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vmaniJune 2, 2013

Hello all:

We are remodeling our kitchen and are blown away by the beautiful Gaggenau appliances. But, we have not been able to get much information from the Gaggenau website or their brochures. We are interested in getting a full surface induction cooktop, one gas cooktop, 24 in regular and steam oven, 24 inch fridge and freezer column, their ventilation unit and dishwasher. We would appreciate any thoughts from Gaggenau users:

1) Are the Gaggenau appliances functionally superior to others? What makes them better?
2) We live in Northern California. Does anybody have experience with how Gaggenau responds to service issues? How soon can they repair the appliances?
3) Gaggenau seems to have muted lighting in their fridge / freezer units. What is your experience using the fridge / freezer?


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Gaggenau is the Premium brand of Bosch Siemens Home Appliance Group(BSH). BSH also owns Thermdor which they purchased before Gaggenau and seems to be placed between Gaggenau and Bosch brand on the totem pole.

Gaggenau ovens are a unique design largely held over from when Gaggenau was an independent company.

I own a convection 24" Gaggenau oven and 24" freezer column with ice dispenser.

I would highly recommend the convection oven and the steam oven. I purchased the steam oven after much research as a discounted floor model then returned after I saw a lot of rust underneath.

The fridge and freezer are very similar to cheaper Thermador units except they have SS interiors and similar to Miele units but they have some unique electronics like 24 hr monitoring via wifi. If you are happy to pay a premium for SS interiors go for it. Service comes from the same unit that services the Thermador units.

BSH decided to give a slight advantage to Thermador full surface induction, being slightly more powerful, at a somewhat cheaper price. If you are willing to pay a premium for Gaggenau styling then go for it.

Gaggenau ventilation is nothing special and I would look elsewhere. Modern Aire or Prizer. If the most important feature in a hood for you is avant garde styling then look at Futuro Futuro.

Gaggenau dishwashers are simply rebadged Bosch units. And not the TOL Bosch units either. In this price range you want Miele Diamond dishwasher. If you don't want mismatched appliance doors get a custom panel to match your cabinets.

Single gas burner? I would skip Gaggenau and get Wolf IM15 multi function burner.

Are Gaggenau appliances functionally superior? As discussed sometimes yes and sometimes no. What makes them superior when they are better? Superior (German) engineering and (usually) German manufacturing.

In my area, Los Angeles, Gaggenau/Thermador do their own in house service. From what I hear it is very good but expensive when out of warranty. Not sure about Northern California.

Lighting in the freezer. The SS does not reflect light the way white interiors do so it does seem a little muted compared to my Liebherr fridge. Then again I have good kitchen lighting so it is not an issue for me. The freezer has a mode where it turns over the ice after a defrost cycle to prevent clumping. It seems very loud to me but it may be similar to other freezers with this feature. I am not sure.

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For me, the side-hinged door on most of the Gaggenau ovens is a huge attraction, as are the multitude of cooking modes. Some of their cooktops, particularly the smaller ones, are also not shared with other BSH brands.

Ditto your frustration with Gaggenau (and Thermador) dishwashers being based on midrange Bosch dishwashers that aren't quite as near-silent (though still very quiet), despite being priced higher. The top-line Thermador does have several features missing from any Bosch or Gaggenau dishwasher sold in the US, such as interior lighting and more rack adjustments.

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Thanks, deeageaux. It looks like Gaggenau provides 10 year warranty if you buy 7 or more items. So we would prefer to stick with Gaggenau as much as possible.

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"Gaggenau dishwashers are simply rebadged Bosch units. And not the TOL Bosch units either. "

I don't think this is 100% correct.

Gaggenau has two models only. Their TOL model is pretty much the same as Bosch's $2000 SHV9ER53UC. The control interface is really the only thing different.

I do agree at this price the Miele is a much better deal, and I like the cutlery tray on it WAAAAAAY better than any of the Bosch Gaggenau Thermador products.

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Up until 18 months ago, I only knew the name as one I couldn't afford when equipping a kitchen in Europe. As a result of an extremely good deal, we have a complete Gagg kitchen as of 8 months ago and I'm blown away. It was actually cheaper than the equivalent Thermidor quote let alone the Miele and Subzero/Wolf nonsense.
In general, they are functionally superior with more control available and better response than any other units we've had. Our stand alone freezer doesn't make the noise deegeaux talks about. It has ice but you can turn it off with button on the control panel. Two days of running lasts us about two weeks with fresh ice. The multiple temp. units in the fridge each keep perfect temps on my testing and I can change them and believe the indicator. The lighting is more than sufficient in both.
We have their commercial backsplash ventilator. It is a unique product and works perfectly for us. While most others rely simply on volume of air, the Gagg units channel the flow and therefore tend to be much more effective in practice as compared to their spec.
We have a modern minimalist kitchen so the style obviously fit. Fridge, freezer and DW are integrated, induction cooktop is frameless and the double ovens match the high gloss aluminum cabinets they are in.
In summary, design, engineering, functionality and energy efficiency are what sets these units apart. I don't remember seeing a complaint from a Gagg unit owner on this site and that's saying something.
Can't tell you about service there but we have an exceptional independent installer/repair company locally who does all BSH work including the Toronto area so no problem there. Our induction cooktop had obviously been dropped in transit and they were back with a new one inside 24 hours.

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Then I would do this


1) Convection Oven
2) Steam Oven
3) Induction Cooktop
4) Refrigerator
5) Freezer
6) Range Hood
7) Microwave or Warming Drawer.

The Gagg dishwasher is a rebadged Bosch 800 Series not 800 Plus. For example its noise rating is 41 db not the 39 db of the 800 Plus .

The Miele Diamond is far superior. It comes with standard 5 year warranty and 24 hr monitoring by Miele HQ via wifi. I would absolutely buy this despite Gagg better package warranty.

The IM15 Wolf Burner is also far superior to Gagg offering. If there is a problem it will show it up in the first year. I think Wolf has three year warranty on this. If no defect early on then igniter and spark module will last 20 plus years, particularly when you have the induction cooktop for most things.

There are hardly any Gagg owner complaints.

As a percentage of appliance owners, there are hardly any Gagg owners.

A large percentage of Gagg sales are oven sales. These are superb.

Most appliance owners don't complain as long as appliances don't break and function adequately.

All Gagg appliances are above average in durability and function at least adequately. At these prices consumers should demand far more than adequate.

BTW We are full glass of ice at every meal type family. We never turn off the ice maker because we would run out of ice. I considered a Hoshizaki undercounter clear ice maker but decided cost of ownership was just to high to justify.

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Thanks, xedos. deeageaux, will do more research on the DW and gas burner.

Thanks for sharing your experience, moebus. We envy that you were able to get gaggenau appliances for such a low price. Here similar thermador package is just over half as expensive as the gaggenau. We probably have to move to Canada!

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I have two gagg ovens that I just love. I am a baker and the proofing mode is a god send. Also, cleans easily and does the best rotisserie chicken. Have a Bosch dishwasher that I hate, has the cutlery tray and never cleans well. Had a Miele dishwasher before and miss it so much. I have a Liebherr refrigerator, do not buy this piece of crap. I am on my fourth service call and second service company and second repair company. This refrigerator is by far the worse appliance in my kitchen, considering how much I hate my Jenn-Aire cooktop that came with the house. (My next purchase.) If I can get Liebherr to take this piece of crap back, I am thinking of getting the Gaggenau since I love the ovens so much.

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Did you read deeageaux's post above? Ovens are pretty much the only product that is unique to the Gaggenau brand. Most of rest of their line shows up in other BSH brands. Unless you really want the stainless interior you can probably save $$$ by going Thermador. They also make Miele's built in refrigeration.

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Where did you get the deal in Toronto? I'm looking at a kitchen renovation right now and I am considering Gaggenau but think the cost might be prohibitive. Would love to know where you found such a great deal.

Thanks in advance,

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We got our Gagg combi-steam oven 1/2 off list on Ebay. It was NIB and has a 5-year warranty, is installed and functioning perfectly. Its the previous model with the handle. (270/280?)

When we were looking for appliances here in Seattle, I went to all the appliance stores and one had a floor model Gagg steam oven for 1/4 of list price but it did not fit our space. I also saw on Craigslist a used Gagg cooktop and double-ovens for sale at a steep discount at a local ReStore (recycled appliances). So, I'd keep your eye out on craigslist; check out your appliance stores; and look at ebay. Good luck.

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Thanks, Christy. It appears Gagg also now has a similar promotion to the Thermador One Two Free. Still going to spend a lot more for the Gagg but a lot less than you would retail without the promotion.

I'm going to keep looking and I'll let you know how we make out.

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Lange, sorry, I just caught up to your post.
The price was a combination of 'contractor' price and a Gagg One Two Free offer at Best Brands Appliances in Vaughan. The best showroom around is AMG Appliances in Guelph who have a full studio.
After 2 years experience I have to disagree with Deag's post above. The term 'rebadge' has been used rather loosely and doesn't cover the large differences in insulation, control and efficiency. The carcass may look the same. For instance the dishwasher I have looks the same but is rated 38 db and more efficient than the Bosch models.

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Thanks for the info. We actually ended up finding a way to do a deal with AMG in Guelph by finding some open box items and taking advantage of the promo. Pretty excited about the package.

We ended up with the following:
-36" 2 door freezer bottom fridge
-36" gas cooktop, which is a thing of beauty with its brass burners
-double 30" convection ovens
-promo dishwasher
-promo hood

The only thing still up in the air is the type of hood. Trying to determine (i) size - 36" or 48" and (ii) model - either the coanda (280 series) or the more traditional 400 series. Does anyone have any thoughts on the two hoods?


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I can't help with the models, but you want a big capture area for your 36" gas cooktop, so 48".

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