or the 6". I like the look of one pull per drawer. I am following the 'rule of thirds' I guess. I like the way breezygirls look on her drawers and am using the guide she went by in this thread: Thread on Pull Sizing

mfatt-well I'm glad I'm not alone in missing the images in stone. :) More exciting things will start for you soon, that face is kinda blah but then again it really changes the look of things when you can't see through the walls any longer!

jdez-well I know for SURE the trim paint does match the cabs so if need be I have plenty of that handy.

nhbaskets-the VA, ugh. My dad is a vet and gets the run around quite a bit. Things take so long with them it seems. Enjoy your last night!

So I feel like I will NEVER finish painting. I had to touch up some trim - a few pieces installed after I painted. I taped off the walls and painted the trim, gently pulled tape and some paint came off here and there darn it all! I really hoped to get away with not opening EVERY.SINGLE.COLOR again. :( I sealed our backsplash tile today before install - we'll likely do that this weekend. I'll have to snap a pic of the 'million dollar' alabaster tile, jeez louise. I've seen it all! HVAC finishing up today and tomorrow. Plumber oh plumber where are you???? DH hung some lights - didn't get a pic of those yet but I do like them. :)

Alrighty it's bed time. Have a good one. ;)

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It's very cool to see how fast everyone's progress is. Also like the picture of the fan up there. It looks kind of like a Big Ass Fan (that's the real name of the company).

At home we're held for materials... what fun. I've about given up on the flooring person I was talking to recently because he's just too hard to get in touch with. The first one I talked to was higher cost we'll talk again today and hopefully they can get the shade we want so this huge bottleneck can be cleared.

The front door / sidelight should be on order either today or tomorrow. All the details are settled so it's a matter of someone telling me what the damage will be and then money exchanging hands.

Looked at ceiling planking at a couple of places but I haven't found the right one yet. The bevel on the ones I've seen is too small...

The pantry is starting to go together now. I've been searching for the perfect stain and wood, and think we have it. With any luck this evening I'll be joining a bunch of pieces together, then staining and finishing tomorrow.

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Look at this picture. Does the little piece that goes between the transom and the door get painted the same color as the trim or does it get stained the same wood stain as the door and transom window surround? I'm thinking just stain but our building crew thinks it should be white.

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we made ours match our trim, however that meant stained. The rest of the house trim is all white, but I didn't like the look of the white trim around a stained door so I insisted everything immediately around the door be stained to match, including that little piece you are talking about. The painters said NORMALLY they do it in white though.

In your situation I think i would personally have it stained to match the door/transom. That may be my bias speaking though.

edited to add: I was talking about the interior side of the door- I think my exterior also has white trim around the door like yours. I don't have transoms but I do have sidelites and I will be having the pieces in between the sidelights stained to match.

This post was edited by illinigirl on Wed, May 14, 14 at 10:05

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Well, I'm definitely sleep deprived, so maybe instead of hearing voices I'm seeing faces in granite. ;) Between marathon week of totally redesigning our kitchen, rethinking our tub choices and options, and 3 new client projects at work, I'm really not sure how to turn it all off and sleep.

But....sorry Marji, here's who was looking at me:


Maybe you can name him Rorschach. Now all he needs is backlighting with a couple well-placed red LEDs. ;)

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JDez, I'd say it's normally white. However, the trim is normally the same color as the frame. Since your frame is a different colour than the trim, it's up to you if this is a piece of trim, or a piece of the frame. I'd probably go with white, because that will highlight the transom. I love how you've added your puppy to the mock up. :)

We finally got some new drawings from the architect. Yay! They aren't done, and probably still not enough to get quotes on, but progress. He didn't lay out the mudroom how I asked, which got ME in trouble with DH. DH has insisted on having a spot in the mudroom to store his commuter bike. That's been difficult because the room isn't as "cavernous" as he claims. The whole area is 11'*15', which is bigger than my current kitchen, so it sounds comically large. However, this incorporates the powder room, the laundry room, the only coat closets, and a dog shower. So, I decided to make the dog shower 5.5-6' long. DH can put his bike there when we're not washing a dog. We generally don't bathe the dog in the winter, and he stores the bike in the garage in the summer. He can also use the dog shower for washing his bike in the winter. But the architect ignored my request for a long shower, so there's nowhere to put the bike, and that's MY fault. :/ In the architect's defence, I didn't specify the length of the shower. I told him to put the washer and dryer on the left of the 11' wall, with the shower taking up the rest of the space on the right. He put a closet on the left, reducing the 11' wall to ~8', and left less than 3' for the shower. Even the dog isn't going to fit in that comfortably. The funny thing is, the architect has a bigger dog than we do, so HIS dog wouldn't fit in the dog shower, either. :)

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Vatofl, wood look is very important for the style of the house. However, I'm fighting very hard to have NO maintenance. Our current house has wood window trim, wood decking, wood fence and a wood garage door. All of this needs regular painting/staining. We have vinyl siding, thank goodness, or I'd be adding that to the list of stuff I have to paint. Everyone says it's only required every few years, so no big deal. But between 4-5 things that need to be done every 4-5 years, I'm sanding and painting EVERY summer. We only get a handful of nice weekends, and I spend 2 of them painting. I'm so sick of it. And now, vinyl seems to have a bad rep around here, so I'm losing the low maintenance siding. :( I know I'm going to end up with something that needs maintenance. But I'd rather not default to the maintenance required option for everything.

red-lover, thanks for letting me know about the lawsuit. I'll look into that. If the distributor would have said that, I'd understand. But to just suggest Hardi when I've specifically asked for something with a wood stain, TWICE, is so frustrating.

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amberm--I'm with you on wanting low maintenance. We live in the NW and when we get a nice weekend, the last thing I want to do is maintenance stuff!! So, we have Hardie siding, Azek decking and powder coated aluminum railing. DH is really looking forward to not having to stain the deck!!

Autumn--I got a pic of my master vanity for you :) Any excuse not to pack! ;)

Speaking of not wanting to pack...we've been having such amazing weather that last night instead of packing, we decided to have our first glass of wine on our new deck:

Looking forward to many more sunsets like this:

Our lawn got seeded yesterday too, so landscaping is coming along:

DD's vanity is almost complete:

Rec Room fireplace is finished:

Wet bar is almost finished (rope pulls and compass knobs for nautical look :))

Kitchen island is finished with apron/skirt:

Ok, now off to pack....really....

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Mommytoty, if I pack, can I come live in your house? I love all your finishes.

Hardi is marketed as low maintenance. But the factory finish is only warrantied for 15 years. And different vendors are all saying that it really only lasts 10, then you gotta paint. And once you paint, you're painting every 4 years like anything else. I'd really rather do vinyl. But between the land and build costs we're going to be into this for close to $1m. Nobody around here will but a $1m house with vinyl siding. :( I'm not building to sell, but in the event I have to, I don't want to take a $200k hit for having saved $10k on siding. I got a quote for a new type of vinyl that's molded instead of extruded, so it's thicker and has the look of Hardi, without the install costs or maintenance. But the installer quoted me 50% more than Hardi, when the material price is only 30% more, and install should be half. I asked her about that and never heard back.

DH keeps saying we're doing the deck and front porch in cedar. No. The porch will be concrete, and if we have a deck (the main floor is only 1 step above grade) then it'll be Trex or pressure treated (unpainted).

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mommytoty-Lovely. Fresh and lovely!

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Love seeing all those so close to moving in. How exciting, gives me hope and something to look forward to. This build is EXHAUSTING. The kitchen cabinets have started. I'm so excited to see the vision in my brain take shape. This kitchen is bigger than my current living and dining room (15X25) and I'm excited to finally be able to comfortably entertain guests. I haven't even started thinking about cabinet knobs and pulls, I guess now is the right time.

Also, I ordered my dining room chandelier:

and my entry way light fixture:

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NWHobart- I absolutely love your entry way fixture! Care to share where you got it from? :)

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Jdez- got your email, you are awesome! Thank you so so much.

Mommytotty your house is to die for! Where did you get the rope pulls? Love them too, love your whole house♡

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Absoluely - It is made from recycled wine barrel rings and I ordered it from Wine Country Craftsman on Etsy. They get amazing reviews and I love that I'll be able to tell a story about where I got it from

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy - Wine Country Craftsman

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It can stop raining any time now! What a mudfest we have! After raining off and on yesterday, today it's been 100% rain. And of all days 7 electricians and the 3 geothermal digging crew were here! The garage is full of mud. As best as they tried not to, there is mud inside the house on my hardwoods.

Painters need a dry day to poly the wood. Please stop! :-)

But, all our fixtures are installed! Here is the dining chandelier.

And my wall oven's in.

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mommy-you spoil me, you really do. ;) Thank you for the pic that looks really good together! So I got a little teary when I saw your break for a toast with hubby. It is such a journey and a celebration is definitely in order!

hoosiers-great light!

amberm-I dunno about those cup pulls. I did the test with just one before and it really drove me nuts. Did it take some getting used to or did you get in the groove quite quickly?

I need to pull it together peeps, I am burnt out. I did a bit more touching up tonight and then came home as it's our only night without baseball. I think I need to just go to bed but I suppose I should be even thinking about packing...but I am so not there. Sigh. I think I'll be doing the box it up and drive it over routine and at this point I don't even care and am totally fine with it. Dh on the other hand......would prefer not to do that.

Carpet pad is down! It made quite a difference in buffering sound I think. It doesn't sound so empty. :)

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Amberm, try Nichiha fiber cement products too. They make soffit material and may have what you're looking for.

marji, I didn't see the face either. Try not to look at it the next couple times you walk in the room or that's all you'll see. :O I used to see an old man with a beard in one of my shower tiles in my last house.

mommy, GORGEOUS! Everything is soooo beautiful. Awesome rope pulls, wood countertops, light fixtures. We have so many similar details going on. When I finally get around to posting some photos, you'll see what I mean.

Hoosier, that dark wood trim and ceiling is so rich and yummy looking. Feels so warm and homey.

I'm completely insane and am finishing up bedroom and bathroom renovations at a home we have at a ski/golf resort in Northern Michigan. Everything there is browns, greens, reds, oranges, ORB. And our primary house which we'll begin moving into next weekend is white and light everything, similar to mommy's shown above. So I'm feeling rather bipolar as I shop for finishes, furniture, linens and accessories for two places with two completely different looks. I suppose decorators do this all the time, but I'll be glad when it's over!

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Mommytoty - your home is just beautiful. I hope you will have many happy moments there.

Hoosier - I am very excited to see that your home looks similar to the one we will be building. Would you mind sharing how many sq ft it is? Did you design the home? It is awesome! Thank you for sharing the photos.

I love watching the progress for all of the homes on GW. Dreaming of the day I will see my own dream home become a reality.

In the meantime - I am obtaining an education in housebuilding. We spoke via telephone with our first contractor last night. He was very patient with us and answered all of our questions. I have a printed list of questions that I can refer to when interviewing gc's, so that I don't forget anything. Five more gc's to go before we decide!

Have a great evening!

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Illini and Amberm - thanks for the input on the door. DH and I are not seeing eye to eye on this one. I'm going to houzz to see some examples.

Hoosier - I don't know what your intent was but your house looks like a place that I could go in and kick off my shoes and make myself at home.

Mommy - you've got the cheeriest (is that a word?) bathrooms I have ever seen. So light and airy looking.

Anita - instead of thinking "five more GC's to go", think of it as "one out of the way".

Autumn - Hooray to a night without baseball. Get some rest. C'est tout.

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NWHobart, thanks for that Etsy link. I love some of those fixtures, and much better prices than the other statement fixtures I've seen.

Autumn4, I don't remember ever having an issue. I remember posting on another forum if they were awkward, or if I should use a different style down low. I also remember deciding just to try it, and change them if I hated them. And then I didn't think about it again until I saw your posts. So it must have been natural right away. :P

The comments about packing remind me of helping my late MIL move once. She thought it would be easier to just throw everything into the car/truck/van and put it away at the new place. It was awful. It was not easier for those of us moving her.

jujubean, I had seen Nichiha mentioned here before. But apparently they can't meet demand, so they've gone back to only selling in their home state? At least that's what I thought I read here. But one of the siding companies I am waiting on quotes from lists them as one of their products used, so it might be a possibility.

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amberm-lol - I know I KNOWWWWWWWWWW. But in reality it will be just dh and I doing the moving so I guess I don't really care. I am sick of it and feel like that is just another thing I have to do that is on the big old list of things to do. I also feel like most everything we have here we are using and until I KNOW we are finished with mechanicals and have scheduled the inspection it just doesn't pay to rush around packing when I need to be doing house stuff yet. I'm not sure if that makes any sense but I can't even focus on that yet. I did clean up a stack of papers tonight and start getting our next draw around. :D No boxes filled however. Interesting and wonderful about the pulls for you. I think I am just too, just too anal or set in my ways...or something AND I know that dh would never let me change them so I guess I don't want to take the chance.

jdez-all I saw in your pic was your pooch! I had to go back and read and then read again what you were wanting us to look at. S/he is so cute I couldn't focus. ;) Did you decide? I'm no help there I think you could go either way for sure.

anitalady-good for you making a list! I think that is a great way to do it and to kind of keep everyone on a level playing field as far as your questions and their responses. I think that will help you weigh it all out!

hobart-man I forgot about ETSY. They have some really cool stuff on there. I probably should not start now!

Received the quote on screening the porch - $6500 - are you kidding? Another thing we are now DIYing. I was really looking forward to just paying someone else to do it.

Nighty night all.

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Footings are in as of yesterday, no activity today, I'm assuming they need a day to cure, and/or the walls crew is backed up. Anxious to get to the framing stage but that's likely 3-4 weeks off yet.

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AnitaLadyRose, our home is 2150 sq ft. And, yes, with the help of our DD, DSIL and our son-in-law's brother who is an architect, we designed the home. I never posted our plans on GW. I'm sure we could have gotten lots of comments and help if we wanted to, but, we were happy with our plans so I never bothered. Plus, we had been working on these plans for three years before building. The house has changed a lot since we first began.

JDez, you are more than welcome to kick off your shoes and make yourself at home! I like the part about kicking off your shoes though before coming in. The mud has gotten worse! :-)

jujubean71, all our stained trim and doors was meant to feel homey. I'm glad it comes across like that.

A childhood friend of mine who I hadn't seen for about 15 years met us for lunch yesterday and then came to see our home. She kept ooing and ahhhing about the trim and saying she just wanted to touch it! haha So, I guess that's a good sign!

Autumn, you must be exhausted. I am and I'm retired! I hope you get a little rest.

mommytoty, your home and views are gorgeous!!! I love that you took the time to have a glass a wine on your deck.

I kind of got emotional this afternoon. I was waiting for one of the electricians to hang the chandelier and I didn't want to make another trip down so I decided to sit on the fireplace hearth and watch the guys work. As messy and noisy as it was, I sat there and pictured myself cooking in the kitchen that we designed. Great feeling. Cannot wait. We have not owned a new home for over 40 years when we bought a tiny home in a one-street new development.

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I have some new pics to add today. My neighbor went over and took a ton of pictures. I'm on my phone so these will be in separate posts.

Our basement living area window wells.

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To my surprise my windows were sitting in the garage!!!

    Bookmark   May 15, 2014 at 9:17AM
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More windows.

    Bookmark   May 15, 2014 at 9:20AM
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Our view in the formal Living Room.

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View from the Great Room...

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Nice windows and amazing views Robyn- you will really enjoy those for a lifetime!

Here is a pic of our lockers with the stained benchtop- there was some discussion about that a while ago and yesterday was the first day I could take a pic because they've had the benchtop covered up with whole time to paint around it. The lockers have the first coat of White Dove lacquer in this pic. There's a lot of dust on the bench top, I only wiped off some of it to see the stain better:


I found out that my doors/drawers will be painted in the shop in a temp controlled booth. All along I thought they were going to be painted (laquered) on site. So this makes me happy.

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It looks beautiful Illi!!!

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Well I was quite whiny yesterday...sorry folks.

hoosiers-isn't it so surreal sometimes to sit amongst all that and picture it as 'home'. :)

illini-I love your bench and your white dove. Did I ever say that our bench didn't stain up well so I have to paint it? Anyhow the paint color is too light, more milk chocolate and I wanted semi-sweet. So I am going to have them tint it darker for me and try again. Oy. Yours looks great and I love that curve.

robyn-what is the countdown for you to move there again? It has to be real soon yes?! Your views are spectacular.

Carpet is mid-install. Woohoo! Still no plumber. I tell ya I am moving in on the 23rd and he better be done! I guess I kissed April 4 and April 30 good-bye, lol!

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robyn- gorgeous views. Being born below sea level at the tip of the Mississippi River delta, I can appreciate a beautiful mountain view! We only get to see them when we take a ski trip.

Hoosierbred-awesome dining room chandelier.

AnitaLR- it is a great process to relax into. The times I've felt out of sorts is when I let myself be rushed into things. Enjoy.

So, I went down to the pocket park at the North end of our little lake and took this picture on this perfect day in May. The red roof way down on the right is ours:)

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Here is a fuzzy picture of the neatly completed outdoor fireplace. I set my Galaxy down and got construction foof on the lens- but I am really pleased with the starburst pattern on the hearth, and the way my mason chiseled the arch stones out.

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mommytoty, love your bathrooms and whole house in general. Glad you got to enjoy a moment. Hope the packing is going well now.

Robyn, lovely view and with those windows you can enjoy it. You must be excited to move close to the build.

Autumn, Don't worry we all go through phases with the build. You are almost there. I know what you mean about the cost of screening a porch. I love porches but unfortunately it did not work with the lot (very small lot compared to what every one builds). You can do it after you take small break or after baseball season.

jDez, Hope the painting is going well.

illinigirl, Congratulations on the offer. It is great that you did not have to rent while building and are done with one move. Your bench is looking great. Love the stained top. I wish I had done that for our builtins. I love the white but I can already see how stained is easier to maintain in some places.

Musicgal, wow what beautiful lake picture.

On our front the punch list is down from 20 or so items to about 3 or 4 items. So hopefully we can close on it soon.

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NWHobart- The orb fixture is very nice. I wanted one for over my window bank but couldn't find one I was completely sold on- our architect told us something early on that I took to heart. He said that we didn't "need" to get everything all at once... to use placeholders sometimes and wait for the right pieces to cross our paths gradually. But it is nice when you can find fixtures as lovely as that, right at the outset.

More pics from yesterday's trip to the build site. Upstairs in guest room two... first coat of cachet cream on the wall and Passive by SW on the ceiling. Passive reads sky blueish in a well lit room and grayish in a darker space.

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Here is guest room one. These rooms are for my family when they visit. We also have a flexroom downstairs that we can use as a bedroom.

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Hmnnn... what could that be...? Must have been lying down when I took this pic in the great room.

This post was edited by musicgal on Fri, May 16, 14 at 10:28

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Robyn, I agree that white cabinets let you choose and change bold, fun, cheery paint colors. We are doing white cabs and a dusky aqua paint color�"which can be easily changed when I want something different.

Autumn4, love your master sinks. I wanted to do the same, but lost that fight to DH. Maybe I can work on him. :-)

Mommytoty, so frustrating about the small mistakes that are still so frustrating in a brand new house. I ADORE your kitchen though. Looks like it belongs in a magazine. You did an awesome job. And your floor is so pretty in the pics. I’m sure you’ve said before, but what is the stain?
Such a great pic of clinking glasses on the deck, and your view is amazing!

Autumn4, I would get more quotes on screening in your porch. We did a massive screened in lanai, increasing the patio almost 600 square ft, and we got a wide range of quotes, ended up going with one that was $3500. We are in Florida.

Illinigirl, I love those lockers, and the stained bench. I would be very happy if ours turn out half as nice as yours. :-)

I have been so busy with school stuff. I chaperoned a weeklong trip for high school students to the Florida Keys last week. So fun, but so exhausting too! We are waiting on paint to start today or Monday. Finalized cabinets and paint colors yesterday which was stressful with my perfectionist, indecisive, second-guessing self. But no changing things now.
Will be writing a hefty check for the cabinet upgrades out of pocket and that requires deep breathing and meditation in and of itself. :-) Hopefully will have pics soon but I have been reading and oohing and aahing over everyone's gorgeous pictures!

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musicgal- Your house is coming along so nice!!
I have to ask- you said SW Passive looks sky blue in some bright light?? We will be using Passive in the entire Master area and I choose it because it was a true silvery grey...makes me a little nervous now. we will have grey carpeting, passive walls and SW white flour trim-sure hope it stays grey for us.

we have cement trucks at the house today-they are pouring our front porch and the garage. the basement will be poured next week. the shingles are done, the garage doors are in, and a crew is working on insallation. funny how quiet the inside of the house is now that the wind isnt whipping thru it.

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Carpet is IN! My oh my does it feel ready to live in. The kids immediately took socks off to run around on the fresh carpet. :)

Too bad no running water or kitchen counter but other than that it is about ready and we are too!

skyangel-let the deep breathing begin and continue! How do you want your master sinks that dh does not? Thanks for the screened porch tip! We called 2 places, one came out right away but was very high (14x14 space) and the other was a no show. Boo! I think everyone is so busy right now and that is possibly what is driving prices up too, no one is hurting for work that's for sure.

askshars-that is a very small punch list. Awesome! Are you settled/unpacked?

illini-have you heard of The Basement Store? Supposedly great deals on pulls and the like. It's actually in the basement of a home on 28th Street (west side though between Burlingame and Byron Center) I think I am going to try to scoot in there next week.

michelle-how are plans coming? I think your separate office nook/command central is awesome and I love it's location.

bluemoon-that is a sight for sore eyes! Concrete around here is so backed up from winter. I don't think our porch/approach will be poured until June.

No new pics at this point. DH is off this weekend so we will be doing massive cleaning, some packing, backsplashes in bathrooms...I am sure there are more little things. He is busy putting doors back on today. My OCD self couldn't handle the brown paint of our mudroom benches so back to the paint store to darken it. It is MUCH better but it also means it needs one more coat. I did touch up the main area yesterday also. Getting down to the end and it feels GOOD!

Where did spring go? 30 degrees this morning and a high of 45? Hmm.

edit: Kitchen counter install Tuesday - the countdown is on!

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Fri, May 16, 14 at 13:05

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Hey bluemoon- I was suprised at how the Passive read differently in different areas. It reads bluish in the bedrooms because it is picking up a bit of the reflection off the water... walk out into the hallway and it is a light gray. I was getting ready to fuss at my painters because I thought they had used the Lazy Gray or Morning Fog on the ceiling in there, but it was just light tricks.
You should be fine in a room reinforced by other grays.

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Autumn4 - I can feel the happiness when I read your post. Don't forget, we expect lots of pics on the final reveal.

Bluemoon & Skyangel - So nice to see and/or hear of progress for you.

Musicgal - Your pictures are making me want to take time to go to the lake....BUT....we just can't right now. To much to do and not enough hours in the day.

Akshars - Glad your punch list has shrunken to such a low number of items. I hope they get checked off soon.

Robyn - Great pics and your windows look really nice. I hope we get to see a lot more when you move. Keep your camera charged.

Hoosier - I hope the rain is stopped and the mud is drying. Someone suggested to us to buy some of the cheap artificial grass mats at the big box and cut it to make runners from the entrances to minimize the mud tracks. We haven't done it but it sounds like a good idea.

ZGAnderson - I hope framing starts soon for you. At the beginning, I hated waiting for anything. Now, the more time I have for DIY, the better, so little waiting periods are welcome at this point.

As for us, we are still painting. The thing is, we are trying to paint all the siding and trim that is going to be on the second floor exterior of the house. Once they put the metal roof on, it will be too hard to get up there and paint without renting all types of equipment and being a real PITA. We should have it done by the end of this weekend and hope so since the roof is going on Monday or Tuesday. In other news, I backed into someone at the c-store on my way to work this morning. I don't know if it was lack of sleep or if I was just an idiot this morning but I think I backed up without ever even looking behind me. Just stupid. Oh well....back to work.

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musicgal, do you have Lazy Gray anywhere that you could show pics of? I wrestled between Krypton and Lazy Gray for the masterbath, ultimately choosing Krypton but I wonder if I made a mistake. I wanted a gray-blue, but I'm afraid Krypton will be too blue, and I was afraid Lazy Gray wouldn't have enough blue. I couldn't see any blue really in the chip. Would love to see a pic if you have it. :-)

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I should have a Lazy Gray pic soon... maybe by the end of next week if the painters keep working upstairs. They weren't around yesterday... so maybe they were out enjoying the weather. We have had record breaking lows for May here... high 40s in May to low 70s is pretty unusual.

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We've moved in! Last night we spent our first night in the new house. At 10 pm we were trying to find the right boxes in our garage containing our bedding. The garage has at least 100 boxes but we were successful after about minutes of searching. Today we've had blinds installed, the plumbers, and the Comcast guy has been here for 7 hours. Not much unpacking done today! Glad I have the weekend before going back to work.

Will post pictures once the dust settles.

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I really enjoy seeing progress on everyone's homes. I wish I could keep up with you all and comment more, but I feel like I am treading water in my real life. :)

We are all giddy that summer has come early to Alaska. We have already had several 70 degrees days. We don't usually see that until June.

All our rough-ins are done, insulation is going in this week, next up will be the radiant heat system. Meanwhile, the exterior is being finished up. We are doing board and batten everywhere (battens and bellybands are not up yet). The siding has been primed and painted on all sides and will get a final coat of paint, once it is all up. From Exterior Finishes

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Kjerboo - I LOVE your red house with dark windows. Can't wait to see more pics!

What is your roof pitch? We are early in our planning for a house in northern WI and our house will have a 14:12. Hoping to keep the snow from piling up!

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Thanks, Imccarly. The roof is 15:12, so similar to yours. I look forward to seeing your house too. The pitch is unusual around here and everyone who sees the house in person, comments on the roof. We will probably have to be mindful of sliding snow on warm winter days. Thankfully, all the doors are sheltered. It definitely won't ever need to be shoveled. :)

There are more pictures on our blog. All of the build posts are labeled "Custom Home Build"

Here is a link that might be useful: Solstice Cottage

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baskets -- congrats on moving in! Can't wait to see it all set up. You must be so excited :)

Kjerboo -- that *red* is FABULOUS!!! Love love love!

Autumn -- you should roll around on your carpet in the nekkid, hee hee hee :)

musicgal -- it's looking beautiful. When is the housewarming ;) I'll bring wine.

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nhbaskets-yay! Can't wait for the dust to settle so you can post pics. :)

carson-well, maybe I will. lol!

jdez-you are almost there! You can do it. Umm, my claim to fame has never been driving in reverse so I can't help you there. ;) Typically I struggle in my own driveway though...

Never thought about throwing a color up on the ceilings. We went with ceiling white. I think that was all I could handle at the time. :D

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Autumn -- you should roll around on your carpet in the nekkid, hee hee hee :)

Not when the kids are there, though. That could make for some expensive therapy bills. You got a house to pay for!

We met with the architect today. Pretty standard stuff, except for my interior doors. He has spec'd 36" doors everywhere. 36" doors are special order around here, and a premium cost. All our doors now are 30". So I asked for 32", and the movement of a couple of walls to gain back that 4" in usable space. Fixing that means about an hour of drafting time that we'll have to pay for. It's worth it just on the savings of the doors. But DH doesn't think it's worth it. And he doesn't see the benefit of moving the walls. :(

I also went to my favourite tile store, just to look. Nothing new there, although I did take a closer look at some of the natural stone tiles. I am still trying to come up with the design of the ensuite. I've chosen a "wood" porcelain tile for the floor, so I need something that coordinates with that for the shower floor. They have some marble and travertine options. I had ruled out marble because of stains. But that's when I was thinking of white, like a carrara or calacatta. But they have some browns that might work with the wood.

On the other hand, I got some good news about the shower pan I have been drooling over. Nobody in town has a display model, and the manufacturer won't provide a material sample. I had ruled it out because I won't buy something I can't see first, especially since the local vendor won't take it back if it's not as nice in real life. I've also been struggling with a material for the bench seat, so I gave the local sales rep a call. It turns out a local show room has one on order, and should get it in about 6 weeks. Also, there are a couple of showrooms 3 hours away that have them if I get desperate. I like the storage capability, and the fact that I can have no grout lines without rounded edges. I would build a wall on the back of the seat, so the back storage would be accessible from the toilet room for TP storage. I can then buy a stock glass door from this company that fits the pan. :)

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Remember the olden days when you could sleep late on your days off? Oh, how I miss those days. Why does our DIY list seem to get longer instead of shorter as we go along? Ok, enough whining. Having some coffee before the sun comes up and I have to paint.

Amberm, very cool shower bench.
Carson, your other thread has kept me laughing the last couple of days.
Kjerboo, I love your house. Hope the weather stays nice for you up there.
Nhbaskets, Yay!!! So happy for you. Ready to see pics.

Have a great weekend!

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nhbaskets, Love reading the words "we moved in!" Dust settling? Literally, that may take months and months. Enjoy your new home!

amberm145, I really like your inspiration photo for your shower.

I got photos of our granite slabs they are cutting for the kitchen.

Sierra Ridge for the countertops.

Crema Bordeaux for the island.

They are going to blend very well with the mahogany cabinets. Have no clue what we will use for the backsplash. I'm waiting until these are installed before shopping AGAIN!

Thank goodness the rain stopped for the majority of yesterday. We had a few showers, but this is what we were left with after the electricians and geothermal guys:

What a mess! I broke down boxes most of the day and sorted trash and burn stuff. Then DH and I reorganized the garage and trim materials left, swept, scraped mud, picked up leftover electrical stuff that was thrown everywhere. And, this was just the garage. I started picking up electrical junk in the house and swept piles. Then my back and knee gave out. DH worked several hours after I did.

Painters worked around us all day either putting second coats of paint in bedrooms and laundry room cabinets. And they were able to get trim pieces poly sprayed, sanded, and second coat of poly sprayed. They still have sanding and second coat of poly on the plywood for closets systems. The carpenters should be able to finish all the beams and other items on our punch list today. Then, they can concentrate on closet systems the next time they come.

Heading down to the house to pick up more electrical stuff in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Never ending cleaning.

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Love reading all the good things and learning from the bad things people are posting.Waiting for bid from builder, my husband is on the phone with him now clearing up some questions. We'll be heading out at the end of the month to meet with him and see if or how much we'll need to cut. The builder has met with our neighbors(even the ones who registered concerns with our build with the county-we're building in California) and said they were all nice. He mentioned to the ones with a bench on our property and said they were fine and agreeable about moving it-phew. Was hoping to avoid a confrontation-yeah for our builder! This month has been about getting our house ready to put on the market. We're in southeastern Pa, moving to Phoenix (dh has been working from there for the past year)sometime in the next few months and building in California. Life is one big question mark as to when anything is going to take place-makes it interesting for sure.

We will using a cabinet maker for kitchen, craft room and laundry room. I keep wondering if I'll need a kitchen designer too or will the cabinet maker be able to help with the planning? Anyone ideas on that?

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cz_scrap- I don't know if it's universal but my cabinet maker had a designer on staff who helped me design the layout and style of all the cabinetry in our house. Which was everything- kitchen, bath vanities, laundry, bar, any built ins, etc. We tweaked and retweaked for months before finalizing the design. So she in essence was my kitchen designer although she wasn't licensed as a KD per say (does have a design degree though).

At times we met with the shop manager also for mock ups and options for light rail, baseboards, etc.

good luck and welcome!

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cz scrap- so exciting to be starting the process with your builder. You have some time to leaf through kitchen design books and visit models to get ideas of what you think you might like. You might be able to do it without a kd and save some money for other things OR find a supplier that provides kd service with their product line.

I just got back from making a final stone selection-taken about a year to get to this point. 9k poorer now but I like my 3 slabs. Here is one of them.
Had to edit to add:Hoosier, your slabs are yummy! Just gorgeous.

This post was edited by musicgal on Sat, May 17, 14 at 14:31

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We're still waiting on next revision of plans from architect.

Mommytoty, I love the tile work in dd's bath. Does it go to ceiling height?

And a question for everyone....everyone says not to use marble, but how come if it's so difficult to maintain its on every single light cabinet bathroom on Houzz? I'm confused. And in love with marble. ;). On a side note....there are some seriously ugly bathrooms on Houzz.

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Ok...I've been reading about marble. Here's a great blog post ....very informative. Think I'll consider honed and sealed marble for at least the master bath.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog Post

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Hi Michelle- I think the marble trend is due to the shift in colors away from browns to grays in the popular magazines. White kitchens are coming back into vogue ( they were always around) and the most popular choices or common choices have been an absolute black or brown (uba tuba comes to mind). Marble is beautiful and soft and generous to touch. Also delicate. My stone is white macaubus or calacutta QUARTZITE dependent on the way they slice the stone. Harder than granite and somewhat in the expense range of marble. Not as pretty IMO but much more durable in the long run.

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Michelle, marble is SOOO pretty. But I would say that practical choices don't make it into Houzz's top pages. Anyone can post a pic, but they get put to the top of the list the more other people add them to their ideabooks. So the pretty, trendy stuff gets to the top, and the boring, practical stuff falls to the bottom. :(

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Michelle, that is a great link! Thanks for posting it. I learned a lot! We are considering marble for our MB floors.

Hoosier - what a mess! As long as the work is well done, I imagine its worth it.

Planning two meetings this week with potential GC's.

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Been painting all weekend. Here is a pic of the back porch.

This post was edited by JDez on Mon, May 19, 14 at 7:34

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WE ARE MOVED IN!!! It was a crazy weekend with the move, DD getting sick, school science fair and concert, and baseball games, but we made it!!! I'm just glad I don't have to do this again for a very long time!!!!

mrsfireman--The rope pulls are from Anthropologie. They are great!

illinigirl--Beatiful lockers!

Skyangel--The stain color on our hardwoods is Jacobean.

nhbaskets--Congratulations! Doesn't it feel awesome to finally be HOME! :)

musicgal--Gorgeous slabs!!

Michelle1973--The glass mosaic in DD's bath does not go to the cieling. Her mirror frame meets the crown moulding at the cieling. I was originally going to do a whole wall in her shower in this mosaic, but it was pricey, so I did just her shower niche and vanity backsplash.

The house is still upside down, but I do have a few pics to share:

Great room looking into kitchen (this is our temp couch until our new one arrives; black barstools are temp also):

Kitchen window seat (need to order a bench cushion):

Two new slipcovered chairs:

Deck furniture (all cushions need to be replaced and everything needs to be power washed but our power washer died on us this weekend!):


Looking into pantry from kitchen:

A fun fruit bowl I found at Home Goods:

Love this sheashell pot I found in a little shop--I plan to put some succulents in it :)

Keep up the good work, everyone!!! It is soooooo amazing to be in the home you designed and labored over for so many months. I'll definitely keep up with this board and will post some more pics when we are more settled :))))

Our builder and architect want to have professional pics done of our house so they can put on their websites and have offered to host an open house for us. Said they will pay to have the house cleaned before and after, etc. I said great, but I need some time!! Hoping to have the house mostly furnished in July sometime, so shooting for a late July timeframe.

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Mommytoty- Congratulations! What a beautiful home! All of you are making great progress.

I keep plugging along, working alone. The winter here was brutal, so I focused on interior stuff- not much to photograph. All of the electric is done, and up and running, as are our heat pumps. Now that the weather is nice, I'm trying to get the outside wrapped up. I just finished the stucco on the lower level, and the stone work on the front porch columns. Now just picture the fat, square, tapered wood part that will go the rest of the way up.

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Mommytoty, Congratulations on getting moved in. The house looks great. More pictures when you get a chance.

Nhbaskets, Congrats to you to in moving in.

jdez, The black porch looks good.

Mushcreek, Love the stone work on your pillars.

Autumn, You are almost there with the new carpets and other stuff. Hope the plumber shows up as planned and you move in as planned.

Hoozier, The Granite will look great with your cabinets and trim in the rest of the house.

On our front we had our official first large party this weekend and I am glad to say the house worked as expected and loved the open feel and how it did not feel crowded.
We also have Grass :) and the final building inspection happened today and need to go back to see if we are officially done with the build.

I took some pictures yesterday but need to load them and re arrange them so I can post the reveal. Will do it as soon as I get some time.

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askhars - you have grass? Oh that is wonderful! Glad to hear the party was a success and things are flowing like you envisioned. :)

mushcreek-winter WAS brutal but you are looking great! That stone is perfect and I can picture that, two thumbs up!

marjorie-how are you? What's new there?

jdez-your paint looks great! Are your hands cramping up yet? ;)

So the toilets and sinks are a go! Counters to be installed today and would you believe we have an early game at a different field about 20 minutes from home so no time to go to the house right after work to check it out. :( BOOO! I hope dh sends me pics! Finish electrical to start today also. This is one of those days I wish I was not at work.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 6:25AM
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mommytoty- your home is beautiful. can't wait to see it all furnished and decorated. Love your style! Do you have a pic of your sliding doors onto the deck and the window above? I'm collecting ideas for that exact space in my home. Is it sliding doors with a window on either side?

I continue to keep up with everyone's progress and pick up ideas. This site is invaluable!

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Mommytoty - Holy!!! Everything looks wonderful. I love your style, but am afraid I would not be successful in keeping those spaces tidy.

Mushcreek - love the porch, the stonework looks great.

Jdez - great colors and so timeless.

Congrats to everyone that is MOVING IN! so exciting.

We finally have a beautiful treeless spot for our barn. All the trees are cut and piled. We are officially obsessed with chainsaws now! FDH did a great job cutting with no accidents and only one super stuck chain incident. Stump work is next.

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Love all the progress. We had some vandalism over the weekend. Some kids broke the temp. door down and dumped nail buckets and wrote on the subfloor. Nothing major but its unnerving. They didn't damage the electrical, plumbing, furnace, or fireplace so they weren't very good at doing damage :) They did jab our garage door with a pipe so we have to have that replaced. Wind is sort of out of our sails but we put up a second camera and hope to catch them if it happens again. Our first camera went dead a few days before and my husband got it working again, after the vandalism.

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Mfatt, I'm so sorry. That is so disheartening!

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 11:51AM
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jkl-oh I remember when our land looked like that, and I loved it then. :) A clearing is progress. Woohoo!

mfatt-that is very disheartening. :( I will never understand why it is 'cool' to destroy other peoples property. I hope you do get good images on camera. That would be the best if you could identify and prosecute. But then again that would mean they would have to have come back and that would be unnerving too.

So dh sent me a pic from his phone so I *had* to post a pic quick. I just want to touch it, lol! And now that I can actually SEE IT I think I can start thinking about a backsplash...

And stair railing that dh put up the other day:

Woot woot. Now I can stop fretting that they were going to drop the slab or something.

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Mommytoty, gorgeous! Congrats!

Mfatt, I'm so sorry about the vandalism. :(. I hope you catch the little suckers.

Autum....beautiful slab! Remind me the granite choice and perimeter again?

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 1:15PM
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Thanks, I sort of hope they do come back but not really.

Autumn, that counter is gorgeous!

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Mommytoty...congrats on moving in! Your home is beautiful. I only hope mine will end up that good! your kitchen pics...think my space will end up somewhat similar. Congrats on the offer on your current place. We were planning to list in late summer when we were further along with the build but the stars were aligned and a friend met a couple that really wanted to live in our neighborhood, they came & saw our house and made an offer within 24hrs that allows us to rent back until our build is complete. I feel for you showing it multiple times...having everything look perfect for days on end is so stressful! It is such a weight off my shoulders to just be able to focus on the build now!

Autumn...your slab is beautiful! You are getting so must be so excited. awful about the vandalism. Although it would be nice to figure out who they were, I sure hope they don't return!

Hoosier...your slabs are lovely. Your home looks like it will be so warm and inviting once it is finished:-)

Michelle...hope your plans come back closer to what you want.

Jdez...paint is looking good!
It has been a busy week...our lot is staked and the diggers arrive tomorrow. Things are staring to get exciting around here!

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Illini, add my voice to those wishing you a quick sale. Your mudroom cubbies look great.
Akshars, Mommytoty, and who else has moved in lately? CONGRATULATIONS!! Mtm, your house pics are lovely. Everything came together so nicely, I can fully understand why your builder wants pics.
MFatt, so sorry to hear about your vandalism. Happy that no greater damage was done, but still, it's discouraging and awful.
Mushcreek, your exterior looks great. Love those stone pilings.
JK, what a lot of work! Once you break ground it will go fast for a little while.
Lisa, It Looks Awesome! Just lovely. I hope that it fits with your vision of what you wanted. re backsplash, go read the thread on the kitchens forum by the person who just put in bs and counters, both gorgeous, but combination is not so great. Then think "quiet" backsplash. Right now I'm seeing white subway tile.

So I'm in FL right now. Have been to hosp with my dad for last two days for outpatient treatments, things are not going so well. Will go back for another tomorrow. Hospital is in town 45 min from here. He's scheduled for an exploratory surgery on Friday, but regardless, I think I'm driving home on Thursday. I don't want to drive in Memorial Day traffic, and I have to get home. Dh's 60th birthday is next week, and I really want to do something special for him.
I can't do anything here except spend time with my dad, which I am doing now. And relieve his wife of some of the caretaking responsibilities for a bit. We had a great time today just eating chicken salad and talking.

I got a call this AM from our builder. In my haste to get everything in writing before I left I mixed up the number/name of one of the paints. Fortunately they called, so I think that I got that straightened out.
When I get back I expect to find a driveway and the house all painted. Dh is there, but today he's golfing on Hilton Head!

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Michelle-perimeter is absolute black leathered, island is Alaska White, sink is cinder. I hope to be out there yet tonight to later it in person!

Marjorie-yes I have seen that thread and that stone is very similar to ours. I am thinking maybe a 2x4 instead of 3x6 but definitely quiet. Have you seen whippiechicks thread? She just has a quilted stainless behind the range and I am kind of taken by it. I will link it later, I am on my phone. Sorry to hear about your dad's health. Good that you are having quality time. :). I hope you do have a drive in when you get home! Safe travels.

Thanks for the comments on my island. It was the fist one that caught my eye and never left it. :)

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 5:27PM
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love it Autumn! great combination!

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 6:24PM
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MC....I see window flashing on both sides of the windows but not at the top or bottom?

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 10:12PM
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Jkliveng - Beautiful piece of property. Your house will look good there.

MFatt - NOT good! And the camera was inop! NOT good. I hope they don't do any more damage.

Mlweaving - Time can not be replaced. So good that you've been able spend some with your Dad. Have a safe trip home.

Autumn.4 - I'm sure you realize it now, but that slab was worth every shiny cent you spent on it. It looks awesome. You have a better eye for design than you think you do. It looks sooooo good with the black perimeter. The stair railing is also amazing. Giving DH a thumbs up for a job well done. I like the stain color too. And yes, hands were cramping and my back feels like it belongs to someone else, someone much

Happyvalley - I love that you are so excited. Where I'm at in the process, I am very tired but still extremely excited as we see every little detail take shape.

Akshars - Glad the party was a hit. And how exciting to have grass! I'm already worried about the yard. I want to plant trees but can't until the fall. Dang it!

Mommytoty - Your house is just beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Mushcreek - I love your stonework and your stucco looks awesome. That place is looking like it was built by a crew of pros, not just one Mushcreek. You are very talented. I've been waiting to see your tin ceiling in the kitchen.

AnitaLadyRose - I hope you're able to narrow the field of GC's as the interviews continue. Maybe you will find "the one" very soon.

Cz scrap - Your cabinet maker should be able to help you. When I made the final decisions on my kitchen, I had already had three designs from big box stores, had asked for advice on the GW kitchen forum and talked to my own personal design specialist friend in Michigan. So, I knew what I wanted and just told him.

Hoosier - Very nice slabs! They will look perfect with your mahogany looking cabinets. I hope your mud issues are subsiding. We will have no rain this week so hoping it dries up for you so your garage can get a break.

Musicgal - Gorgeous slab. I love it.

Nhbaskets - Congrats on your move. I hope all your unpacking goes easy.

LadyBrownCoat - Did someone steal your camera? What's up?

Later taters!

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 10:56PM
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jdez-"my back feels like it belongs to someone else, someone much older" - LOL! I'd love to tell you it goes away immediately but that ain't happenin round here! OH wait - maybe it is because I *AM* older, doggone it! I seriously keep thinking I need to get a massage when this is all over. My shoulders and neck are still so very stiff. Thanks girl - you are sweet. :) We actually stood there looking at it and dh remarked that it is 'too nice for us'. Hahahaha! It is pretty nice and kind of weird that it is sitting in MY kitchen. I am so ready to cook in there. Care to guess what our first meal might be? ;)

hoosiers-we have been burning cardboard on and off - it is everywhere. I am just about to the point where I can start cleaning for good. I think our last subs are in the house tomorrow and then we are good to go for inspection on Thursday, crossing fingers for occupancy on Friday!

czscrap-well, what is your gut telling you when you meet with your cabinet maker? I did go to one that sold cabs and made them custom as well. My gut did not at all like what he was saying to me nor did I like that he didn't seem to listen much to my preferences either. Later in my search I did also learn that some other customer actually paid a KD that sold a different line to design their kitchen and then took the design to custom guy to follow. I think he was a great cabinet maker but not so much a designer and not much for details either. So I think if you have a good idea of what you want and they are good listeners then you are golden. If however there seems to be communication trouble from the start (not saying there is) I'd RUN. Just my own experience.

illini-fyi...island is about 111" with no seam. I am thrilled with that for sure. In fact, I don't have a seam anywhere. Woot woot! Where are things with the packing?

I finally got out there to check it out. I love it, I really do (as much as you can love a cold hard object). So far my fav items in the house are the 1/2 bath faucet, the island pendants (broke open the box but they won't be up until tomorrow), the kitchen counters. I like the matte and slightly textured surface of the black, I like the flecks of copper and silver shimmer in the island. I also like the areas of different whites. I think I will continue to find new and fascinating spots each day. I think I am so taken with it that I've started to second guess pulling out that center stile cabinet and changing it. Almost like I don't even see it anymore, I am looking at the world through Alaska White colored glasses.

Here are a few more pics from tonight. The color isn't exactly true in some, I need to bring my good camera out there. It is way past my bedtime. I will pay tomorrow - I see coffee and coke-a-cola in my future.....

Dh and I set the hutch cab on the counter tonight, needs trim yet:

Tried to get the texture in the leathered finish (I love that it's soft looking against the white cabs):

Straight on view:

Some of it's 'character':

I think cinder was the right choice for the sink. The gray was too light and the black was too stark. Truffle may have worked as well but I'm good with that I've got.

Backsplash-so I have been thinking matte or honed finish but with the black being matte I think I could pull off polished as well....??? Thoughts? I need to run to the tile store and get a bunch of neutral samples this week. We don't need to have it done before we move but I'd like to get going on it. What if I just put a splash in behind the stove and left the rest paint?

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 11:41PM
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Autumn, gorgeous! Just so pretty!!! And, moving in on Friday? Wow! Is everyone in your family excited?

We are plugging along. DH is getting cabinet doors installed. Carpenters have closets and mantel left. Painters got our lap siding caulked and two coats of paint on. First coat of exterior trim paint yesterday.

We've had more delays. The microwave trim kit which we special ordered with our convection microwave (2 yrs ago!!) was for the wrong model microwave. Not our fault, but sales person. Now both trim kit and microwave have been discontinued. Kudos to Lowe's who refunded us and we ordered a built-in microwave which will look even better! It was all a two-day mess but had a great guy who worked with us. Lesson learned. Don't buy appliances that far ahead!!!

Granite is are big delay. It won't be installed until June 12! That is holding up our plumbing. And the ground is still too wet for septic. Now the question is, when will we ever move in??

But here are some update pics

Beams and lights and fan in family room.

Exterior paint.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 5:38AM
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hoosiers-that is a gorgeous ceiling and the paint color for the surrounding walls is *perfect*. :) I think we will start moving stuff on Friday but dh is working so it will be a bit slower with just the boys and I and just boxes no furniture or heavy stuff. Our hope is to be sleeping there by Monday. The only piece of furniture we are purchasing is a new bed and we are soooo excited. It will be delivered on Tuesday. It is a long time coming. Bummer on the granite. The good news is it is just a snip over 2 weeks away! We do not have closets finished. The plan is to work on those once we are in. We can 'muddle through'.

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Everyone continues to make great progress. Nice to see all the different build stages to look forward to. Been quite busy here redesigning the kitchen, which put us behind on things for the master bath. Getting back on course though.

Mommytoty: I love your pantry. Open shelves, butcher block counters. What's the dimensions of that room? I think mine will be about the same. I'm debating having just a straight stretch of cabs/shelves or doing an 'L' shape like yours.

MFatt: Sorry to hear about the vandalism! Our camera continues to pick up a steady stream of trespassers, but fortunately so far just looky-loos.

Autumn: I like your island sink, we've decided on the same arrangement, so it's nice to see a real-life example. Is that dark sink a Blanco? What finish would you do for the faucet? I'm thinking black sink and black faucet, so that it disappears instead of stands out on the island. I also love the leathered finish on your counters. Adds great character.

Hoosier: I really like your exterior detailing. Nice windows, stone, siding. A home with great character. On your front door, is that clear or some stain? Our door was installed recently (Simpson, fir) and I didn't realize it would arrive unfinished. Of course they're asking how we want it finished. Most of the colors look the same to us, so I can't tell which way to go. Probably going to have to find time to buy samples, stain some wood, and drive it up to our build site.

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Robin- The top of the windows are flashed, but then the building wrap is over the flashing. The bottom is flashed internally, over the sloped sill, but not sealed on the outside so if water gets in, it has a way to get out. I read a lot of articles on window flashing to get this important detail right. There will also be flashing over the top of the window trim.

Jdez- I can relate to the aches and pains! I should have started this when I was much younger......
It will be a while on the tin ceiling. I'm mostly working on the exterior when the weather is good. I work inside on bad days, with the focus on getting a Certificate of Occupancy. The tin is further down the list.

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Autumn, your kitchen is just LOVELY! I really like the finish on your perimeter countertops, and your island slab is beautiful. We begin to move in this weekend also. Exciting times!

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 7:14AM
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oicu812, the front door is a Barrington Craftsman fiberglass door which we had factory prefinished with Mahogany stain. We are very pleased with the heavy sturdiness of this door.

Thanks for the compliments on the house. I couldn't wait to see the trim finally painted yesterday. The trim color is a perfect match to the bronze of the Marvin Integrity windows and the bronze door casing. Happy Happy Happy!

MushCreek, DH & I agree about wishing we had started this when we were younger. Knees and back are constantly aching. Sounds like you did the same research DH did on the window flashing. The siding guys had to rip out some of the trim pieces because they didn't get the flashing done the way we had wanted. You can never be too careful.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 7:18AM
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JHester--Here is an older pic of the slider wall. Yes, it is a slider with windows on either side and windows above. I had our carpenter trim it out so that all the windows are connected by trim rather than separately wrapped.

MFatt--So sorry about the vandalism!! How upsetting!

Autumn--Beautiful kitchen! Love the color of the island. Can you believe you are moving in just a few days!!! :)

Hoosier--Love the ceiling beams!

oicu812--The pantry is about 6' x 5' with the back wall (where the Kitchenaid is) being the 6' wall. We still need to add one more row of shelves above, but I really love the layout!!

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Well. I went through all these yesterday and wrote a nice long message... that didn't post. Boo. So the general gist is that everyone's homes are coming along quite nicely, and man so much is going on it's hard to keep up but what fun it is to look at all these pictures :)

Meanwhile, we're finally through jumping hoops for the county with our permits, and our inspections have all passed with flying colors, so now we're moving on!! Lumber was delivered over the last two days- so now hopefully we can get this party started!!

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 1:58PM
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Ladybrown-that is exactly right, you start that party girl!

Oicu812-it is a blanco précis cascade, fits in a 33" sink base. I actually have a brushed stainless faucet and our pendants are chrome. :O. They were just hung but the plumber was just working on the faucet. I will try to attach a pic from my phone.

Juju-yay we are moving buddies!!!

Back to baseball.....

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LBC - Yay! Glad to hear that things are underway. Party!!

Autumn4 - Love the pendants. They go perfectly with your kitchen. I actually mixed finishes in our kitchen too. This won't bother me in the least.

I have screwed up royally! I forgot, yes I forgot, to get a draw after I wrote a very big check for our metal roof. I just discovered this and the bank is closed. Our account balance will not be enough if the check clears tonight. So, will this get me arrested? I really don't have time to go to jail. And...I won't have bail money. I am stressed about this, to say the least. It is 13 hours until the bank opens. Oh, and I will lose my job if I get arrested. I really hope that this check, that should have already cleared, doesn't go thru tonight.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 8:11PM
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Autumn- What is the black countertop made of? I've loving it! And it looks great with the granite choice on the island!

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 10:07PM
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jhester-thank you. It's absolute black granite but leathered so it's matte and has a slight but not rough feeling texture. I actually enjoy it almost as equally as the island (okay well not quite) for it's differences. I am loving not having shiny granite on the perimeter.

jdez- :( pfft, for sure you don't have time to go to jail - that would be preposterous, I mean come on anyone who builds should be exempt from that. ;) Seriously crossing fingers that it has yet to clear and if so the worst you get is an over draft charge. Did you go through your bank for your build? If so maybe they would catch it because it IS a large check and realize you have money in your build. One can hope.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 10:15PM
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MFatt- That is so infuriating. So sorry that happened.

carsonheim- the party will be around 7/4. You are invited!

    Bookmark   May 21, 2014 at 10:23PM
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jDez, Do you have overdraft protection? If so the check will clear but you will have a overdraft fee (25 dollars in our case). If you do not have overdraft protection the check will bounce and their might be a fee associated with the bank and may be the people you paid the check to. You will not be arrested so try to relax and take care of it as soon as bank opens tomorrow.

Autumn, The counter tops and the pendants are looking great. Love the stairs and somewhat miss them (no stairs in our house as it is a ranch)

Mfatt, so sorry about the damage to the property. I don't know what some one thinks while doing something like that.

Hoosiers, Love the beams. You are also almost there.

My parents leave tomorrow and I am kind of feeling a little down. I loved having them here and mom was great help with packing/unpacking. Will not be seeing them until next summer so will miss them.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 1:18AM
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The check went through the bank last night but the bank paid it and charged me a fee. So, I guess everything will be ok. I'm sending DH to take care of it since he is off and I have to work (and I don't want to do it myself). I guess the worst thing that happens is a NSF fee, so that's not too bad.

Autumn - Our construction loan is through a different bank where I am amazed to see that they still use a typewriter to print out the draw checks. And I need one of those little ladders you have with the bigger platform on the top. I'm too clumsy and that looks safer than most ladders.

Akshars - Thank you for reassuring me that I wouldn't be sitting in a jail cell by dawn. I tend to imagine the worst case scenario when I'm in freak out mode. Hope your parents have a safe trip home and I hope you are able to get back in to your daily grind so that you don't get lonesome.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 5:30AM
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JDez-not an awful outcome. A typewriter? Huh? Wow. So my ladder-I love it! It is mine, picked out my me for me. It is light weight so I can drag it all over the place and yes I love the larger platform. We bought it at Menards when we started the build.

It is inspection day....crossing all fingers and toes!

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 6:58AM
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Autumn.4 - Inspection will go fine. Looks like you'll be packing tonight, Your about the join the ranks of the "moved in" crowd. I am jealous. Yes I am.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 7:59AM
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Your kitchen is looking just gorgeous! more photos!!! Very nice choices. I saw your bs post and looks like GW is giving you good direction. I hesitated to post because I'm no good but I like the glossy idea against the matte perimeters.

I tell you in my house it seems like we are stagnant. It's not really true but the painting is just taking for everrrrrrrr. And they have at least another week to go. Nothing to post pictures of because the primed, one coat, and two coats on trim and cabinets all look the same! Not to mention it's all being covered up now for the wall painting which is to start next week. The biggest excitement I've had to look at is seeing that the plumber must have stopped by and put down an orange water proof liner of some kind in the shower, lol.

The painters reported to me that usually the light fixtures start going in before they are fully done painting so that could be coming up soon.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 8:01AM
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Autumn, we have a similar ladder that we bought at Menards when I painted parts of our home last year before putting it on the market. I love having the handle at the top to hold on to since I don't particularly like ladders. :-)

By the way, I really like how your pendants look in the kitchen. Everything came out so nice! Good luck on the inspection!

JDez, whew, about the check! Thanks for the reminder. We have to pay our trim carpenter this week and then get money back from the bank on our next draw. I need to transfer some money from savings to checking.

Today our glass shower door is being delivered and the carpenters are going to start working on our closets.

Oh, and last weekend we bought this for my catch-all desk right inside the doors. Craig's List find. Plenty of room for mail, purse drop off, keys, charging station, land-line, etc. Needs a little clean up in the grooves but in excellent shape. It's extremely heavy.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 8:05AM
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JDez - Whew! Glad the bank paid it! If you have/choose to set up an overdraft protection they might even waive the NSF fee...

Autumn- Good luck!! I'm also jealous, but good luck :)

Hoosier- Nice find! I've been on the hunt for a similar piece, and they can be hard to come by (or at least reasonably priced ones can be). Pretty!

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 9:00AM
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Jdez - Very sorry to read about the angst with the large check. It is always unnerving. I am surprised that your bank does not require all payments/draws to be handled by a title company. We built in 2011/2012 and our bank required all payments (except our personal cash) be completed by a title company with lien waivers.

Glad everything is resolved for you.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 10:40AM
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I'm picking paint colors right now and am going for the same look you have, mommytoty. Can you tell me what are those blue colors you have in your master bathroom and living/family room??
Right now we are having all the trim/molding installed. Next week hopefully painting starts and the septic goes in.
We used LP Smartside for the exterior, we haven't painted the outside yet.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 10:45AM
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Here is the trim we are putting in.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 10:46AM
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tulips33--Beatiful trim detail! Our great room is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and our master bath is Benjamin Moore Bali. Good luck! Would love to see pics when they are done. Always fun to see the same colors in different spaces :)

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 6:52PM
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We passed!!! And as luck would have it the inspector we had also could issue the occupancy permit-BONUS! There are only a couple that can do inspections and occupancy I guess. He was going to send it in today but we have verbal approval to move in.

Now to pack. :). The goal is to be in by Sunday.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 7:14PM
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Nice trim Tulips!

The vandalism is not so bad but we carry the insurance so we have to handle the claim instead of the GC. Blech.

Jdez, I laughed at your post. I hope you were not serious about it. A bounced check is not great, but I guarantee its not the first for the business.

Latest saga, my electrical went over by 50% and they never gave us price changes or a change order. We walked through, added stuff, waited 3 weeks for the prices so we could sign off and then they were just done. Now we have to fight about it. I am sure this won't be the last thing but I am exhausted. I just looked the GC in the eye when he asked what number we were comfortable with and told him zero. Felt good.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2014 at 7:58PM
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