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ilmbgFebruary 2, 2013

I need to find an app for making a monthly newsletter for Condominium Association.
It is a template that I am looking for- something where I can insert small pictures, ( not photos, but a picture of a house, dog, something pertaining to condo life). I am not certain what I should be searching for.
I have looked under: letter templates, monthly newsletter without success.
What should I look for?

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You can do that with Wordpad which you already have on your computer, assuming you are looking for a word processing program.

click Start
click All programs
click Accessories
click Wordpad

When you get to where you want the picture click 'Picture' in the Wordpad program then browse to where you have it stored, click to highlight then click OK. Use the left, right or centre align buttons to place it horizontally where you want it.

Always save it as a Rich text Format (.rtf) so that any processor on any computer can open your newsletter.

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I am going to make a guess that you are using Microsoft Word...since you didn't say. Also, I'm assuming you're looking for a free template as opposed to a paid one.

Why not just create the template that you want? Experiment a little with the fonts & page layout, inserting graphics where you want them. When you achieve a satisfactory result, SAVE IT AS A TEMPLATE, not a document. That means FILE : SAVE AS and then save it as a .dot file, not a .doc file.

There are other options, but if you require something that cannot be done in Word you might need a desktop publishing app such as Microsoft Publisher ($) or the free one in the link below. If these do not satisfy, there are other options if you are willing to work in the OPEN DOCUMENT FORMAT, which would require you to install either Open Office or Libre Office.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serif Page Plus

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Google "MS Word Templates", or "Open Office Templates" (assuming a Win platform and that you use one of these two programs), then on the resulting web page, search for "Newsletter".

Newsletter templates (pre-formatted files you fill in with your own text) are numerous and free from the repositories the Google search takes you to.

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MS Word 2010 has 12 newsletter templates.

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Thanks everybody! When I had searched before I was finding everything from pre-school to landscaping, but nothing that would 'fit'. I am either using the HP Mini /win Xperia starter, or an Ipad3. There might be apps for the Ipad, but I have not found one I can use yet.Thx

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