Purchased a refurbed Dell, I need to transfer everything!

gogwmosFebruary 1, 2012

I have a little HP Mini 1000 but just ordered a Dell with more RAM and better goodies including a CDRW. Now, while this little HP1000 works okay, it is on its last legs and I wanted to get a bigger laptop anyway.

My problem is getting the info from the little one to the bigger one. What cords do I need, and can someone walk me through it with baby steps?

Thanks so much!!

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If it is just pictures and files etc, why not get a flash drive that fits in the USB ports...just transfer the files etc from your mini harddrive right to the flash drive, safely unplug the flash drive and put it in the new computer..Suggest getting at least a 8GB flash drive..something that you can alway use later..cords, not so much

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree I use flash drives a lot for moving files from one pc to another or as a back up. Especially with a mini since they do not have cd or dvd drives to make copies.

If you have them networked you can do the transfer through the network.

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If you are not sure how to "transfer files with a flash drive", just do a google search for it...probably will have pics and everything

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I have a double ended USB cable, would that help?

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"double ended USB cable"
OOh no.. unless it has software for transfering files that specifically came with that cable .. dont use that. You might burn up your usb ports, or worse.

You could get a free DropBox
which is a online file/folder share system, Holds 2gb free... share a foler from one or from both pc's ???
or simply upload your files to it & download from it to the new pc.

If you can put both online at same time.. www.TeamViewer.com is a fairly simple program which would allow you to transfer files.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drop Box

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Another option is to buy a external caddy for the netbook harddrive and plug the usb cable from the external drive into your new lappy and just transfer the files ..You can get these on EBay for about $5..make sure you get the right kind either IDE or SATA depending upon what type of HD is in the netbook

Here is a link that might be useful: 2.5

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I really like the Dropbox idea, and it seems easy enough. I downloaded it, we will see how it works when the new laptop gets here. Thanks!

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The only thing about the drop box, is that 2GBs is not that much data

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I use Dropbox everyday.. had it about a year. 7gb free so far..I only use about 7%.. a few referals & little contests & promotions they have earn more free space.

I use dropbox mostly to give download program links to people or when I'm fixing things to transfer & install programs with team viewer.

Much easier than sending someone to say SuperAntiSpyware & having them ask tons of questions. Just give a link and say install this works.

Right now their forum build is new to mobile devices.. upload via a mobile device pictures or video and get instant 500mb additional storage. Then it seems for every 500mb additional you upload, you get more space in 500mb chucks up to 5gb I read in some forum post.

They are due for a Q&A/hide & seek type contest. Last year I got 2 or 3 gb additional storage in one of those.

I really enjoy DropBox.. would hate to not have it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

another option on that line is Adrive which allows you 50GB of storage free you copy your files to Adrive to your private storage locker, then you can leave them there as a second backup and also copy them from there to your new laptop when you need to. I keep a second back up on Adrive of my important stuff. Have been using it for years with no problem.

very easy to use, 50GB is a LOT but you can purchase more space should you need it.

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