Long, narrow bathtub recommendations?

jillalamedaJuly 26, 2014

Can anyone recommend a long, narrow bathtub with an apron and a sloped back? Ideal would be 66" - 71" long and no wider than 30", but I'll go to 32" if I have to. Our current tub is actually the perfect size (long and 29" wide), but it's from 1931 and the finish is shot (it has been refinished once, but it didn't last). They don't seem to make narrow tubs anymore unless they are also only 5' long, which is no good for my tall family. I want it narrow to conserve water as much as possible since we live in a drought area (CA).

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Look at European manufacturers such as Laufen, Duravit, Gebarit, etc. Not cheap but they do offer nice stuff in long but narrow sizes, such as Duravit's 66-7/8" x 29-1/2" 700100 00 0 00 0090 "D-Code" tub, or the 700101 that's about 71" wide but still only 31-1/2" wide. There are lots of others in a variety of configurations

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You can have my tub if you can get it out without breaking it apart! It's a cast iron tub (very heavy), 66" long with sloping back, 30" width, and 15" depth. My tall teenage son complains that it's too short for his long legs.

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The Kohler Archer tub comes long and narrow(ish). I have one that is being put in that is 32x66. I think the 6ft ones are 36 wide, but the 66 long is 32 wide. It is a nice looking tub and does have a sloped back. It is also fairly deep.

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I was looking for tubs in a showroom today. I saw several that are long and narrow.

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Ravello is 68" x 30" and the V&A Napoli is 75" long. These were too long for me - I was "sinking."

The Cheviot Regency cast iron claw foot tub, 72" x 30" is comfortable for me, but may be too narrow for anyone with broad shoulders. I've attached a pic - I think this would fit 1931 style, although it doesn't have an "apron."

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