Glass shower - pony wall issue

nineteenoeightJuly 4, 2012

Hi, the glass shower subcontractor cut a notch into the limestone top of our shower pony wall rather than cut the glass to fit around the limestone. Is this usual? He said they couldn't notch the glass at the place where it would curve around the pony wall.

I'm sad that my limestone was notched, and wondering if this is something I should insist gets replaced now, and the glass done differently. Or maybe this is always how they get the glass to wrap around pony walls?

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Gonna be pretty hard to cut the glass. The only option I see is to cut the tile to fit. Sad, because proper planning would have avoided this....but, it is what it is.....

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You don't cut tempered glass. You measure for it to fit right in the first place. Was it ordered "based on a plan" before the tile went in or did the glass installers wait until after the tile installation to measure as should have happened?

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Here's my pony curve cut around it.

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